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Filling the Box of Delights

It’s just a little bit scary how the time gallops away, isn’t it?  I’ve got a camera full of photos and so much to say, and yet every day this week I’ve failed to get the necessary time at the keyboard to write a post.

Never mind, I shall tackle one thing at a time and this is very overdue news about the Box of Delights that I have been putting together for the 500 posts giveaway which I wrote about here.  I have felt overwhelmed by the lovely comments which have been left, I do thank you so much.  And I have been particularly touched by people who say that they haven’t been following for long but have read their way all the way back to the beginning.  Whenever I have a blogging lack of confidence I shall go back and read those posts to motivate myself to keep going!

Because I have readers from all over the world I wanted to make the Box of Delights of a size which would make it possible to post it to anywhere with a reliable postal service so I have customised a box especially.  It’s been so long since I exercised these particular crafting muscles that I was a little unsure of myself, but I have painted and lined and glued and created a little repository for all manner of small things.

The inside looks like this.

lined boxI’ve lined it with may favourite of the Planet Penny Cotton fabrics.

And in it I’ve put a butterfly…

Crochet butterfly for Box of Delights…crocheted with the PP cotton yarn.  A mini needlefelt sheep…

needlefelt sheep -Box of Delights…because sheep are a bit special on Planet Penny!  There’s a reminder of the Dolly Peg Dolls with this length of vintage lace…

Dolly Peg and vintage lace…A fat quarter of the cotton fabric…

fat quarter Planet Penny Cotton Fabric… a string of the beads I love to use…

beads…and some vintage Mother of Pearl buttons…Mother of Pearl buttonsI’ve had a fascination over the last couple of weeks for covering match boxes (more of that in another post) so here’s one with some covered thumb tacks for your pin board…

thumb tacks…and this one which I had a lovely time painting.  If you are wondering what’s inside, I’m not saying!  It’s a secret…

Secret Garden Matchbox - Flow…and finally there’s a crochet heart, as a reminder of the Hearts and Flowers Mobile

crochet heart…and if you would like some flowers there’s a length of Planet Penny Cotton in every one of the rainbow shades so you can crochet your own!

Box of Delights Planet Penny CottonSo everything fits in perfectly…Box of Delights filled..and it just requires a lid…

Box of Delights with lidAll it needs is a home. Would you like it?  There is still time to enter the Giveaway by leaving a comment on this post, it’s running till next weekend.

I’m off now to do some cooking.  I have my chum Kit coming round for supper and I’ve been delving through my cook books to find something delicious and fuss free, Nigella has come up trumps with a roasting tin filled with chicken, chorizo and other yummy things.   I’ll let you know if I manage to channel my inner ‘domestic goddess’!

See you soon…x

No Time for Crochet Hearts!

Daffodils on dresserHello!  I thought I’d start with cheery daffodils ‘cos I’m going to moan…only a bit, but I’ve had so little time to be creative this week, and all I really want to do is make more crochet hearts because I have a cunning plan!   I had a flash of inspiration last week, sourced the very thing I wanted on line and when the box arrived I thought yessss…that’ll do the trick and life piled in behind and filled up all my available minutes.

So, darn…and other,  more colourful expletives.  However I’m not going to spoil the whole thing by rushing it, or giving the game away so you’ll have to wait until later in the week I’m afraid!

One thing I did do was to redisplay the Hearts and Crochet Garland.  I wanted to put it on the dresser to instil a little Spring like colour to cheer things up so I carefully divided it into two pieces.  I’m happy with the way it works…

dresser with crochet hearts and flower garland

…and it’s most decidedly cheerful!

Dresser with crochet hearts garland

A complete change in the weather means we’ve swapped the snow and grey clouds for this…

Norfolk sky

…but losing the snow so quickly means this…

muddy field

and also…

flooded road

…but there were a few places where Higgins could walk rather than swim…

miniature dachshund in field

He came back and parked himself on his favourite look out post, he does prefer to admire the great outdoors from the comfort of an armchair I’m afraid!

mini dachshund in sunThinking of crochet hearts got me digging around in the archives, back to last February in fact, when I made this for the dresser…

Dresser with crochet hearts

I never did write a pattern for the whole piece, but  the pattern for the crochet hearts you can find here if you are thinking ahead to Valentines Day.

I’ll leave you now to get back to the crochet but in the meantime do call over to Handmade Harbour to check out the Handmade Monday links.  Lots of busy crafters making beautiful things!  Don’t forget, you can join me on Facebook,  Pinterest or  Twitter!

See you soon…x




Crochet Hearts and Snowy Weather

Four pm and the first flakes of a promised band of snow have started to fall as the light fades.  Higgins hasn’t been beyond the garden today because there’s so much ice about and I’m paranoid about slipping over, damaging myself and not being able to walk, drive and generally take care of my immediate responsibilities, namely my Mum, Henry and Higgins.  Snowy roads I can cope with, ice? No!

So I’ve been going a little stir crazy this week what with treacherous conditions and antisocial germs. I can’t imagine what it would be like without being able to reach outside my own little orbit and communicate in cyberspace.  It’s not like I haven’t been busy, it’s just a bit solitary round here.

Yesterday’s walk was very bracing.  Higgins has a new coat, just the same as the last one – red is definitely his colour – but a size larger.  You may have noticed the one he’s been wearing is rather Pooh Bearish, snug and a little too short.  I’ve been saving this one for the snowy weather, and it was perfect, reaching all the way down to keep his rump cosy!  I think he liked it too because he ran all the way out…

miniature dachshund in a snowy field

…all the way around the fields…

dachshund running in snow…and back home again!

small dog red coat

Not the most attractive angle, but you try getting in front of him!

It’s been extremely busy in the garden.  I’ve put an assortment bird feeders just outside the glazed garden door and it’s been fascinating to watch the birds flocking to feed.  The house sparrows who live in the roof, the robin, a colourful assortment of finches, several blackbirds, blue tits, a thrush and a fieldfare.  I had suspended a wrinkly apple in the bush out of reach of a greedy dog, and there was quite a lot of kerfuffle as the fieldfare wrestled it to the ground, and then proceeded to demolish it whilst beating off any other bird that dared to come within pecking distance.  It was mainly the blackbird!

fieldfare and apple on a snowy day


fieldfare in garden

This morning the blackbird had decided to fight back and had eaten quite a bit of apple before the field fare turned up with a couple of chums.  The area round the garden door is a mass of bird prints and scuffles now, and I’m nearly out of apples!

I’ve had to abandon the studio this week alas, the snow on the skylights made it too dark, and it seemed silly to heat it as well as the house, what with all the to-ing and fro-ing and opening doors and letting in cold air so I’ve been crocheting in front of the fire quite a bit.

It might be  snowy outside but February and St Valentines Day is just around the corner so I’ve been revisiting my Hearts and Flowers Garland Pattern which is one of my favourites.

Hearts and Flowers Crochet Garland

It’s quite versatile, the little hearts are pretty on their own…

rainbow crochet hearts

…and the flowers are simple to make, are a great way to use up short lengths of yarn and make a simple but beautiful decoration on a polystyrene ring…

ring of crochet flowers

I’ve attached clasps on individual hearts too, they look pretty on a key ring or as a bag charm…

Crochet Hearts and flowers on clip

crochet hearts on clip

If you like the look of these you might be interested in the current Giveaway on the Planet Penny Face Book Page which is a sample pack of all the Planet Penny Cotton yarns with a crochet hook and the Hearts and Flowers Garland Pattern.  It’s running until tomorrow morning so you still have  time to join in!

I’ll leave you with the usual link to Handmade Harbour where there is a special Handmade Monday Linky running to celebrate the 100th Handmade Monday post.  There will be lots of goodies to win during the week too, so do pay a visit and find out all about it.

Wherever you are, have a lovely week, and I’ll be back soon…x

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