‘Good Enough to Eat’ Swap


A while ago I joined in with a Bloggy swap organised by Em’s Shabby Shack.  My partner was Kelly, of Kelly’s Recipes for Life. It’s taken a little while to complete the swap as pregnancy and wedding plans (not mine!) unexpectedly got in the way.  But we’ve done it now and I’d like to share my excited unwrapping of all my little gifts. 

Firstly, this is what we had to do:-

“This is what we would like you to included~
A handmade item that looks or smell good enough to eat.
An item that is Green~Fair trade.
A Delicious cake recipe.
A couple of items which you would consider look good enough to eat !”

Everything came out of the box tantalisingly wrapped in pretty pastel tissue…

Firstly, a  card…

Gosh, Iced Gems… I haven’t had one of those for years.  You’d bite the icing off and suck it, and then be left with that boring little biscuit.  (I think I used to give it the dog… Poor thing, no wonder it was fat!) But they are SO pretty.


 …coffee to drink while I plant the Basil seeds!…

 …something to make me smell good after a bath…

 Mouthwatering notecards…

 …a Cath Kidston mug to drink my coffee from, and a fruity lip balm.

 An icecream cookie cutter which will be a big hit with the grandsons…

 ..and recipes which will be an even bigger hit!

 A cupcake bath bomb… 

 …and a candle to light while I’m relaxing in the tub.

 And finally the little icecream picture box which Kelly made herself. 

I feel extremely spoilt, Kelly!  Thanks so much  (Pop over and visit Kelly to see the other end of the swap and to join in with this month’s  giveaway)

P S I’ve been running round with the blanket, the camera and Higgins taking photos for the Blanket ‘reveal’ post. I’ll be back with that very soon!

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7 thoughts on “‘Good Enough to Eat’ Swap

  1. Emma

    Penny, what a lovely swap bundle Kelly has sent you…!
    Definitely worth the wait. Glad you enjoyed taking part.
    Hope your having a lovely day xxx

  2. Rachel

    All the gifts are fab but I mostly love the cookie cutter.

    Good luck with the muffins – I find them impossible to make – I get one decent looking one out of every tray of 12!! How can all the others fail to rise in one single batch?! Mystery. Anyway, I’ve given up with them now 🙂 Time for cookies though..

  3. Crochet with Raymond

    wow! it’s like christmas happening at your place! how cool Penny!
    Can’t wait to see the blanket!
    Love Alice
    And Raymond who is sulking on the chair because there is not enough room on my lap for him AND laptop XX

  4. Melissa

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m loving yours 🙂 I hope to one day be as skilled in knitting, but if not, well, I’ll still have fun doing it 🙂

    And Higgins is so adorable! I want another one haha.

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