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Splash of Colour – February

I’m joining in with Silver Pebble’s Splash of Colour again, this is the last one.  Hopefully by the time we get to March there’ll be lots of spring colour to enjoy outside Blogland. 

I’ve made a montage of Planet Penny images which brought some colour during January.  I hope you will enjoy seeing them again.

Don’t forget to pop over to Silver Pebble to see Emma’s colourful offering!

A Splash of Colour

The Christmas decorations have all gone and it’s a grey, dull, wet January day so a Splash of Colour is sorely needed.  After I had cleared away the last of the festivities I found, at the back of a shelf, a glass jar in which I have collected  felt beads which I have been embroidering  at odd moments over the last few weeks.  I’ve been meaning to get them out to show you, and to do something with them for ages, and now seems the perfect moment!

So, what to make?  I unearthed my box of beading bits and found some little fasteners and cord and all the bits I needed and found I had just the right number of beads to make two bracelets and a necklace.

And here they are.  Bracelet 1…

…and bracelet 2…

…and shall we say, a slightly less exuberant colour scheme for a rather elegant necklace.

The temptation is to look in my wardrobe and see what they go with, but no, I’m going to be sensible and put them in the Folksy shop in the hope that someone will love them as much as I do!   No more procrastination!

Thank you for all the get well messages following my last post about the uninvited swinish visitor over Christmas and the New Year. T and I  had the flu vaccine just before Christmas so we are still keeping our fingers crossed.  It was the younger generation who were afflicted, especially the four year old. Just to update you, they are back home now on the South Coast and recovering well, even the small one who had an ear infection and a perforated eardrum.  It’s a dreadful thing, and a reminder to us all to get the jab if at all possible every year.

Also Higgins is being very big headed about all the compliments he has been receiving  from you.  He can’t understand why I keep putting all this woolly stuff on the blog when you would obviously like more pictures of him.  Next time I will show you evidence of some very naughty goings on with Mr Higgins and those lovely shiny teeth!

P.S. Don’t forget, there is still time to enter the draw for the needlefelted Christmas ornament  in my last post.

Splash of Colour – November

Better late than never, they say, but I can’t believe it’s Friday and I haven’t managed to post all week.  Higgins and I have just got back from our walk, and the rain has started so I can sit down without guilt while he sleeps off the exercise (and the obligatory bath, well he is very low slung!)Emma over at Silver Pebble feels just like me about winter, but has come up with a ‘cunning plan’ to keep the Winter Blues away.  She has invited fellow bloggers to post a blast of colour at the beginning of each month between now and Spring to keep our spirits up which is right up my street (although anyone who has been visiting Planet Penny for a while now will know I don’t really need an excuse to get colourful !)

I need a bit of cheering up now though.  We’ve had a tiring, noisy but ultimately great weekend with family and now they’ve all gone home.  The little boys, one four, one nearly five and one six year old  very nearly ran Higgins’ legs off and he had so much fun.  Although he was puzzled, very puzzled about the blue stripy human puppy which every one wanted to cuddle.  It made exciting squeaky noises and was, allegedly, very nearly as cute as Higgins but wasn’t allowed to play. 

 Tim has gone back to work for two weeks and it’s just me, Higgins and Henry.   There’s  been a lot of sleeping but lately  he’s been looking at me saying, “I’m BORED!”

So, November colour…Well, there’s been a lot of orange about…

 There’s been sunshine too…and pink… I found a strangely speckled dahlia…

 What do you think?  I like my flowers to be a true clear colour on the whole, but I don’t want to sneer at it’s brave attempt to carry on flowering.

But orange?  I am generally heard to say,’I don’t like orange, but…’

I’d run a mile from any clothing in orange, it would make me extremely miserable.  But a blue bowl full of clementines, now that would make me happy.  Nasturtiums?  I love them.  Pot Marigolds.  Pumpkins. Autumn leaves. Terracotta tiles. I’m sure you can add to the list. And the book that is making me happy at the moment, and adding an extra splash of colour is Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts en Provence.  It’s full of orange, and I love it!

One day, I will make one!

So every time the mud outside gets too much I shall escape to the sun and Provence and dream…

Back in the studio, someone else is getting a colour fix, but he’d better not eat those cushions!

I'm not chewing...I'm not!

I shall be back next week with my latest colourful cushion, another fair isle which has been progressing rather slowly.  Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun shines where ever you are and if you are celebrating Guy Fawkes Night, enjoy the fireworks!

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