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Daylight Lamp – The Winner

Daylight Lamp Draw

Have you been hanging around waiting to find out who the winner of the Daylight Lamp is?  I’m so sorry, I don’t know where our Broadband went yesterday, but we certainly didn’t have any.  I felt completely cut off from the world.  It’s all been a bit iffy today because of  thunderstorms so fingers crossed I don’t get cut off in mid flow!

There were such a lot of entries, over a hundred.  I was really glad the winner was all down to the Random Number Generator because there were so many crafty people who deserved to win and I always feel bad because I have to pick just one.

Anyway, without further ado, the winner is…..Jill,  who just happens to have a lovely blog, Miaou.  Jill is an avid maker of beautiful things (do call over and see) and happens to live in the North of Scotland so is really in need of some extra daylight in the Winter months.

Congratulations Jill, and commiserations to all of you who didn’t win.  I was overwhelmed by the number of entries, thank you all.

This won’t be the last giveaway I’m quite sure so make sure you are signed up so you don’t miss a thing!

I’ll be back soon…x

Seeing the Light….

After the unrelenting gloom of the Winter which went on and on and depressed everyone’s spirits, I’m still finding the light, bright days we are enjoying a novelty, aren’t you?  I don’t think it’s been quite as hot here in Norfolk as some other places but the warmth and sunshine is glorious, and I refuse to complain about being too hot!  With my fair English skin I’m not one to sit or lie in the sun but give me a umbrella or a shady tree where I can sit and look out at the bright sun light and I’m very happy.  Throw in a good book and a long cold drink and I’m in heaven!

Over last Winter in particular I  struggled with a) having good enough light to work by and b) and this was even more frustrating, having light which was good enough to take photographs.  I kept coming across other bloggers complaining about the same thing and it’s so essential to have great pictures on your blog.

In view of all this I was really pleased to be asked to try out and review a  Lamp from the Daylight Company.  They have a great choice of different lamps but the one which suited me best was the Swan Table lamp.  It’s  portable enough to move  to various locations, the studio, the sofa, the dining table etc. but has a sturdy weighted base  making it really stable and secure.

Daylight Lamp - Light

Swan Table Lamp

Until I sat it alongside the standard lamp that I usually stitch by I hadn’t realised how yellow the light it gave was, and how it distorted the colours I was using.  This probably explains why I very often go to bed with gritty eyes and a niggling headache, because I am very bad at sitting without making, in common with all my creative friends out there, I’m sure!

ordinary light for photo

standard electric light

But what I hadn’t even though of was the fact that I could actually use the light from the Daylight Lamp to take reasonable photographs which don’t require tweaking in Photoshop with levels and filters to make them halfway acceptable to post online, a huge benefit.

Daylight Lamp

Daylight lamp light

So it’s great to not only have the chance to thoroughly recommend the Daylight Lamps but, also…be able to offer one lucky person the chance to win their own lamp! As the end of the summer approaches and the days get shorter they will be all set up for crafting into the winter.

I’m really excited about being able to offer this fantastic prize, the most valuable ever on Planet Penny!

All you have to do is to leave a comment to be in with a chance.  How would a Daylight Lamp make life easier for you?  If you want more chances then signing up to follow the blog or follow Planet Penny on Facebook or Pinterest and letting me know in that comment will put your name in the draw more times but it’s really up to you.  I don’t want to make it complicated, I just want one of you to be lucky!

The draw will remain open until 31st August and then I’ll use the Random Number Generator to pick the winner.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

See you soon …x

Ed. to add 31st July 2013 : DRAW NOW CLOSED

The Knitted Home – Ruth Cross … The Winner!

The Knitted Home - jacket

Two weeks ago I reviewed this great new book by Ruth Cross, The Knitted Home and offered a copy as the prize in a draw.   There was a fantastic response: sixty comments in all, with some great knitting stories.  It’s amazing how long some people have been knitting, so many people being taught by mums, and grannies.  One person taught herself from a Ladybird book, and another learnt over the phone!

The one that made me laugh out loud was this… “My Grandpa taught me to knit, with his method that no child forgets! ”stab it, strangle it and pull its head off” not for the weak and feeble…” Thanks to Penelope Brown for that one, I shall use it myself!

I’m glad I made it a draw rather than saying it would be the best story which won because I wouldn’t have been able to decide.  I allocated numbers to each entrant and use the online Random Number Generator which is a quick and fair way to select a winner (although it immediately makes me feel bad about everyone who didn’t win!)

Anyway, enough rambling on, the lucky winner is…number 16….Natalie, of Free Spirit Designs.  Congratulations!

Now Natalie doesn’t actually knit yet, so I really hope this is the start of her knitting career.  The Free Spirit Designs blog is here, and the Facebook Page is here so we’ll have to call in regularly to check up on Natalie’s progress!

(Don’t forget you can still buy the book at a special price, see the original post for details)

I will be back very soon with another fantastic and generous giveaway from the lovely chaps at MOO!  I’m sure you need some business cards, postcards or similar…?


Prize Draw Reminder

Hellooo….!  It feels like ages since I’ve been here…did you have a lovely Christmas?  I’m not running away, but things will be a little quieter for a short while on Planet Penny. After the mad run up to the big day I need to take stock, make plans for the New Year and be ready for lots more jollity for us all!

I just wanted to give you one more reminder about the Prize Draw, as I shall be drawing out the name of the lucky winner tomorrow afternoon.  I know I have some lovely new followers, and I wanted to make sure you all had a chance (or even two!) of winning. Everything you need to know about the draw is here in THIS POST, and it’s here you need to leave a comment to make sure you are in the draw when I allocate the numbers to give to the random number generator. Here’s a quick reminder of the prizes.  There is a set of little cotton balls with knitting needles in the Planet Penny Rainbow Cotton

mini balls in Planet Penny yarns for Prize Draw

 Too pretty to only have out at Christmas time, they would look great decorating your craft corner!

needlefelt Mouse for Prize DrawThere is also Mr Mouse… needlefelted in soft Merino wool.

And finally you have the choice of one of three books… The sock book…

Knitting on the road for Prize Draw

  the sewing book…

Zakka Style for Prize Draw

  or the Young Adult fiction book…

Haunters by Thomas Taylor for Planet Penny Prize Draw…signed for you or the person of your choice by the author, Thomas Taylor.

ed to add…

Congratulations to Heather Melton of My Granny Squares who won the draw and has chosen the book Zakka Style to go along with the needlefelt Mousie and the yarn ball decorations.  Why don’t you call over to say hello?

Many, many thanks to everyone who entered, and for following me in so many different ways.  I don’t always have time to respond to all the comments, but I read and appreciate every one, and Planet Penny wouldn’t be the same without you!

Here’s to more fun in 2013!….x

Needlefelt Sheep for Handmade Monday

I don’t know what the weather is doing in your part of the world, but despite the bright sun, fluffy clouds and blue sky, the wind feels as if it’s just blown off a snow field in this corner of Norfolk!  It doesn’t help that we know we live in the windiest spot in the village, as you can see by our proximity to the village mill, now sadly defunct. That’s us, at the end of the arrow…

So even though I’m still finding plenty of newly emerging flowers…

The view is still decidedly wintery…

…and it would actually be really good to get some rain, and I don’t say that very often!

I’m going to share some other people’s handmade lovelies with you now, before making a very exciting announcement!  So first of all, have you come across a book called Best in Show – Knit Your Own Cat?

knit your own cat

One of the ladies at our Knit and Stitch group was given this for Christmas, and has been knitting her own cats ever since!

Aren’t they amazing?  Imagine knitting a tail, with 4 stitches, on 4 needles!

And, since I am running out of time in my life to make anything for me, I went off to Folksy to find myself a peg bag and found just what I wanted from Plum Pudding, and couldn’t resist these little heart fridge magnets as well…

There are so many pretty things in the shop, and the fabrics are right up my street.

And now for my big announcement…

This is my 300th Blog Post!

Added to which, I have just galloped past 100,000 visits on the Planet Penny stats, so as a thank you to all you lovely people who have loyally followed, and commented and generally joined in,  I’m going to have a prize draw.

This time, I’m offering a very special prize.  Do you remember my needlefelt sheep?

There haven’t been any sheep in the Folksy shop for a while, something I mean to address very soon, and they usually sell for £30.00. But, I have one very special sheep looking for a good home, and because this is an occasion worth celebrating, I am offering her as the prize.  Meet Goldie…

Goldie could be yours, all you have to do is to leave a comment on this post for a place in the draw.  If you ‘like’ me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter  you’ll go into the hat again!  It’s that simple… I’ll keep it open for a couple of weeks to give you all a chance to join in.

And can I make a plea for some healing vibes to be sent my way on Tuesday?  I dashing off after teaching the needlefelt course at The OutHouse Studio on Tuesday morning to have a tooth out in the afternoon, at two thirty would you believe…(tooth hurty!?…sorry..) So I may be a bit feeble for the rest of the week.

Anyway, off to 1st Unique Gifts now to link up for Handmade Monday again, do go and see what everyone  else has been up to.

See you soon x



My Planet Penny Facebook Face

I’ve had a Facebook Page for Planet Penny for a while now, and very slowly the ‘likes’ have mounted up.  It’s been very long winded, so when I reached the magic 200 I had a ‘giveaway’, and one lucky person has just won a needlefelt pin cushion in a little drawstring bag.

 ( I think I need to make more of an effort with Facebook, so if you’ve got any tips I’d love to hear about them, and if you want to ‘like’ me, I need all the friends I can get! ) But for now I’m heading off towards 300, and then I’ll do the ‘giveaway’ thing all over again!

Anyway, having a little gift to parcel up made my own surprise package in the post very useful indeed.  I have recently been awarded Fave Blog Status by the Dotcomgiftshop which is quite an honour in itself, and I was also sent a selection of gift ribbons from their Mothers day gifts range as a present.

Perfect timing!

And hugely useful to me as not only is Mother’s Day fast approaching, but my mum actually has a birthday at the beginning of March, as does my son, my niece and most of ‘Rabbit’s friends and relations’!


so I’m very well stocked for all the gift wrapping, all I have to do is make the pressies!

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