Beating the Winter Blues

Winter Blues… If you’ve been following Planet Penny for a while you will know I get very grumpy about the winter months, and I know I’m not alone.  For me, it’s not the cold, or even the wet it’s the days of unrelenting gloom.  This winter, in my corner of the UK, it seems to have been particularly wet and gloomy.  And don’t even get me started on the mud!  After all the building work it’s also encroached into the garden which is a sad shadow of it’s former self.  The big new window which is going to be so lovely in the summer months gets splattered every time it rains, added to which there are paw prints from next door’s cat.  She likes nothing better than to stand up and pat the glass by Higgins’ nose while he goes off into paroxysms of rage the other side of the glass!  However, I digress…

This year, one of my challenges has been to try to work through the gloom and not let it get me as low as the last couple of winters, which were a real struggle.  When I’ve been for a walk with Higgins, I’ve consciously tried to lift my gaze above the mud, to embrace the feeling that beneath the bare branches of the trees, inside the twiggy hedgerows new life is humming, just waiting for the longer days and spring warmth to burst forth.  I love the smell of the newly turned earth in the fields, as the tractors churn up and down, trailing screaming gulls in their wake, and the clean straight furrows waiting for the first spikes of green.

I went out hunting the other day, to find and capture the colours and textures of January, and this is what I discovered…

Norfolk Winter walkwinter brackenwinter cobweblichenwiner holly lichen in winterwinter leaffeatherwinter viewSometimes we have sunrises like this…winter vapour trailsand sunsets too…winter sunset…and there is always my little friend!higgins the dachshundSo, how do you cope with the Winter Blues?  Or do you love the winter months?  I’d love to know.

I’ll be back very soon…x



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20 thoughts on “Beating the Winter Blues


    Hi Penny. Greetings from a stinking hot Australia! I’m a winter person. When I lived in the UK (Norwich) my work colleagues could not understand my euphoria when the skies were grey and the temperature low. That kind of weather really lifts me. Whereas summer depresses me – especially summer in Queensland- it is very humid here. So hot at present. Let’s just say that when I have a shower I only need to use the cold water tap – the water can come out very warm to start with! Please feel free to send some cold weather over here! ?

  2. wendy

    Oh Penny may I also as another HOT aussie send sunny warmth to your heart and your days all the way over here. I also am a winter person but I guess that is because I have not lived in the cold dark places. Love Higgins looking at that cat lol Take care xo

  3. ginaferrari

    I cope by knowing that at least the days are getting longer and getting outside despite the weather…. and the mud. I admit I’m getting rather sick of the mud though!

  4. Celia

    I love the winter months, the muted colours, the flocks of birds, the shape of tree branches. I dislike hot weather so in winter I feel more energetic and go on longer walks. I like wearing thicker heavier clothes and woolly jumpers and chunky boots and winter coats.

    When the warmer weather comes, I know I’ll appreciate it … until it gets too hot.

    C xx

  5. handmadebysoo

    I have never been a fan of the dark, winter months and always longed for the blue skies, warmth and birdsong of summer. But this winter one book has helped me see things more positively: The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater. With Nigel’s musings in my mind, I have ventured beyond my usual yarny winter cocoon to relish the changing seasons – as well as the promise of things to come.
    Best wishes, Soo

  6. Toffeeapple

    I don’t mind it so much now that I don’t go to work. I can arise from my bed when I want to, not when my employers insist so I am calmer and can take more notice of what goes on around me. After 21st December one can see the days lengthening and makes one feel lighter.

  7. Lisa Fishbourne

    I’m a December birthday girl so winter is my time of year. I don’t like grey days but am blessed to be living on the coast so get a fair amount of sunshine. I’ve been reading a wonderful book by Emma Mitchell @silverpebble on Twitter it’s called ‘Making Winter’ “A creative guide for surviving the winter months” it’s full of beautiful crafting ideas, recipes & generally a good read! I recommend it for anyone who needs help surviving winter. It will soon be spring we’ve already got snowdrops in our local churchyard.

  8. Cleopiti

    Hello Penny ! I love all season and winter is wonderful if I could stay at home (but I must go to work! ) I like snow and the long walk. Today, in east of France, we had some snows showers, alas, it melted just as fast… and we had a little shinny sky !
    I like the colour of the sky when it will snowing … Nature is wondeful, we must love all season, we must hearing, watching all of her murmur…

    Just like Jeannette GILLINGS, I don’t like warmy season, last summer, we went to North Scotland (Inverness) and we’re so good !!

    (I hope you understand all I mean…)

  9. Sand

    I never used to mind the winter, after all it only lasts for a short time. However since moving to the North,after living in the south of England I find the weather really beastly and grim. It’s so dark and cold and above all just nasty and damp. The summer doesn’t change much from spring and autumn turns into winter in a blink of an eye. In fact it is all feels like winter. Spring was prettiest but not really anything to write home about in comparison with back ‘home’ All in all it is just dark, cold and damp all year round! The damp is ever present, all pervading. No, i don’t like it. I used to love the change in seasons but here you can hardly tell. I never get to take my coat off. While I m moaning, I’ll also say the ‘fresh’ produce is terrible, hard and unripe or soft and mouldy and more expensive. Only nice thing has been sprouts, the strawberries were terrible. In the middle of all the gloom, you see men wearing shorts and tee shirts proving I suppose that I am a nesh southerner when I see them and shudder. I was cold down south in winter, but here I am never warm and where it never affected my mood before, I get cross thinking about it. As for light, what is that? dark and cold all year long.

  10. pennygj Post author

    Oh dear, that sounds a bit grim. You don’t say which part of the North you are living in but let’s hope you have some sunny days to embrace this year. I’ll try and add a little Planet Penny sunshine for you here! Penny x

  11. pennygj Post author

    Hello Cleopiti, I hope the sun is shining for you today in France. I don’t like it too hot either, but I do love sunshine! Have a lovely day, Penny x

  12. pennygj Post author

    Hello Lisa. You are lucky to live near the coast, not so much mud hopefully! I love Emma’s book. I’ve known Emma for several years and she’s lovely, and so inspirational. I’ve spotted snowdrops out in (what is left!) of my garden it’s very uplifting. Hope the sun is shining for you today, Penny x

  13. pennygj Post author

    Hello! Yes, I always celebrate the Winter Solstice because that’s when you know the days can only get lighter. I always put the sunrise/sunset times im my journal so I can check it’s happening even when the days are so overcast it seems the sun hasn’t risen at all! Penny x

  14. pennygj Post author

    Hi Soo, yes, Nigel writes so well and I’ve found great comfort in The Christmas Chronicles. In a couple of days we’ll be able to say that the clocks go forward next month which is very encouraging. Penny x

  15. pennygj Post author

    Hi Celia, yes, I agree about the winter clothing. I’m not too keen on being too hot, I just love the light when the sun shines. I love the shape of the bare tree branches too, and the spaces in between. Penny x

  16. pennygj Post author

    Hi Gina, Oh the mud! Never mind, in a few months we will be complaining about the dust I expect. But roll on lighter evenings, and a G & T in the garden! Penny x

  17. pennygj Post author

    Hello Wendy, I don’t think I would survive the heat you have been having, I’m very hard to please, aren’t I? But thank you for the virtual sunshine, I hope you have had a relaxing weekend. Penny x

  18. pennygj Post author

    Hi Jeanette, Ooh, I bet the climate change has been really hard to come with, I’m not good at being too hot either, and the humidity is exhausting. Hope things start to cool down for you soon. Penny x

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