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Planet Penny Cotton Colours – A New Look

I mentioned recently news about the Planet Penny Cotton which I sell via the Etsy Shop, it’s got a new look!

Planet Penny Cotton Colours 12 pack

I’ve been deliberating for a long time about the colour range.  I love it still, and didn’t want to change something which works so well, but from the feedback I’ve been getting it needed a slight tweak.   The pack now consists of 12 colours.  It looks more vibrant without the two pastel shades, and of course it’s now cheaper!

From the administrative point of view it solves a couple of niggles too, so I hope everyone is happy with it.  (Anyone mid-project relying on purchasing a second 14 ball pack please contact me for help)

What helped me take the final step was seeing this gorgeous blanket made by Alison, one of my customers using the Planet Penny Cotton..

Ripple Blanket - Planet Penny  Cotton - Attic 24 pattern

Attic 24 pattern - Planet Penny Cotton - Ripple BlanketThis what Alison said about her method of making the blanket:

“This was a Lucy ripple and I believe I did 196 stitches plus the extra 3.(or whatever was divisible by 3, I think I had a few more on the start chain and unpicked from the start when I had done my first row as I wanted).  I have done three rows of each of the colours  Apple, Lime, Buttercup, Marigold, Peach, RoseBud, Gerbera, Aubretia, Cornflower, Delphinium, Aqua and Jade. We have ended up with 4 sets of 12 colours, the finished blanket is about 96cm x 152cm.    I have a small amount of each ball left, so a ball did six rows.”

As Alison said, it’s an Attic 24 Ripple pattern which you will find here and you can buy the yarn here.

If you would prefer to buy outside Etsy then you can purchase through Planet Penny Direct Sales here.

I hope that’s inspired you!  It’s always nice to have a little Rainbow colour infusion…

I’m off into the sunshine now.  I have grandsons visiting for a few days.  They’ve been off to the North Norfolk coast today but I’ve promised them a spot of Granny style crafting when they come back so I shall have a few minutes rest in the garden before they get home.

See you soon…x

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