Favourite Recipes

This where I share some of the Planet Penny favourite recipes, so they have been tried, and thoroughly tested!

There are Welsh Cakes. We have family in Wales, and lived there for about 9 years, and my daughter was born in Haverfordwest.  I very often made Welsh cakes for Sunday tea, and a while back realised I hadn’t made them for ages.  It’s not a good plan to make them when there is only you and the dog in the house, because you both end up rather tubby, but if you have a hungry family these are yummy, and filling. (especially with a sprinkling of sugar and spread with butter!)

Do you always end up with a couple of soggy black bananas which no one wants to eat?  This Banana Bread recipe is a perfect way to use them up, and is delicious.  Great for a packed lunch.  I owe it all to my much thumbed and stained copy of Michael Barry’s Food and Drink Recipe book, I don’t know whether it’s still in print, but it was my standby long before I fill my shelves with Jamie and Nigella.

When I first started reading blogs I used to get completely lost in cyberspace. I’d read a blog, find a blog they liked in the side bar and go and look at that, and then find another one to look at in the new blog and so on and so on and so at one point I found this Biscotti recipe and I haven’t a clue where!  But it’s yummy and I’m very grateful, whoever you are!

Damp Orange & Almond Cake is based on a Nigella recipe and is  great if you can’t eat wheat as there is no flour involved.  It make a delicious dessert with cream or creme fraise but is equally good with afternoon tea.

Frangipane Mince Pies I had completely gone off mince pies until I found this recipe, but I can’t remember where.  They are moist and light and utterly delicious.  I’m planning to use the recipe for the summer using raspberry jam and fresh raspberries instead of the mincemeat.