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2011 – A Year in Pictures

It’s the end of the year, so I thought I’d do a recap. It’s been very interesting trawling through the archives and seeing how things have developed over the months and I thought I would share the experience…













It’s already giving me lots of new ideas for the next twelve months, so I hope you’ll drop in again to see how it’s going!  In the meantime, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, where ever you are….see you in 2012! xxx

The Opposite of Creativity….

This is the invalid, recovering from the his sore paw… doesn’t he look sweet?  We went to the vet for a check up and he was fine, but had probably turned awkwardly and strained a muscle.  So it was pain killers, and rest.  The resting done on the sofa with me, on a special cushion.

I know, I know, we’ve had a cushion problem before, but I thought he’d grown out of it, and I’d unearthed this Kaffe Fassett one I made a few years ago because I was bored with the beige (beige? Me?) corduroy ones which he hasn’t damaged…AT ALL…

But I just took my eye off him for a moment…




You’ll be pleased to know the healing vibes sent his way by so many of you have worked well, and he is now fine.  Thank you SO much…He really doesn’t deserve it…

But this is Handmade Monday, so I’m being creative…

I’ve finished the second snood

It’s knitted on needles much larger than the size recommended, which gives it a good drape, but you can see looks a little wobbly.  Really wouldn’t work on something requiring some structure, but works for this…

It might be quite warm still, but I have a feeling I will be really glad to have this in a few weeks time.

The birthday socks are finished, and ready to be wrapped up for the weekend.

And I have a new ball of sock wool…

…this time to make a pair for myself as the hand knitted socks that haven’t worn out at the heels seem to have inexplicable small holes in unexplained places. This comes of living with the world biggest moth…

Meanwhile I have been crocheting again, this time to make a jolly cafetiere cover for my daughter, who leaves for London at the end of the week.  She really doesn’t do mornings, so something to gee her up with a caffeine fix and a smile is called for before setting off for lectures.

It started off looking quite minimalist…

…but not for long.

And I am going sneak in the C*******s thing I’ve been working on, you can look the other way if you like!

I now have to do a little creative thinking about cushion repairs, wish me luck!

There have been lots of responses to the draw, which is still running.  If you haven’t entered yet please do, that cow needs her name! Part of the prize is a Julie Arkell book about her wonderful and slightly surreal papier mache creations. She seems not to have a web presence herself but this site will give you a flavour of her work.  Amazon currently don’t have copies of the book in stock, and it seems difficult to find it on line, so this is a great chance to win a copy.  Don’t forget to pop over to Ist Unique Gifts for the Handmade Monday links to enjoy what else is going on.

Also, there is still time to vote for Planet Penny in the Dorset Cereals Little Blog award.  It’s been doing pretty well, but there’s strong competition, so every vote counts.  A girl needs an Egg Cup!

A Sunny Sunday and Using Up Leftovers

No lie-in allowed this morning!  Last night’s weather forecast promised us we’d lose the sunshine in the afternoon and the beach was calling.  We were there by nine o’clock, bright sun, an incoming tide and a stiffish breeze. Very bracing.  Only two other cars in the lane ( the beauty of our favourite beach is that there is no car park, no tearoom!) so once we came over the top of the dune the beach was nearly deserted.  Higgins is now reliable enough to run off the lead, although he really misses having someone young enough to run with him. 

Considering his reluctance to set foot outside when it’s raining and puddly he’s quite intrepid when it comes to the interesting pools forming as the tide raced in…

He hasn’t quite found a deep enough bit to actually have to swim yet so I hope I have the camera to hand when he does.

While Higgins sleeps off all that exercise I’m sorting out my leftover yarn. 

I have a bit of an obsessive thing about winding wool.  I have a lovely gadget for doing the big balls, but these little bits get wound very carefully by hand so they look pretty.  (Yes, OK!  I know it’s weird but it makes me happy…)

And it’s something to do while I decide what I else I can make.

I’ve lost my diary.  It’s slim, anonymous, dark blue.  Perfect for slipping in between books and magazines and losing forever.  Well at least long enough to be madly inconvenient.  So I decided to get something more substantial,  an academic one so I can start it now.

But it’s not really me, is it?  But, with a little application of brightly coloured yarn it can be made much harder to lose…

Although Tim has pointed out that I’m going to lose it as soon as I put it down on the blanket….

I’m also suffering from rapidly cooling coffee, but not any more…

… there are STILL bits of wool left, but I have a plan!  Bunting! Well, everyone  loves bunting.  In fact, it would be quite nice to think of a new slant on bunting….


I’m very happy with the pompoms…and I still love all those colours.  I also have lots of cushions just waiting for covers…and a new sofa which needs cushions.

Which is why I went back to the market on Friday…

…for fresh supplies!

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