Planet Penny Christmas Crochet Bunting Pattern ©

Christmas Crochet Bunting Pattern

Christmas Crochet bunting in snowy white cotton, perfect for Christmas or a Winter Wedding!

The Christmas Crochet Bunting Pattern as featured in Simply Crochet Magazine Winter 2012.


One 100gm ball ‘Snowdrop’ Planet Penny Cotton Colours Yarn   Available from the Planet Penny Etsy Shop

3.5mm crochet hook


1)      Make loop.

Into loop work 3ch 2tr, 3ch, 3 tr, 3ch, 3tr, 3ch Join with ss to top of beg 3ch. Pull end of yarn to close loop. Turn.

2)      3ch, into 3ch corner work 2tr, 3ch 3tr, then 3tr, 3ch, 3tr into next 2 corners.  Join to beginning 3ch with ss.

3)      3ch. 1 tr into top of each tr. At corners work 1tr in 1st ch, 3 tr in 2nd ch, 1tr in 3rd ch. Rep for each corner and join with ss.

4)      3ch, 2tr, miss 2tr, 3tr rep to end working 3tr 3 ch, 3 tr in corners.

5)      2ch, 1 dc in each tr, 3dc in corner ch.  Join with ss.

6)      1 ch, 1 dc into 1st dc* 3ch, 1ss into same place as last dc, 1 dc into each of next 2 dc, rep from * to first corner.  Ss into each dc to 2nd corner3ch into 2nd corner (this makes the plain top edge) ss into base of 3ch then continue as before to end finishing last rep with 1 dc into last dc, ss into first dc of previous round.

7)      Make 5 or 7 flags.

To make up

Crochet in loose ends

Using 4mm hook, make 12 ch, ss into 1st ch to make hanging loop, 25ch * dc into back loop of ss on top edge of first flag to end, 5 ch. Rep from * for each flag.  At the end of last flag make 25 ch then 12 ch for loop.

Press lightly on reverse, pulling into shape. Use spray starch if desired.

Christmas Crochet Bunting Pattern

If you use this Christmas Crochet Bunting Pattern, please come back and leave a link to your blog and share the results!

You can see it here on Penelope by the Sea’s blog!

Planet Penny Snowdrop Cotton Yarn

©Planet Penny 2012
This pattern is the intellectual property of Planet Penny.
It must not be copied or resold without permission of Planet Penny.
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  5. Sarah

    This is lovely! I’ve just finished a beginners crochet course and think I might attempt this as my first ‘solo’ project! Sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere, but please can you tell me whether this used UK or US terms? Thanks

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