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Name the Cow – The Results

Well first I’ve got to say I’ve been really let down.  I know it’s a bit of a gloomy day, but honestly, I just can’t get my staff to get up these days…

So the draw with the hat just didn’t happen, I’ve had to resort to the Random Number Generator.

Still, I only had to do counting for the name vote, and ended up with a short list of seven, which were, in no particular order, Flora, Ermintrude, Petunia, Pamela, Miss Marple, Lucy and Gertrude.  After an early lead, Ermintrude finally lost out to  Petunia, which I think suits her very well.

Petunia the Cow

Thanks so much for your help, I now have a selection of names for the rest of the herd, and Petunia will be heading off to Folksy very soon to find a new home.

And now for the draw.  Having given everyone a number, I set the RNG going and the winner was No. 14, who is….drumroll…..pregnant pause…. Tilly Mint Boutique!!!  So congratulations,  I shall put the Julie Arkell book and tiny sheep  in the post very soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part, I shall look out for another occasion to celebrate in the near future.
See you soon x

The Opposite of Creativity….

This is the invalid, recovering from the his sore paw… doesn’t he look sweet?  We went to the vet for a check up and he was fine, but had probably turned awkwardly and strained a muscle.  So it was pain killers, and rest.  The resting done on the sofa with me, on a special cushion.

I know, I know, we’ve had a cushion problem before, but I thought he’d grown out of it, and I’d unearthed this Kaffe Fassett one I made a few years ago because I was bored with the beige (beige? Me?) corduroy ones which he hasn’t damaged…AT ALL…

But I just took my eye off him for a moment…




You’ll be pleased to know the healing vibes sent his way by so many of you have worked well, and he is now fine.  Thank you SO much…He really doesn’t deserve it…

But this is Handmade Monday, so I’m being creative…

I’ve finished the second snood

It’s knitted on needles much larger than the size recommended, which gives it a good drape, but you can see looks a little wobbly.  Really wouldn’t work on something requiring some structure, but works for this…

It might be quite warm still, but I have a feeling I will be really glad to have this in a few weeks time.

The birthday socks are finished, and ready to be wrapped up for the weekend.

And I have a new ball of sock wool…

…this time to make a pair for myself as the hand knitted socks that haven’t worn out at the heels seem to have inexplicable small holes in unexplained places. This comes of living with the world biggest moth…

Meanwhile I have been crocheting again, this time to make a jolly cafetiere cover for my daughter, who leaves for London at the end of the week.  She really doesn’t do mornings, so something to gee her up with a caffeine fix and a smile is called for before setting off for lectures.

It started off looking quite minimalist…

…but not for long.

And I am going sneak in the C*******s thing I’ve been working on, you can look the other way if you like!

I now have to do a little creative thinking about cushion repairs, wish me luck!

There have been lots of responses to the draw, which is still running.  If you haven’t entered yet please do, that cow needs her name! Part of the prize is a Julie Arkell book about her wonderful and slightly surreal papier mache creations. She seems not to have a web presence herself but this site will give you a flavour of her work.  Amazon currently don’t have copies of the book in stock, and it seems difficult to find it on line, so this is a great chance to win a copy.  Don’t forget to pop over to Ist Unique Gifts for the Handmade Monday links to enjoy what else is going on.

Also, there is still time to vote for Planet Penny in the Dorset Cereals Little Blog award.  It’s been doing pretty well, but there’s strong competition, so every vote counts.  A girl needs an Egg Cup!

Sharing Out the Good Things….


Hello!  I’m back, and earlier than I thought, as I fully intended to be heads down over the felting needle this week. However, the sun’s been shining  and it’s been too nice to stay indoors, so Higgins and I went off to our favourite wood for a walk and I thought you might like to share our afternoon.


Here is Higgins, looking smartly colour co-ordinated for Autumn.

Unfortunately the afternoon didn’t end so well for him, I don’t know what happened, it could have been the quick dash about he did with a passing Springer Spaniel, but by the time we got three quarters of the way round he was limping and he ended up being carried back to the car.

So it was a visit to the vet today, where alas my perky little pup, up for anything, turns into a legless jelly who collapses into a puddle of pee with panic.  SO embarrassing!  As I had thought, it’s probably a pulled muscle or an awkward twist and he’s got painkillers and has been told to rest and NO JUMPING!  This is going to be a problem.  All the books say Dachshunds must be careful, with their little legs and long backs.  Unfortunately, Higgins hasn’t read the books.

So healing vibes sent to Higgins will be very welcome, and some luck in my direction would be good!

Anyway, I hear you wondering what good things I’m thinking of sharing out. So this is my cunning plan.

I realised too late that, although I had celebrated my 150th Blog Post with a prize draw, my 200th post slipped by without me noticing!   So I thought I’d celebrate belatedly with the 210th post.

So what am I going to share? If you’ve been visiting Planet Penny for a while, you will know that back in June I met up with Penelope by the Sea, and she gave me a birthday present, and it was the fabulous Julie Arkell book…

and since then, by a circuitous route, I have been given another one.  Well I love it, but it seems selfish to be looking at it with another one sitting on the shelf which I know would be so much appreciated by someone else. SO…. I though I’d do it this way.

I’ve had some great suggestions for the name of my little cow, so from the list of names, you choose your favourite. Obviously, the name with the most votes will be awarded to the cow, and I’ll put all the names in the famous hat and award to the first name drawn out the Julie Arkell book AND a teeny tiny blue Planet Penny sheep!

So, here is the list of names…

  • Esmeralda
  • Ermintrude
  • Petunia
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Dandelion
  • Burdock
  • Flora
  • Marguerite
  • Lola
  • Besse
  • Moomin
  • Marilyn
  • Molly
  • Gertrude
  • Pearl de Lait
  • Miss Marple
  • Pamela  (this last from my husband as he feels the cow looks just like Pam Ayres!)

All you have to do is  leave a comment with your choice of name, and if you put a link to the draw from your own blog I’ll put your name in twice .  I’ll let it run for a couple of weeks into October  and then ask Higgins to draw the winning ticket, I’m sure he will have recovered enough by then.

Thanks so much for all the name suggestions.  I now have enough for a whole herd!

There is still time to vote for Planet Penny on the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Award and it would be lovely if you would.  There’s a draw for all those participating so there’s  potential for another prize!

More Hearts…More Pompoms…

Hello!!! Is it Thursday already? This week is galloping by.  Firstly, because I know you’ll want to know, Henry is still doing nicely.  The medication has been finished, and as I write he is snoring contentedly, in his bed.  This is a relief, as when he first came back the only place he wanted to be if he couldn’t have a warm lap was a warm keyboard.

The only little cloud on the horizon is the visit to vet next Monday for the removal of the stitches.  This will probably require the entire squad of nurses and maybe one or two brave volunteers from the waiting room as he will NOT be a happy bunny!

Oh, and some hair restorer…

His tummy was shaved for the ultrasound, his head was shaved for the spinal tap, patches were shaved on his legs for the drips, and his throat was shaved for the operation.  Thank goodness it’s summer, I don’t think he’s be happy in a jumper, however beautifully knitted!

But pompoms, I hear you cry, you said there were pompoms!

There are SO many pompoms!  I found this wonderful gadget…

Do you remember the Heart and Pompom bunting…

…which I made in January?

I still love it, but I made the pompoms with a little gadget which my mum had given me because she wasn’t very happy with her results.  Well, I tried really hard with it, and made so many pompoms using up my leftovers

but they were never as firm and fluffy as I wanted them to be.

Now I have found this gadget…

…and it is wonderful! The smallest sized one makes a beautifully firm pompom in just few minutes and it is so compulsive I had to pack the gadgets up and put them away as  there was a danger that my entire stash would be used up!

The solution was to make a larger version of the Heart and Pompom Bunting – the tutorial for that is here.  I just worked the last row in the pattern in the main colour and added an extra row in the contrast colour to make the hearts bigger and made the joining chain slightly longer between the hearts so I could use slightly bigger pompoms.

Would you like to see?

It was hard to find the best way to show you.  When I hung it up inside I realised how much my house needs redecorating, and the light wasn’t right so here it is outside the studio…

There’s actually a bit too much light here, it rather bleaches the colours, but I’m not going to complain about sunshine! (If you can’t find the pompom maker locally I got mine from Clothkits thank you, Kaye!)

Now we have another sunshiny day I’d better get out into the garden. All the strong wind over the last couple of days has blown my little plastic greenhouse and flowerpots all over the garden. (Higgins has done his best  to round things up but the toothmarks are a problem…)

Talking of Higgins, he’s rather had the spotlight taken off him with recent events but if you were wondering…he’s fine…

You see…?



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Happy Birthday Henry : Higgins!

This is Henry as he was when I first met him, about 9 weeks old and rescued off the streets where he had been dodging the traffic.  Referred to by my slightly scandalised son as ‘The Cat My Mother Stole’!

It all started with a phone call from my sister. Now my sister is profoundly deaf, and sixteen years ago we had to keep in touch by letter, but there was a telephone service called Type Talk.  This involved  a third party who would type what I said to my sister via a minicom, and relay her replies verbally to me.  Effective, but difficult for me because good manners kept making me want to involve the nice lady in our conversations, so we rarely used it.

(I’d better say at this point that we had a dog,  a much loved and enormous Lurcher, and he and the rest of the family pretty well had our small cottage at bursting point so although I had occasionally expressed a yearning for a cat, Tim had said firmly’Not while Spike’s around’.)

So I didn’t know what to do when I heard the story of the kitten that my sister was harbouring, much to the fury of her own two cats.  A friend of hers living in Norwich had spend several days rescuing and returning this little tabby kitten to his owners, but every morning when they went to work he was shut outside on the street, where he scurried around under the cars, and scavenged for food.  Eventually she was so worried and upset instead of taking him home and telling off the owners she scooped him up and took him inside, where she  also had two angry cats! which is why a scheme was hatched to tell a soft-hearted catless cat lover all about it!  I didn’t know what to do.  Tim was working away and uncontactable. I really wanted to ask the nice lady relaying all this via Type Talk what she would do!  In the end I said I go to my sister’s…. just to see…

I called in to my Mum to tell her about it.  She said, ‘Go and ask Janet next door if you can borrow her cat carrier, because you’re not coming home without it, are you?’

And so to cut a long story short, that’s what happened.  There was no way I could go and just ‘see’ a kitten. Especially a little bag of bones with bat ears, enormous eyes, a big pink ‘Miouw’ and a gigantic purr.

The next day I took my ‘free’ kitten for a check up at the vets.  He was undernourished, with worms and fleas and needed injections and all manner of expensive treatment.  Not so free after all! He was estimated to be about eight or nine weeks old so he was given the honoury birthday of July 4th as a memorable date.

And Tim?  Well, I couldn’t contact him before he came home so I decided I’d get him at the door as he came in and explain it all to him before he saw how adorable the kitten was…except I got held up…and arrived home to find his car in the drive…and went in…to find Tim sitting in his chair looking resigned with a contented little tabby kitten purring furiously on his lap doing his own PR!

So OK, I suppose I was the receiver of stolen goods, but you’d have done the same wouldn’t you?

I think the last sixteen years have been pretty good for our Henry…

Apart from having his nose put out of joint by the introduction of a small, opinionated puppy nearly two years ago, who also has a birtthday, today!

All things considered, Henry has been pretty patient with Mr H, only bopping him round the ears about once a day, around breakfast time usually. Higgins tends to forget his proper place in the queue.

If you haven’t been around to follow Higgins’ antics, just look for ‘Puppy Tales’ on the side bar to find out his adventures.  Henry has kept rather in the background on Planet Penny, so this post is rather more about him.

But I’ll leave you with a picture of the Birthday Dog…all grown up!



Happy Friday

How lovely it’s been today to have nothing but happy smiling faces on the television!  It’s been a miserable year in the world so far, with earthquakes, the tsunami, uprisings and war and sadness, so the happiness of William and Catherine and all the people in London celebrating with them has been so uplifting.  I said I was just going to switch on to see the dress, but I watched the lot, and cried and still managed to carry on needle felting… there was only a little blood!

I hope you had a lovely Easter. We did, and Higgins had boys to stay and he loved that.  I’ve had to eat rather a lot of hard boiled eggs over the last few days as the boys forgot to take them home, but they’ve all gone now.  (I think I would have enjoyed the chocolate ones more, but strangely they remembered those!) 

Higgins discovered the joys of a hammock…

…but I found it a little disconcerting to be hit by a low flying dachshund landing on my stomach when I was lying in it myself, quietly reading.

Now it’s time to get organised and think ahead.

So much is happening in the next few weeks that I need to get to grips with it all, make a list and tell you all about it…then it must be true!

Watch this space …

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