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Name the Cow – The Results

Well first I’ve got to say I’ve been really let down.  I know it’s a bit of a gloomy day, but honestly, I just can’t get my staff to get up these days…

So the draw with the hat just didn’t happen, I’ve had to resort to the Random Number Generator.

Still, I only had to do counting for the name vote, and ended up with a short list of seven, which were, in no particular order, Flora, Ermintrude, Petunia, Pamela, Miss Marple, Lucy and Gertrude.  After an early lead, Ermintrude finally lost out to  Petunia, which I think suits her very well.

Petunia the Cow

Thanks so much for your help, I now have a selection of names for the rest of the herd, and Petunia will be heading off to Folksy very soon to find a new home.

And now for the draw.  Having given everyone a number, I set the RNG going and the winner was No. 14, who is….drumroll…..pregnant pause…. Tilly Mint Boutique!!!  So congratulations,  I shall put the Julie Arkell book and tiny sheep  in the post very soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part, I shall look out for another occasion to celebrate in the near future.
See you soon x

We’re Off to Ally Pally…

…in the morning, for the Knitting and Stitching Show! So rather than scrabble around sorting out the winner of the ‘Name the Cow’ draw just now I will let it run until after the weekend.  Just to recap, if you’ve only just landed on Planet Penny,  follow this link and you will find a prize draw to win this fabulous Julie Arkell book and a tiny blue sheep. ..

I’ve got the battery all charged up on the camera ready for tomorrow  (and a very large shopping bag!) and I’m hoping to meet in the flesh one or two people from cyber space.  And if you are going to be there too, come and say hello, I’ll be wearing a sheep!

See you soon x

Sharing Out the Good Things….


Hello!  I’m back, and earlier than I thought, as I fully intended to be heads down over the felting needle this week. However, the sun’s been shining  and it’s been too nice to stay indoors, so Higgins and I went off to our favourite wood for a walk and I thought you might like to share our afternoon.


Here is Higgins, looking smartly colour co-ordinated for Autumn.

Unfortunately the afternoon didn’t end so well for him, I don’t know what happened, it could have been the quick dash about he did with a passing Springer Spaniel, but by the time we got three quarters of the way round he was limping and he ended up being carried back to the car.

So it was a visit to the vet today, where alas my perky little pup, up for anything, turns into a legless jelly who collapses into a puddle of pee with panic.  SO embarrassing!  As I had thought, it’s probably a pulled muscle or an awkward twist and he’s got painkillers and has been told to rest and NO JUMPING!  This is going to be a problem.  All the books say Dachshunds must be careful, with their little legs and long backs.  Unfortunately, Higgins hasn’t read the books.

So healing vibes sent to Higgins will be very welcome, and some luck in my direction would be good!

Anyway, I hear you wondering what good things I’m thinking of sharing out. So this is my cunning plan.

I realised too late that, although I had celebrated my 150th Blog Post with a prize draw, my 200th post slipped by without me noticing!   So I thought I’d celebrate belatedly with the 210th post.

So what am I going to share? If you’ve been visiting Planet Penny for a while, you will know that back in June I met up with Penelope by the Sea, and she gave me a birthday present, and it was the fabulous Julie Arkell book…

and since then, by a circuitous route, I have been given another one.  Well I love it, but it seems selfish to be looking at it with another one sitting on the shelf which I know would be so much appreciated by someone else. SO…. I though I’d do it this way.

I’ve had some great suggestions for the name of my little cow, so from the list of names, you choose your favourite. Obviously, the name with the most votes will be awarded to the cow, and I’ll put all the names in the famous hat and award to the first name drawn out the Julie Arkell book AND a teeny tiny blue Planet Penny sheep!

So, here is the list of names…

  • Esmeralda
  • Ermintrude
  • Petunia
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Dandelion
  • Burdock
  • Flora
  • Marguerite
  • Lola
  • Besse
  • Moomin
  • Marilyn
  • Molly
  • Gertrude
  • Pearl de Lait
  • Miss Marple
  • Pamela  (this last from my husband as he feels the cow looks just like Pam Ayres!)

All you have to do is  leave a comment with your choice of name, and if you put a link to the draw from your own blog I’ll put your name in twice .  I’ll let it run for a couple of weeks into October  and then ask Higgins to draw the winning ticket, I’m sure he will have recovered enough by then.

Thanks so much for all the name suggestions.  I now have enough for a whole herd!

There is still time to vote for Planet Penny on the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Award and it would be lovely if you would.  There’s a draw for all those participating so there’s  potential for another prize!

Fun!…with added cake…

I am gradually getting back to normal after our jolly family weekend in a couple of wooden cabins handily situated between the coast and the New Forest. It was an early birthday celebration – for me! – and I was so thoroughly spoilt I almost forgot how to cook and wash up! The weather tried various guises, until the sun got his hat on in the middle of the first day and stayed around for the rest of the weekend.

I came across a very strange thing on the beach the first morning. It was cold, grey and misty, with a strong wind…

We came down the cliff…

… and on to the shingle to admire the little beach huts…

Higgins spotted a potential friend, but he passed on by…

The beach was all but deserted, but for three people in wet suits, inflating things, which soon caught the wind and developed minds of their own. If it hadn’t been for the wet suits I would have thought they were flying kites, but it dawned on me they were heading off into the grey and windy sea…

Mad! I thought, Completely Bonkers! On a day like this?

So despite the cold I hung about, snapping away like the worst press photographer, waiting to see what would happen.

Eventually, with the kite bobbing about energetically high above him, the first wet suited individual headed down to the surf, while I carried on the same little chunter to myself…MAD…totally barmy…

Until he got into the sea…and on to the board….

and Wayhaaaay…. Yes!… NOW I see….


And when the sun shone, we went to the New Forest…

Higgins had a slightly different perspective…

…but he did find a place to play Pooh Sticks…

And in the evening there were balloons, and bunting, and a truly amazing birthday cake…

Looks a little familiar don’t you think?

We prolonged the weekend a little by travelling along the coast for a night with son Thomas and family, where Higgins was able to meet some special bloggy friends when Penelope By The Sea came to tea, with Alice…

I was very surprised and touched to be given a birthday gift…

it was very nearly too pretty to unwrap, but I was persuaded, and found …

Which made me very happy!

(And if you pop over to Penny’s blog, you’ll find out where that pretty fabric tie came from!)

And now we’re home.

Some of us have been sleeping off all the rushing about entertaining small boys…

…and some of us have been sitting in the sun squaring circles…

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