Here you will find patterns and demos of some of the things I make, all of which I have featured on the Planet Penny Blog:

Crochet Heart and Pompom Bunting

Christmas Crochet Bunting

Springtime Egg Cosies

Christmas Swags

Crochet Fairy lights

Dolly Peg Dolls and Christmas Angels

Beautiful Blogger Blanket Square

I’m really happy to pass on the pleasure I have in making, but these are my own designs, and are not for resale.

2 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hilary Sh

    Hello Penny, I’m having a mental blog blackout but reading yours has helped. I checked out psiquilt and I was delighted to find it had music to accompany it. I’d love to have that but haven’t a clue. Hastings and surrounding countryside is beautiful isn’t it?! It even has a bit of a nudist spot! Or so I’ve heard.
    ttfn, Hilary

  2. Penny Graham-Jones

    Hi Hilary, nice to hear from you! I think I’m about to get a blog blackout due to a 9″ long black and tan puppy who cannot bear to be ignored for one second! We must be mad! A nudist beach? I feel an Ooooh, er, Missus moment coming on! Penny x

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