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So Many Things, So Little Time!

Some of us aren’t rushing around in a panic…


But some of us are!

I did manage to fit in an amazing exhibition yesterday however.  It’s funny, an exhibition of basket making didn’t ring any bells at all with me and left to my own devices I wouldn’t have gone.  But Partner-in-Crime, Kit had been told things, and said we had to go, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it…

It’s ‘Basketry – making human nature’ at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. I’t’s only on until 22nd May and if you can possible get there – do, it’s amazing…

This was the one and only photograph I was allowed to take and doesn’t do justice to this amazing piece made by Ueno Masao from finely split bamboo which turns this huge window into an eye.

I just loved this piece by Laura Ellen Bacon…

… which she constructed in situ.  The Sainsbury Centre is so industrial in construction, so modern in it’s materials it’s very thought provoking  to see something  natural and organic growing out of its surroundings.

The Sainsbury Centre Shop (which is brilliant, and where I was able to buy a birthday pressie for a VIP!!!) had a signed book of Laura Ellen Bacon’s work which I had to buy (and one day soon I hope to have time to read)

Mary Butcher

Ueno Masao

But that was a happy little interlude in amongst the busy, busy business!

So you must be wondering what’s been going on, and I’m terribly behind in telling you all the exciting news. 

First, do you remember this post about our visit to Hoveton Hall Gardens?  Well, shortly after our visit,  a new gift shop opened there, selling  locally sourced crafts unique to the area.  And there can be found a little flock of Planet Penny creatures, waiting to find new homes.  I’m all set to buy a season ticket, and quickly too, because I hear the Rhodedendrons and Azaleas are amazing right now, (and apart from that, there are plants to buy, and a tea shop…cake…say no more!)

Scarily, too, Open Studios is THIS MONTH!!! Kit and I will be opening the studio doors for three weekends at the end of the month and the beginning of June.  We’ve never done it before, and don’t know what to expect, but if you are near enough to visit please come, it would be so nice to meet you, (and if you want more details you can email me through the tab at the top of the blog.)

And of course the icing on the cake is the Pick n’Mix Market which takes place the weekend after Open Studios is over. Can you see why I haven’t been around much?!

The felting needle is smoking!

I’ll be back soon to show you what I’ve been doing but in the meantime, I will leave you with Violet the Sheep…

… and I’ll dash off to work on her brothers and sisters!

See you soon x


Hooray, it’s official, today is the first day of Spring and Higgins and I have been in the garden in shirtsleeves!  (Well I have, Higgins is still stuck in that hairy vest he wears)  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Tim and I went off to look for daffodils yesterday, and found some!  Isn’t it ridiculous how you go off on holiday and hunt out nice places to go, but never get round to visiting places right on your doorstep at home? 

We have the lovely Hoveton Hall Gardens literally next door to us and as we’d already missed the Snowdrop Walk for various reasons I was determined we’d get along to the Daffodil Walk.  Unfortunately we didn’t have quite the glorious weather on Sunday which we enjoyed on Saturday so the photos aren’t quite at sparkly as I had hoped, but never mind.  What is nice is that you can really see the bare bones of the garden as it comes to life and I’m now quite determined to go back at regular intervals and watch it grow, I think the rhodedendrons and azaleas will be glorious!

If I lived here I think I could spend quite a bit of time just drifting round this little lake in a rowing boat listening to the birds singing and the wind in the trees…

…with permission from Mr Swan of course!

I’ve never seen daffodils like this before…

Not entire sure what I make of these, there’s some thing a bit Bart Simpson-ish about them don’t you think?

I can’t wait to visit the Spider Garden when everything is in bloom, despite the scary guardian of the gate!

if you can’t quite make him (or her) out, this is what I mean!

After a nice walk and a cup of tea I got back to my latest needlefelting project. I was sorting through all my dyed yarns the other day and found a gorgeous little bag of something soft and very cuddly, and a completely natural colour.

It’s Alpaca fleece, and the herd live two fields away, here! And although it’s alpaca, doesn’t it just make you think of bunnies?  Easter Bunnies? so here is my own Easter Bunny…

right down to his fluffy bunny tail!

Mr Bunny is now for sale in the Planet Penny shop on Folksy, so I think I’d better go and size up those Alpacas to see if they can spare any more fleece so I can make him some little friends!

Hope Spring is springing where you are xxx

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