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Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

The Advent Calendar make today has  me revealing my secret hoard of wrapping paper, well, a tiny bit.  It’s too embarrassing to reveal all!  I do love wrapping paper, but when it comes to using it I can’t bear the thought of the eager recipient tearing it off and discarding it, too eager to get at the gift to appreciate it’s beauty and preciousness! (I know, it’s me that’s getting precious!)

But this make means that not only is there no necessity for any reckless ripping, but both sides of the paper can be on show (another cause of head scratching, if it’s gorgeous on both sides which do I use?  No wonder I end up with the  brown paper!)

I bought this paper the November before last at the Pick’n’Mix Market and it’s been wrapped in tissue ever since..

wrapping paper

the robins…

Robin Wrapping Paper for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

and the winter flowers and berries, which is by Emma Bridgewater…

Emma Bridgewater Paper for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

I found a great little tutorial here on a Japanese blog called Mairuru which explains beautifully how to make gift bags.  Apart from a slightly tricky bit of paper folding when you construct the bottom (which is fine if you concentrate hard and keep your cool!!! (I’m saying nothing!) )  I just used a hole punch so I could thread through the ribbon handles.  It’s a very simple and satifying little skill which will come in handy for more than just Christmas.

Gift Bags for Advent Calendar -  Day Eleven

Gift Bags for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

All ready to be filled with all sorts of goodies…

Gift Bags and Mice for Advent Calendar Day Eleven

Gift Bags with mice for Advent Calendar  - Day Eleven

Crochet Mouse in Gift Bag for Advent Calendar  - Day Eleven

Remember, that little grey mouse could be yours!  Have you entered the Prize Draw yet?  All the details are on Day Two of the Advent Calendar which is here. All you have to do is to leave a comment to say which way you follow Planet Penny, whether it’s on the blog, or Facebook or even Pinterest.  And if you follow via multiple sources tell me that too, because then you’ll go in the Draw twice!

The little brown Mouse?  Well he’s appearing later on in the Advent Calendar, wait and see!

See you tomorrow….x

Craft Fairs and Family Fun

It’s been a busy half term week here on Planet Penny what with the How Hill Craft Fair and family fun with a special visit by two little boys over half term.  Not that they were always recognisable as little boys…

Halloween Family fun…slightly troubling for a granny!

The craft fair went well, such a lovely venue

How Hill Craft Fair

with beautiful views over the gardens and the Norfolk Broads…

How Hill Gardens and View

How Hill

The robins proved very popular and quite a few flew off to new homes…

wire tree with needlefelt robins

So the felting needle will be red hot again next week to refill my little tree!

Higgins has had a lovely week with his favourite boys, and even had his moment as an artists model for Thomas, their dad…

miniature dachshund being drawn

…but didn’t quite get the hang of posing!

He was invited along with the rest of us for a wonderful lunch with my second son, and my talented daughter-in-law produced a fabulous cake worthy of the ‘Great British Bake Off‘, and Higgins even managed to get in on the act with this too!

Fraisiere Cake with chocolate dachshund - family gathering

It was all most enjoyable…

Miniature dachshund takes a nap

So creating has been a little low key this week,  I actually have something on knitting needles for a change, but I’ll save that for the next visit.

I’m sending my continued thoughts good wishes over the ‘Pond’ to everyone who has been affected by the horrendous weather.  I hope you have all the help you need to get back to some sort of normality as quickly as possible.

I would also like to send a big, BIG thank you for all your visits, and lovely comments and the support you give me here on Planet Penny.  Today I reached the huge milestone of having 200,000 hits on my blog since its very tentative beginnings in December 2007.  100,00 of those visits have been in the last 7 months!  I have my thinking cap on for a celebratory Giveaway so watch this space…

I’m leaving you for now though with the Handmade Monday link and I’ll be back soon…x

Chilling out on Planet Penny

Brrrr, it’s sooo cold!  I’m ensconced in my little Planet Penny office wearing my Boneyard scarf

Boneyard scarf

wrapped several times round my neck, the pink version of the wrist warmers and with a cup of hot lemon and ginger tea to hand.  Apart from the miserable weather a lot of it is to do with sitting still too much, needlefelting, crocheting and winding wool, or tapping on a keyboard does not generate enough heat!  Tim’s on dog walking duty while I finalise the craft fair bits and pieces, so at least he and Higgins are getting proper exercise.

The needlefelting?  Well it’s robins as usual!  I think I’ve got enough now to be going on with.  My latest version, and I think my favourite, is attached to a wool covered crocodile clip which means it can be clipped on the branches of a Christmas tree, or a pot plant…

needlefelt robin on clip - Planet Penny

…he’s got a little button heart in his beak…

The crocheting, well I’ve made some tiny bunting, it’s great for using up left over Planet Penny cotton and would look lovely strung on shelves or a dresser.  For the moment I’ve just added it to my bunting and garland collection in the studio add a little colourfulness against the gloom…

crochet bunting in Planet Penny rainbow colours

crochet bunting and hearts in Planet Penny rainbow cotton

The winding has been for more rainbow mouse kits (this can be done in front of the fire watching Strictly Come Dancing so I did manage to thaw out a bit!)

cotton yarn in Planet Penny rainbow colours

And the tapping away on the computer was for my first proper book review which, if you missed it, is here.  It’s worth a look, it’s a fabulous book.

Finally, with Halloween around the corner, Higgins had a go at pumpkin carving yesterday.  When I came in with one to turn into pumpkin soup, Higgins when wild with excitement, convinced it was a football, just for him.

miniature dachshund and pumpkin

When I put down for him to check it out he made a huge effort to get his teeth in it…

miniature dachshund and pumpkin

But the disaster came when he finally managed to get it to roll.  It rumbled across the floor, hit a small table on which Tim had just placed a fresh cup of tea and knocked it flying, soaking poor Henry who was just passing.  What a good thing Henry has thick fur, just his dignity was hurt!

He managed to make quite an impression on the pumpkin before being bribed away with a doggy treat so I could hide it in the pantry!  (I now have a lot of soup, a lot of frozen pumpkin, and I still have half left.  I wonder if I can chop it up with dog food? And this was a small one!)

So for now I’ll leave you with the usual link to Handmade Monday and get back to work.  If you’re in Norfolk on Wednesday it would be lovely to see you at How Hill for the Craft Fair but if not, I’ll be back soon…x


Seagulls…Robins…and a Small Sea Dog

Hello!  It’s that time of the week again….doesn’t it come round quickly?  If you spotted my mid week post about the Planet Penny Cotton crochet inspirations, you’ll know this post  represents a very quick gear change to get back to needlefelting again to build up my flock of Robins.

I think I’m going to have set days for each  to keep on top of things, oh to be disciplined and organised.  I’ve a feeling I may left it a little late in the day to change, but I do try!

And I have been sloping off when the sun shines to keep a small dog happy.  We went to our favourite Norfolk beach during the week…

Norfolk sky, sea and sand

So peaceful, and completely deserted,  Just me, Higgins and the seagulls.  Not even a seal this time.

Higgins had a great time…

miniature dachshund on Norfolk beach

miniature dachshund on beach

love the little pink tongue!

Did I mention he’s on a healthy eating and fitness regime?  The last weigh in at the vet’s pronounced him at the top end of his ideal weight window, so charging madly around the beach is just what the ‘doctor’ ordered.  (It’s not doing me any harm either!)

And later, back in the studio, the flock of Robins keeps growing…

Robins great and small…

needlefelt robins

three needlefelt robins

six needlefelt robins

needlefelt robins group

needlefelt robins on a log

I have a lovely selection of rings, wreaths and hearts for my robins to sit on so that’s tomorrows job!

I’m battling with the internet at the moment, it’s running like very cold treacle, so I shall quit while I’m ahead and leave you with a link to this week’s Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour.  Have a lovely week, I will be back soon….x

A Mixed Bag for Handmade Monday

It’s Handmade Monday, again, and I’m about to break a blogging rule* by not having single theme for this post.  I’ve got far too much to say, and too many photographs!

Yesterday was our local Farmers’ Market where we have a Knit and Stitch table to promote our monthly evening get-together. It’s also a good reason to get out one of my ongoing projects which has been sadly neglected for Planet Penny Cotton Club productions and needlefelting just lately!  Do you remember the Jane Brocket blanket from this post?

It’s still progressing, but very slowly…

There was a mouthwatering cake stall, Welcome Treats...

Pretty things from Gingham Rose

…wonderful woodturning…

…some beautifully presented jams and chutneys from Shirley’s Kitchen.  What a great way to use old seed catalogues and wrapping paper!


Unfortunately I was too late to catch the Fruit and Veg stall at it’s best, and the local pork stall was not that photogenic, but the flower stall was as pretty as ever…

…and I bought a Michaelmas Daisy!

Back home, I have two really useful books on the go which I really want to recommend to all my Bloggy chums who sell on line.  There’s this one, which is where I discovered this rule*(see above) …

…and this one…

…which has really made me evaluate my photography.  I started reading it thinking maybe I ought to move on up from my little pocket digital to a DSLR.  But then I dug out the manual CD for my little Canon IXUS 115 HS, switched off ‘Auto’, which is where it’s been lazily set since I bought it and started to experiment.  I’m amazed at all the features I didn’t know were there!  It’s not that I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been doing so far, but I can be much more ambitious now, so watch out!

I’ve been clearing out a little flowerbed near the house, a mixture of Creeping Buttercup and a Snail Hotel, and made a bit of breathing space for my ‘Fairy’ Rose.

…and I had to bring a few inside…

They are so small and delicate, if they were scented they’d be perfect!

I sourced some great twiggy wreaths this week which were perfect for the mini Robins bigger brothers to sit on…

They are about 8″ across and are currently for sale on Etsy

And I’m still making the teeny ones in the 2″ rings although they are selling so quickly if you miss them on Etsy you’d better contact me!

Since I am breaking the rules with my mixed bag of news, I might as well carry on with …Pet News!

I’ve had many kind enquiries about Clovis’s progress after his car accident, and I’m pleased to report he’s coming along well, if slowly.  He has had two of the three pins removed, the last one must stay for a few more weeks.  He’s trundling around quite happily, and even presented my mum with a mouser this morning!

If you saw this morning Silent Sunday Post and Higgins in his new bed, you can find out much more about it in this little film…

…and finally I will leave you with this weeks link to Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour. I hope your brain is not too boggled with all the stuff I have thrown at you!

See you soon…x

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