February – Week Two

Not a lot is going to happen in the garden this week!  However, I’m hoping we can get measured up for the extra raised beds, so I can make some plans.

Three Days Later

The measuring’s been done so there is a plan now, I really need to draw it up!

Despite the cold we had a lovely bright still afternoon  when I was able to get out in the back garden and sow some seeds.  I bought a couple of  propagators which just fit on the bathroom windowsill and some seeds…

Broad beans, some salad leaves and herbs, and a ‘free-of-the-front-of-a-magazine’ packet of Echinacea (Cone Flower) seeds.  Also a big pot of pea seeds, not to plant out, but to harvest the young shoots to use in salads.  They taste yummy, like fresh raw peas, and cost a fortune to buy in a pillow pack in the supermarket!


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