Planet Penny Direct Sales

Click on an image to contact me for Direct Sales.  All items also available for sale via the Planet Penny Etsy Shop

2 thoughts on “Planet Penny Direct Sales

  1. Linda Quimby

    Hello , I was just reading my copy of inside crotchet and come across your article about the yarn you now sell and your dog Higgins , my brother has a dog called Higgins anyhow I live in Australia and would like to know if you sell yarn international and cost , or would it be easier to order it myself from supplier. I also have a chronic muscle condition and do not go out often . I am a dog lover and have 2 standard Poodles named Bella and Jaspa . Regards from a crotchet addict in Aussie down under . Linda Quimby

  2. pennygj Post author

    All the yarns and patterns are available internationally. Please contact me for shipping costs for the yarn, the the patterns are emailed as a PDF.

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