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Happy Friday Number 16

Skittering along in a hurry with a late Happy Friday post!

Not only have I been out all day, but dear husband has been battling for two days with a computer with total amnesia, which has been a worry.  I mean, I’m the one losing brain cells at an alarming rate,  computers have the benefit of plug in memories and stuff, don’t they?  I could really do with a plug in memory…

Anyway, my Happy Friday is all about my lovely day with two fellow bloggers, Lisa of Bobobun and Celia of Purple Podded Peas.  We met up at Lisa’s gorgeous little country cottage, full of pretty things, to arrange the layout for the Do You Mind If I Knit blanket which we are making to raffle in aid of mental health.   A great deal of laughter as well as hard work went on and we now have a section each of the blanket to sew up before we get together again for the final assembly.  I’ll be telling you all about it as things progress, and I’m sure all of you who followed and loved Vanessa Cabban’s wonderful blog will want to join in with this tribute, so watch this space.

If you would like to take part in the draw please follow this link, it’s open worldwide.

Do You Mind if I knit Blaknet for Happy FridayBlanket design for Happy Friday

So how about your Happy Friday?  Do write about it on your blog and join in with the Linky below.  I really look forward to finding about about your week.

Happy Friday Number 15

Eek!  A whole week gone, it’s Happy Friday time again!

Every week I intend to fit in at least one other post and I just don’t know where the time goes… Anyway, here’s a little potted summary of Planet Penny goings on.

The lovely bag of yarn last week?  The Silk & Wool blogger (sorry I don’t know your name) was asking about my project and here’s a sneak peek…crochet for Happy FridayAbout a month ago I mentioned that I had been asked to contribute to a crochet website but was still waiting to hear more.  Well, it’s really real!  I’m going to one of three bloggers on the site, and this will be my first ‘make’.  I’ll let you know all the details as soon as it goes live, but it’s one of the things which has kept me busy this week.

Springtime Happy FridaySpring has really sprung here in Norfolk, and it’s been wonderful to have a few days when I can have the doors open in the studio and enjoy the fresh air.  Higgins likes it too, but always manages to get on the wrong side of a closed door and then summons me with an imperious ‘WUFF’!

And I’ve found my sewing mojo!  Being tall I always struggle to find something as long as I like off the peg, but this fabulous pattern from Merchant and Mills is perfect, and very adaptable.Merchant & Mills

My practice run recycled two tops from the back of the wardrobe which weren’t quite right for various reasons and were never worn.   Reinvented, I’m want to wear it all the time!Merchant & Mills pattern recycled linen Happy Friday And I rediscovered Croft Mill, a company from which I used to buy lots of fabric years ago when I was sewing for the children,  and bought some fabulous fabric…

Coates Fabrics for Happy FridaySo all in all, It’s a very Happy Friday for me…how about you?

Please join in with the Linky below, and tell us all about what has made you smile this week.  Don’t forget to link back to this post in your own so that people can find all the other links.  

I don’t want to add a grumpy note, but I’m still getting people joining in with irrelevant posts which don’t mention Happy Friday anywhere, and the whole point of this is to link up like minded people and find new blogs to follow, so please play fair…

But enough of all that, have a very Happy Friday and a lovely weekend x

Happy Friday Number 14

Hello…and welcome to Happy Friday number 14.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and that the sun shone for you!

It was hectic here, and I’m still trying to catch up but here’s a snapshot of what made my week happy.

I up-cycled a shrunken jumper and made it into a cuddly Easter Bunny…

Stripey bunny for Happy Friday

I had a lovely delivery of yarn in in gorgeous springtime shades for a new project…

stylecraft spring colours

The sun shone, the blackthorn buds started to open and interesting things are growing in the nooks and crannies…Blackthorn blossom for Happy Friday

Happy Friday fungi

And here is the epitome of happiness, an eight year old who has just spotted an Easter egg!

Happy Friday Easter Egg hunt

So what’s made your week happy?  Please add your link to happy blog post using the Linky below.  Please, please make the post relevant to Happy Friday and link back to this post so your readers can find the other people joining in the Linky Party.

See you back here soon…x

Happy Friday on Good Friday!

I have to admit to having to look hard for those Happy Friday moment to record this week. Things have been tricky, but I’ve been grateful for the motivation to look for the positive moments, they’ve kept me going.

It was lovely to have a visit from my dear daughter last weekend, but the planned family get-together didn’t happen because my precious and smallest grandson, just 13 months old, was rushed to hospital having suffered a prolonged seizure.  Fortunately, after 24 hours in which they brought his temperature down and did a series of tests, he was sent home with antibiotics for a throat infection and is now full of beans.  Unlike his poor parents who are still traumatised, bless them… (and granny’s still feeling pretty wobbly too!)

I must apologise for not visiting all the linked blogs during this week as I usually do, I’m sure you understand why.

In the spirit of being upbeat and springlike I have had an Easter manicure.  What do you think…?Easter manicure for Happy Friday

(Higgins was a bit annoyed about me borrowing his bunny!)

And I have decorated the Easter tree.  I made it with several twiggy branches of twisted willow in a vase full of weighty glass beads, and the lovely thing is since it’s been in the house the buds have turned into little spring green leaves which is so pretty. It’s quite difficult to get a good photo as it’s so light and airy but here’s a flavour of it…

Easter Tree for Happy Friday

Easter Tree closeup for Happy Friday

So I’m looking forward to hearing about your Happy Friday moments this week for even more cheerfulness.  Please join in with the Linky below as usual, making sure you make the post relevant to Happy Friday, and link back to this post so spread the word.

So Happy Friday, and Happy Easter one and all, I’ll be back soon…x


Happy Friday Number 12

Are we really at number twelve already?  I can’t believe how time flies, and it seems to go even more quickly when counted off as a weekly Happy Friday!

So what’s been happy this week for me?

Well, you might have seen I wrote and published a pattern for little crochet eggs (if not, it’s the post before this one) and that’s always a moment to celebrate.  It’s quite hard work!

Historically, Easter for me has been a bit low key.  In my years as a single parent that was when my offspring went off to their other family so I would be frantically trying to distract myself from missing them madly.  But this year I have a visit from  my darling daughter and other half booked for Sunday so a tea party with dear younger son and daughter in law and adorable smallest grandson is called for.  and then the following weekend the ‘South Coast Mob’, my eldest and family, are booked for Easter.  So decorations are called for, and cake and eggs and all sorts….very exciting!

I’ve found the Easter tree decorations…

Easter Tree decorations for Happy Friday…which I haven’t seen for ages, and I’m looking forward to adding in a few more crochet eggs and other pretties over the next week in the run up to the Easter weekend.

I had the loveliest email from Linda, who bought Miranda Mouse in aid of Comic Relief.  It’s amazing to think she now all the way across the ocean and living in Arkansas!

“Miranda arrived yesterday evening, perfectly safe. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE her. She is amazing! I am so glad I have her… Your work is perfection. She has such a personality—I find myself talking to her and actually waiting for her to respond. 😎 As you are, we are having down pouring rain and wind. As soon as the sun shines, Miranda will send you a photo of her new home. I think she will like it here. She is making friends with a couple of her roommates and they are getting ready to have tea.”

Miranda couldn’t have gone to a better place!

So, how has your week been? I love reading  your Happy Friday posts.  (By the way, I do leave a comment on every post, but sometimes it seems the comments get eaten so if you don’t see one, I tried, but failed!)

Please add your link to the Linky below and remember, this is a party for everyone to join in.  Make sure your post is relevant to Happy Friday, and link back to this post so your readers can enjoy finding new posts to read.  

Happy Friday everyone….see you soon…x

Happy Friday for International Day of Happiness!

This Happy Friday is the big one, because co-incidentally, it’s also International Day of Happiness.  Who knew?  But what a fabulous idea!

You can join in here…International Day of Happiness

And if you want to join in with a happy dance click here!

I did a little happy dance the other day when I received an email asking if I would like to be a contributor to a new website all about crochet. I can’t say more at the moment because it’s all a bit in the air, but even so, I was asked….squeee…!

It’s been a bit cold and grey here in Norfolk this week, but spring is still in the air, and is very uplifting to the spirits…

Hawthorn buds - Spring on the way for International Day of Happiness(I’m so hoping the cloud breaks tomorrow for the eclipse, otherwise I’ll have to watch it on television!)


hellebore - spreading the love on International Happiness Day…and it’s lovely to have flowers in the garden to pick (although I think the hellebore was the victim of a small rampaging dog!)


Great Dream - International Day of HappinessYou can take part in International Day of Happiness in lots of ways if you visit the website and use #InternationalDayOfHappiness on Twitter or Instagram.  You are such a positive lot,  I’m sure you’ll want to!                                                                                                                                 Joining in with Happy Friday on the Linky is as usual, please remember to link to this post from your own as well as adding your link.  We want to spread the happiness!

Have a lovely weekend…x

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