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crochet blanket square

Beautiful Blogger Crochet Blanket Square

This is the crochet blanket square I devised to take part in the Beautiful Blogger Crochet Blanket Square project on the Stocki Blog

Planet Penny mercerised 100% cotton yarn in 7 colours: Gerbera, Apple, Lime, Aqua, Buttercup, Cornflower, Delphinium

  3.5 crochet hook  

Notes: English crochet terms used.

**Popcorn stitch worked as follows: 5 dc in st, drop loop from hook, insert hook from front to back through top of 1dc worked, then through dropped loop,  yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.

3 tr cluster – work a tr st without pulling through the final loop, rep twice more, 4 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops.  4 tr cluster worked the same way with one more tr st.

Begin with a Magic Circle, and yarn 1.

Round  1. 3 ch (stands as 1st tr) tr 2 tog, pulling loop through all 3 loops on hook to make a cluster, 3 ch, * 3 tr cluster, 3ch 3 times, join with ss to top of 1st cluster, fasten off. Draw up sliding loop.

Round 2. Join yarn 2 into 3 ch corner space. Work Ch 3 (*stands as 1st tr) tr 3 tog pulling loop through all loops [4tr cluster],  4 ch, 4tr cluster 1 ch, in same 3ch corner space.  Work 1 4tr cluster, 3 ch 1 4tr cluster 1 ch into the other 3 corner spaces, join with ss into top of  first cluster. Fasten off yarn 2.

Round 3. Join Yarn 3 into top of any cluster. 1 ch stands as 1 dc then work in dc, 1 dc into tops of each cluster, 2dc in each 1ch sp, 2dc,2ch,2dc, in each corner space, join with ss in top of 1st ch, fasten off.

Round 4. Join Yarn 4 into any dc. 2 ch to stand as 1st tr. Work in tr, 8 tr on each side, 2tr, 2 ch 2tr in each corner. Join to top of 2ch with ss. Fasten off.

Round 5. Join yarn 5 into 2nd tr on any corner.  Work ** popcorn stitch(see above) 2c h, miss 2st, PC 2ch miss 2st 4 times on each side, working PC st, 3ch, PC st into each corner.  (This means you should have 4 Popcorns on each side with 2 chains between each stitch, and 2 Popcorns in each corner with a 3 ch corner sdpace.  Fasten off.

Round 6. Join yarn 2 into any 2 ch space, 1 ch to stand as 1st dc. Work in dc, 1 dc into each PC st 2 dc into ch sp, with 2 dc,2ch,2dc in each corner. Join with ss into beg, ch. Fasten off.

Round 7. As round 6 using Yarn 1  but with 1dc, 1ch, 1dc in corners.

Round 8.  Join in Yarn 6 into any dc. 2ch to stand as 1st dc and 1 ch, miss st, 1 dc, 1 ch, miss st 1dc, 1ch, cont in this way for round, with 1 dc, 2ch, 1 dc in each corner to end, join with ss into 1st ch. Fasten off.

Round 9. Join in Yarn 7 into any dc.. Work in tr, 1tr in each dc and 1 tr into each ch sp, 3 tr in each corner.  Fasten off. Block into shape.

I hope you enjoy this crochet blanket square!


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