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Just a little post…

…to say thank you!

Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post.  It’s lovely to hear you are happy to read my ramblings, and Higgins is positively swollen headed at the thought that you want a bit more ‘Dachshund Action’…  He’ll do his best to provide it!

A lot of the things which have been keeping me away from the day to day Planet Penny stuff have been related to getting to grips with sorting out my parents home, my mum’s stuff and all sorts of things I had stored at her house and forgotten about.  It’s an unwritten law, isn’t it, that you always have something left in your parents’ attic, even when you have a home of your own? I know we still have all sorts of odd boxes full of our off-springs’ stuff and they’ve long left home.  I’m being hopeless at parting with things too, even things I actually don’t like, like this Toby jug which has scowled at me from a shelf for as long as I can remember…Toby jug

He’s been banished to a cupboard now, but we haven’t parted company even though he obviously disapproves of everything I do!

And then there are clothes, especially things my mum knitted.  How fabulous is this Patricia Roberts cardigan she made me in the eighties?  I thought I had lost in in one of my many moves, but no it was safely in the attic.  Quite a good incentive to diet, but probably not to have another perm!Patricia Roberts CardiganSitting out here in the studio listening to the rain on the roof it’s hard to believe how hot we were over the weekend.  Higgins is very fed up right now because he hates the rain and would prefer to stand around with his little cabriole legs crossed rather than got out into the garden.   It was a different story on Saturday when it was 28°C, a steamy hot August afternoon… A little post - Norfolk in AugustHe really was a hot little sausage!dog_walk hot_dogSo for now I’m indoors and working on a crochet project with the new Planet Penny yarn. Here’s a sneaky peek…Planet Penny Yarn PastelsI’ve also finished a bag that I started on the Crochet Retreat when I decided to go outside my comfort zone with chunky yarn and a size 12mm hook. I love the bright shades of this DMC XL Cotton…

DMC XL cotton yarnIt turned out to be a little more XL than I had planned.  Just as well I’m 5’9″ or it would drag on the floor but it’ll be great place for a yarn stash!crochet bag DMC XL yarnI’ll be back with a new post to share those pastel butterflies, see you soon…x


…And Now…

Barton Hall Wood

Hello again… I’m so glad to be back here among friends.  I can’t tell you what a huge comfort your many messages have been to me over the last month,  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Everything culminated in this last weekend’s farewell to my darling mother; a few days of sadness and laughter, tears and memories, spending time with loved ones who are usually too far away.  The funeral in the little country church, the choir, the woven casket smothered in early summer blooms and yellow roses… the singing of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’, the voice of her youngest little great grandson chattering to himself while the vicar spoke his comforting words, everything was a perfect tribute to a wonderful brave and loving woman.  Her passing has left a huge gap in my life, and I need to go on,  to continue to strive to make her proud.

So I’ll be back here very soon.  There are all sorts of exciting projects in the offing for me to share with you! There is one weekend left of the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios and I will be about on the Saturday if you would like to call in.

Thank you again, and I’ll be back very soon…x


Comfort Me With Stitches

There is something so comforting in the repetition of simple stitches, and over the last days the Do You Mind If I Knit Blanket project has been hugely helpful to me in the most difficult days.  The squares created by so many different people with one goal and the care that has gone into each piece along with the rhythm of the stitching has given me a calm oasis to escape to.


Because, you will know from my last post that mother was ill.  She went into hospital just over two weeks ago with pneumonia, and when she didn’t respond to treatment had a scan.  A week ago today I held her hand when we were told that she had multiple cancers in her poor frail body, and two days ago I held her hand as she passed away.

Thank you to you all who sent good wishes and prayers, they have also been comforting.  My own prayers that she didn’t have long to suffer were also answered.

Planet Penny will be quiet for a little while, but Lisa at Bobobun will update you with news of the DYMIIK blanket.

Again, thank you everyone out there.  The creative world is filled with lovely people…

A Pause…

I know there will be some of you wondering what has happened to the Happy Friday Linky.

bluebellsI hope you will understand when I say that things are happening here which have made this difficult and inappropriate just now, and all I feel able to say is that your thoughts and prayers for my dear mother would be greatly appreciated…

I will be back, but until then enjoy your weekend, and hold your loved ones close…x

Happy Friday on Good Friday!

I have to admit to having to look hard for those Happy Friday moment to record this week. Things have been tricky, but I’ve been grateful for the motivation to look for the positive moments, they’ve kept me going.

It was lovely to have a visit from my dear daughter last weekend, but the planned family get-together didn’t happen because my precious and smallest grandson, just 13 months old, was rushed to hospital having suffered a prolonged seizure.  Fortunately, after 24 hours in which they brought his temperature down and did a series of tests, he was sent home with antibiotics for a throat infection and is now full of beans.  Unlike his poor parents who are still traumatised, bless them… (and granny’s still feeling pretty wobbly too!)

I must apologise for not visiting all the linked blogs during this week as I usually do, I’m sure you understand why.

In the spirit of being upbeat and springlike I have had an Easter manicure.  What do you think…?Easter manicure for Happy Friday

(Higgins was a bit annoyed about me borrowing his bunny!)

And I have decorated the Easter tree.  I made it with several twiggy branches of twisted willow in a vase full of weighty glass beads, and the lovely thing is since it’s been in the house the buds have turned into little spring green leaves which is so pretty. It’s quite difficult to get a good photo as it’s so light and airy but here’s a flavour of it…

Easter Tree for Happy Friday

Easter Tree closeup for Happy Friday

So I’m looking forward to hearing about your Happy Friday moments this week for even more cheerfulness.  Please join in with the Linky below as usual, making sure you make the post relevant to Happy Friday, and link back to this post so spread the word.

So Happy Friday, and Happy Easter one and all, I’ll be back soon…x


Happy Friday for International Day of Happiness!

This Happy Friday is the big one, because co-incidentally, it’s also International Day of Happiness.  Who knew?  But what a fabulous idea!

You can join in here…International Day of Happiness

And if you want to join in with a happy dance click here!

I did a little happy dance the other day when I received an email asking if I would like to be a contributor to a new website all about crochet. I can’t say more at the moment because it’s all a bit in the air, but even so, I was asked….squeee…!

It’s been a bit cold and grey here in Norfolk this week, but spring is still in the air, and is very uplifting to the spirits…

Hawthorn buds - Spring on the way for International Day of Happiness(I’m so hoping the cloud breaks tomorrow for the eclipse, otherwise I’ll have to watch it on television!)


hellebore - spreading the love on International Happiness Day…and it’s lovely to have flowers in the garden to pick (although I think the hellebore was the victim of a small rampaging dog!)


Great Dream - International Day of HappinessYou can take part in International Day of Happiness in lots of ways if you visit the website and use #InternationalDayOfHappiness on Twitter or Instagram.  You are such a positive lot,  I’m sure you’ll want to!                                                                                                                                 Joining in with Happy Friday on the Linky is as usual, please remember to link to this post from your own as well as adding your link.  We want to spread the happiness!

Have a lovely weekend…x

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