Christmas Bunting Tutorial

A very short post today,just to tell you that the tutorial for the whiter cotton bunting is all done and dusted and can be found in the tutorial section of Planet Penny, which is here, or at the top of the page. I’m sorry I had to have a rather gloomy background, but as I’ve got a very light, bright look to my house,I couldn’t find a location with a strong enough background colour to show off the detail.

I’m not going to be around for a couple of days. We’re having a bit of a family get together which is involving a six year old, two four year olds and a four month old baby plus assorted grownups !  Higgins is really looking forward to it, no-one has told Henry the cat yet! 

Happy Halloween, see you all soon x

p.s. Higgins has asked me to point out that the picture of him in his coat in the last post is suffering from bad lighting.  It is not a PINK Coat, it is a RED coat.  It is a very manly, soldierish RED COAT… He is very upset that people think he would let himself be dressed in a PINK COAT… that would be silly ….

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About penny

I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Bunting Tutorial

  1. Penelope

    Oh how marvelous, thanks for the tutorial Penny, these will be a definite MUST for our house this Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Enjoy xox

    ps. please can you tell me which spray starch you use? I bought some Dylon spray starch and it still isn’t doing the trick! Thanks. P :o)

  2. Rachel J Fenton

    Off to read the tutorial – thank you!

    Happy Hallowe’en, and tell Higgins I don’t gender stereotype colours so, pink, red or any other colour is fine by me and does not call into question his obvious masculinity!

  3. frayedattheedge

    I love the bunting – I just don’t know if I have room on my to-do list for it!! When I brought up the form to leave my comment, the mystery of getting other comments was solved – the ‘notify me of followup comments’ was already ticked – I have made sure to ‘untick’ it!! Hope you have a lovely time with the family.

  4. Teje

    Sorry Higgins! I think real men can use very well pink and especially red! Nero send hugs to you!
    Lovely bunting – beautiful for Christmas time! Thank you for tutoral!
    Best wishes Teje

  5. vanessa

    Higgins, you’d look manly in pink, but of course I thought it was a pink, I mean a RED coat, not pink at all. Thank you so much for the recipe for the bunting Penny, and have a wonderful few days with your family. Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Carol

    Oh I am so sorry Higgins, I should have known you wouldn’t wear a pink coat. Grovel, grovel, grovel …… will try very hard not to upset you ever again.
    Thank you for the tutorial Penny, hope you are having a lovely family get-together.

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