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The Second Happy Friday

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Hello, and welcome to the second Happy Friday of the year.  Thanks to all the bloggers who joined in last week, I hope there will be even more of you spreading the happiness this week!

What’s been making me very cheerful this week has been tulips.  One of the compensations of January is being able to bring spring into the house long before it’s arrived outside. And it’s also a great compensation for having to go out shopping in the cold when you can treat yourself to bunch of colourful springtime. ( And so much less calorific than chocolate!)

I love the way tulips keep on growing after you pick them, going from stiff and stately when they first arrive…

Happy Friday Tulips…and then gradually bending and twisting towards the light.

tulips for Happy FridayI don’t think I ever shared the beautiful painting by Gabriella Buckingham which was a birthday present last year…

Gabriella with her painting

Gabriella with her painting

But I couldn’t resist this photo when my own tulips decided to copy the painting…

tulips and painting for Happy FridaySo that’s what been keeping me cheery this week, how about you?

If you would like to join in this is how…

1. Pick one special moment that made you smile, post it on your blog, mentioning Planet Penny Happy Friday.  That way your readers will find their way to the Linky and the other posts.

2. Add your own post to the Linky below which will take readers from this blog to your own.  It’s a fun way to discover new blogs, and maybe gain some extra followers too. 

3.Add the badge which you will find here to your blog or post or wherever so people know what Happy Friday is all about. (just copy and paste the code in the little box) 

And of course you can also join on Instagram using  #PlanetPennyHappyFriday.

I’m really looking forward to finding out what has made your Happy Friday this week. here’s the Linky…x