February – Week Four

It’s soo tempting to get excited by the unseasonably mild weather and think winter is behind us, but British weather being what it is we could have snow again by next week!

However, I have been out today  and have actually planted in the raised bed with a cover, so all being well it will take whatever the elements throw at it.  The Broad Beans which I sowed back at the beginning of the month were starting to burst out of their little pots…

a seed tray of broad beans and lettuce seedlings

…and the mixed lettuce seedlings were getting a bit leggy.

I planted the lettuce seedlings around the bottom of the broad beans as they’ll be harvested by the time the beans get big enough to affect them, and also sowed a couple of rows of Autumn King carrots and a row of spring onions.

broad beans seedlings planted in a raised bed

While I’m making a big effort in the veg garden, I also want to get to get more colour in the flower beds, especially after watching Sarah Raven’s programme about encouraging bees and pollinating insects into the garden.  Anyway, it always goes boringly green after the spring flowers are over!  I’m really pleased that a little packet of free Echinacea seeds I found left over from a year ago have all germinated…

…and I’ve also sown Aquilegia , Asters, Zinnias and Sunflowers, so hopefully something will come up!  It’s very exciting, and slightly nerve wracking  sowing these tiny frail little things into the soil.  It’s a miraculous process!

Just to prove how mild it is, here is a brave camelia, blooming beautifully in my mothers garden, with an even braver bee!

a pink camelia with a bee

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