All stitched up – crochet scarf

Having confessed to having such a butterfly mind even making two matching socks challenges my boredom threshold you will not be surprised to hear that I have struggled to complete one of my latest projects.  I am comforted to know I am not alone in this lack of application, I recently heard someone confessing to never sewing up her knitted creations, she found sewing the knitted pieces together so boring she always got her mother to do it. I’m not that bad, although I have every sympathy with her.   This being said it was probably asking for trouble deciding to make a Sophie Digard inspired crochet scarf from my basket of hand dyed wool.

crochet scarf inspired by Sophie Digard

I first saw these wonderful scarves in Selvedge magazine, a year or so later I saw them on the Selvedge stand at the Knit and Stitch Show and this Autumn one graced the pages of an issue of Country Living.  I was not alone in being inspired, Vanessa of Do You Mind if I Knit was not the only blogger to render their own interpretation.  Sophie Digard’s take is in the finest wool, dyed in wonderful jewel or landscape colours, tiny, tiny postage stamp sized pieces of delicate crochet.  One initial reaction when finding the price is ‘HOW MUCH!’ but it only takes a short time trying to duplicate such fine work to realise they are worth every penny

I did have a few Higgins generated setbacks but  over the last weeks I have soldiered on, crocheting the little squares leaving short tails of wool with which to sew each one to it’s neighbour, and finally it is finished.  It could possibly be wider, and  longer, but the next project calls and it is perfectly sized to keep me warm and happy when I wear it.  I will announce now that is unique, no other scarf will be made using those colours in that wool, it’s price is above rubies as there is no ruby large enough to induce me to ever make another one!

Sophie Digard inspired crochet scarf

Life is too short…

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10 thoughts on “All stitched up – crochet scarf

  1. Gina

    It’s worth all the effort though… it’s gorgeous! I have covetted those scarves for a long time but know I don’t have the patience to make my own… nor the money to buy one.

  2. Rachel

    It demands to be snuggled! I’m making a scarf from crocheted leaves and flowers – all very random and odd with lots of gaps – but as you say, worth it to have something unique! Your scarf is very very lovely.

    I always get bored and end up with scarves much shorter than I intended! I could never stick at just one thing – have to have lots of projects on the go!

  3. vanessa

    Oh well done Penny, it looks fabulous! And soooo cuddly, you’d better watch out that Mr.Higgins doesn’t take a liking to it, I know how he has you wrapped round his little paw! Very impressed you managed to unravel Higgin’s hard work, he did put a lot of work into tangling up your balls of wool, didn’t he?! Love Vanessa xxx

  4. Magic Cochin

    That’s gorgeous! and what a lot of crochet and sewing!

    I’m itching to crochet something else after the success of my red scarf – maybe I’ll raid my stash of yarn amd see what I can conjure up – I don’t mind the sewing up bit … but I’m not volunteering …


  5. Emma

    Hello there Penny, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday – my eyes almost popped out when I saw your scarf. It’s absolutely gorgeous. What a labour of love. Emma x

  6. Penny Graham-Jones

    Really nice to meet you too, Emma. I really love the earings, I’m going to have to force myself to give them to my sister! P x

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