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Back in the Dye Bath…

D’you remember the fun I had couple of weeks customising  my bargain tunic top from Cotton Traders in this post?  Well I bought a couple more and I’ve been back in the dye bath with those packets of Dylon dye again.

I have to admit to initially being a teensy bit disappointed with the results, I rather thought I was going to get a deep lavender colour and a dark blue, and what I got was a pastel lavender and a rather grey blue…

dyed shirts

…and as you know I do like my saturated colours!  But rather than buying yet more dye and trying again I decided to go with the flow and see what I could do to make them more ‘me’.

Before I emptied my entire button collection out of the big (very!) box where they are stashed I remembered a little collection dating back several years from a little handmade dress shop in Norwich which unfortunately closed down.  I knew one day I’d have the project  which needed a selection of tiny fabric buttons and I only had to wait about 10 years for that moment to come!

I think I bought 300, well I’ve used 11 of them now, 289 to go!

As well as changing the original buttons, I’ve also stitch an extra one in between each of the functioning buttons and I really like the effect…

(looking at this next photo it’s actually just the colour I was hoping for…ho hum! )

The dark one?  Well I have a cunning plan, but haven’t quite executed it yet so watch this space!

It’s all been rather lovely here the past couple of days.  It always seems to happen when the children go back to school doesn’t it?

Norfolk field

I’m going to try and take Higgins out for a walk in few minutes.  It all went very wrong yesterday when we set out a good pace, got about 200 yards from the house and someone fired a gun several fields away.  Without flinching. or breaking stride Higgins wheeled round and headed back home at a brisk trot…and that was that!  Hopeless gun dog!

Back soon….x

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