The Penguins Party!

I’m a bit obsessed with penguins at the moment!

I saw the John Lewis advert last week (the beginning of November for heaven’s sake, far too early…but adorable all the same!)

…and in a parallel universe I would definitely have a pet penguin, Higgins would love a little friend.

However, it got me thinking about making something a bit different this year for my stall at the Two Rivers Trail Festive Fair.  With that in mind I’ve made some needlefelt penguins and I thought I’d drop in here for some opinions…

So here’s my little Penguin Party…

needlefelt penguinsAnd the question is, do I or don’t I add little knitted scarves, and would they be better with or without a hanger for the tree?  I’ve thought about too much and need a second opinion! What you think?

And finally thank you you for the lovely comments after my last post.  It’s so good to know you enjoy calling in to Planet Penny.  Higgins, as always, is basking in the admiration of his fans (and really doesn’t want to play second fiddle to some silly penguins!)  Back soon…x

Habits…and Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

I’ve got to admit to lots of bad habits and trying to conquer them is a WIP, but the one habit I don’t want to lose is the Blogging one and things have slipped badly just lately.  I’ve dived in with one or two on a set subject, but when I look back to when I first started writing here I realise I miss just turning up for a chat!

The main reason for my absence has been the ongoing concern about my mum.  The problems started back in August and look set to continue for a while yet.  She is now in the local rehabilitation hospital and her ankle has healed, but physio is set to be long and slow as she’s been in bed for so long.  Added to this, there have been various administration errors which have added to her distress which I have now taken up with our MP so this has been quite time consuming.

And coming up, we have our Two Rivers Trail Festive Fair.  It’s in less than two weeks…eek!  It’s the only fair I do these days.  I usually sell as I make rather than having a stall full of wares, so preparation takes a bit of time.

Two Rivers Trail Festive Fair

You can find out about the fair and the other artists taking part on the Two Rivers Trail website.  Last year’s fair, our first, was a huge success and took us quite by surprise!  This year we have a special guest  the well known author, TV presenter and explorer, Nick Crane from BBC’s ‘Coast’ opening the Fair, so if you happen to be in the area do come along.  It’s promising to be a great day out.

And Higgins!  I know there are some of you who like to find out about Higgins, and he is on fine form.

A bit fed up with the weather…

mini dachshund in red coat

…so he has decided that all watchdog activites should be conducted from the comfort of his own armchair…


…when he’s not on bed testing duties…

2014-10-29 14.10.42

Planet Penny was always meant to be my happy place, and right now a happy place is where I need to be so I intend to be here more often.  I’ll certainly be along  with my fair preparations, the felting needle is red hot already!

I’ll see you very soon…x


Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine – A Review

Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine

It’s always exciting to receive a parcel in the post, and when a copy of the brand new Simple Stylish Knitting magazine arrived in the post for me to review, along with some gorgeous yarn, I was very happy indeeed!

I’ve been knitting on and off since I was a child, and it’s definitely like riding a bike, once you’ve learned the skill you never really lose it. People often say to me, ‘Ooh, I’d love to learn to knit’, but unfortunately, I can’t teach everyone!

So I’m always interested to see what there is about to set aspiring knitters off on the right track, and this new partwork, the Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine has really clear instructions covering all the basics.  And because each issue has the yarn and pattern to make a sample square in a new stitch every week, not only do you have everything you need to start straight away, by the time you’ve collected all the issues you’ve got a gorgeous patchwork blanket.

And, of course by then you’ll be an expert knitter!

I was also sent some lovely Rowan yarn to make the Mr Fox iPad Mini case…

Mr Fox iPad Casr from Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine

…and it’s here I have to confess to being completely useless at something which is supposed to be really easy.  Is it just me?  I’m rubbish at Swiss darning, or duplicate stitch.  I wouldn’t have been fazed in the slightest by knitting the fox head using the Intarsia method, but I made really heavy weather of stitching it on.   So despite my knitting credentials, I need to practice this one!

The magazine has three projects each week along the themes of Knits for Home, Knits to Wear and Knits to Give with some gorgeous patterns to look forward to…

Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine projects

…and from 20th October to 20th November Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine have asked me to curate their Knits for Home Pinterest Board, (which is basically permission to have fun, isn’t it?)  Do call over and have a peek, and follow too if you like what you see.

Follow Simple Stylish Knitting’s board Knits For Home on Pinterest.

I know the magazine is available in selected areas at the moment, but if you want to make sure you get every issue and the binders to keep them in then it’s easy to get a subscription from the Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine website.

Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine free yarnFinally, hello and welcome to all the new blog followers.  It’s been a bit quiet round here lately but I’m looking forward to being back here more often and keeping you up to date with my little woolly world!

See you soon…x

Crochet Heart Bunting for Little Hearts Matter

Today I am sharing a new Planet Penny pattern for Crochet Heart Bunting to help raise awareness of the Little Hearts Matter Charity.

This is a great charity which raises funds and awareness for children born with only half a heart, something I admit I knew nothing about before. During the month of October there is a lot going on with the theme ‘Handmade Hearts’ and you can find out all about it on the Little Hearts Matter website.

I’ve made my bunting using the Planet Penny Colours range which is perfect for this pattern, but it’s also a great stash buster. If you’ve made a pretty baby blanket as a pressie, coordinated bunting for the nursery would be a lovely little added extra.

Planet Penny Crochet Heart Bunting

The pattern is available here as a FREE downloadable PDF ,however if you use and like the pattern it would be great if you could visit the Little Hearts Matter website and make a donation to help these amazing and brave youngsters.

Crochet Heat Bunting made from Planet Penny Cotton Colours

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and if you decide to make the Crochet Heart Bunting I’d love to hear about it!

See you soon…x


Being Inside – Inside Crochet Magazine!

A nerve wracking moment, seeing yourself in print, but here I am a Crochet Entrepreneur in this month’s issue of Inside Crochet Magazine!

Inside Crochet Magazine cover If you click on the photo you will find the article, but if you have the magazine you will find all sorts of gorgeous things to make and read about.  I really love that chunky jumper on the front, don’t you?Such a gorgeous colour!

If you’ve not tried crochet yet but have always meant to have a go here’s your chance to learn with a complete How-To guide included in the magazine.

I’m off to put my feed up with a cup of coffee to have a little read!

See you soon…x


Just Coasting…

Goodness, it seems an age since I was here!  How are you all?  It does feel rather that the blog and I are coasting at the moment, what with my preoccupation with my mum.  Also, some weeks ago, thinking that this month would be fairly quiet and calm (!) I booked myself on the Photocraft Course which is now in full swing.

I must say it’s very interesting, and the embryonic skills I will have aquired by the end of the course are going to be so useful as I build on them and use them in the future.  More of this to come.

But in the meantime,  I used the week long break in the middle of the course to have a break myself.  With my mum recovering slowly in hospital and with various family members keeping up with the visiting I decided to take myself off to the North Norfolk Coast for a couple of days in a B & B and have a little camera practice.

Now I would say, going on my present record, don’t whatever you do book a holiday at the same time as me if you want good weather!

Because of all the drama around my last trip away I didn’t get to share the photos I took then, but a lot of the time it was like this…

Bexhill-on-Sea…wet and windy.

And then this time, heading off to an entirely different part of the coast, it was like this…

Blakeney in the mist

…and this.

Blakeney QuayI went to Holkham Hall

Lake at Holkham HallSo you sort of get the picture, don’t you?  Not really the weather to lift the spirits.

To add insult to injury, the very same bank of fog casting it’s gloom over Blakeney, Wells and the surrounding area was also keeping poor Tim stuck on the gas platform where no helicopters could fly instead of joining me at the bed and breakfast!

All was not lost though and Tim eventually arrived, along with a burst of sunshine and warmth at lunchtime on the day before we were due to return home!  We took ourselves off to Holt for the afternoon which is always worth a visit, especially when there is tea and cake on offer!

And having been starved of light and colour for a few days I was so pleased to rediscover Ruth and her relocated shop ‘Glory Days’.  The original shop was in Norwich; I loved it and wrote about it here.  It sadly closed, but the new location in Holt is perfect, and in such a pretty little flint and brick cottage.

Glory Days in Holt glorydays 2 glorydays 3 glorydays 4And it’s just so pretty and colourful!  If you are in the area, do call in to say hello and get a colour fix!

So on that happier note I will sign off, and hope to be back before long…x

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