Week 2

Very mild and bright so I cleared a thick mat of chick weed out of the raised bed nearest the house, and rescued half a dozen Hollyhock seedlings I sowed last year and put them in a pot for safe keeping.  Considering I planted a whole packet of seeds in 2 rows its a bit of a pathetic result.  I shall just have to chuck another packet  around in the garden in the Spring I think and let nature take it’s course.

I got out the plastic cover which has been tailor made to fit and battened it down to see if I can get the soil to warm up a bit.  I don’t think I’ll plant anything for while anyway to give any weeds a chance to regrow first so I can get rid of them.

It’s a bit annoying that one of the zips has torn away along the stitch perforations at the bottom of one of the openings.  (It was Higgins, before I put a fence all round both beds!) When we have a dry spell I’ll have to see if I can effect a repair with Duck tape.

Week 4

The weather this morning was foul, wet and windy, but by early afternoon it was bright and mild so we were able to get outside to sort out the mini greenhouse.  I bought one a couple of years ago and it was invaluable for starting things off as I don’t have enough windowsills indoors.  Unfortunately the gales finished it off in early winter but I was pleased to be able to get the same half price bargain I had before and replace it.  It wasn’t going to be put up without Tim on hand to fix it to the brickwork though!

I’ve rounded up all the old flower pots and been fairly ruthless about only keeping the best. Those I’ve kept have been given a good wash and the  empty wire shelves are handy drying rack.  This year I must only allow myself to keep the empty pots from plants I’ve bought if I clean them FIRST!

Now darkness has fallen I’ve had a chance to look at the impulse buy from the bargain shelf, the Thyme and Mint pots…

hmmm…not sure.  I could barely see any seeds in the foil pack!  Might not be such a bargain after all.  Anyway, they are sown, and on the windowsill in the utility room, only time will tell!

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