Lifting the Gloom with Hearts and Pompom Bunting….

We really need something a little cheerful at the moment don’t we?  January is such a gloomy month.  Higgins and I went for a ‘squelch’ this afternoon and although it quite mild, it was what my Mother calls a Tupperware box day, and  no one’s taken the lid off.

But, the days are getting longer(by about one and a half minutes a day apparently)  and I have little daffodils bursting into bloom in front of me as I type.

I was really lucky to receive a lovely gift at Christmas, a beautiful jug which I have been coveting for about five years.  Do you remember this post when I was given a pretty little mug for my birthday?  Well my clever Daughter-in-law tracked down the very jug I have been hankering after all this time from the same designer, Gabriella Miller.

And I’ve  found the little notebook I mentioned in the other post, where I had expressed my desire to have some Gabriella Miller pieces as well as all sorts of useful notes and pictures.


However, I’ve been working on something to cheer up the gloom, and the bareness left now the Christmas decorations have been consigned to the attic for another year.  I’ve been playing around with a crochet hook and the yarns left from the cushion and blanket project which are a real splash of colour in themselves.  And with February round the corner, and Valentine’s Day there are hearts, and I still love the pompoms so I thought Hearts and Pompom Bunting

Hearts and Pompom Bunting detail - Planet Penny

Planet Penny Hearts and PoipomBunting detail
I’ve been fiddling  around with the pattern and written it down which I’m really proud of  because I got so excited about the whole process, and the prettiness of all the colours.  I’ll do a few photos as soon as possible to turn it into a tutorial if you think you’d like make your own version but in the meantime, want to see some more?

(By the way,  do you like the cup, saucer and plate on the top shelf?  Another Christmas present which I love!)

Hearts and Pompom Bunting - Planet Penny Pattern

And finally, bringing all the cheeriness together…Planet Penny Hearts and Pompom Bunting

A cheerful note on which to start the weekend!  Have a lovely one, I hope the sun shines for you.  See you soon x

Ed to add: You can find the pattern for this bunting here…

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14 thoughts on “Lifting the Gloom with Hearts and Pompom Bunting….

  1. rachel

    A sight for sore eyes! Cheerful pottery and lovely flowers – just what’s needed on a gloomy day! (Except we had glorious sunshine here today!)

  2. Carol

    What a lovely, bright and cheerful post, sat here smiling away.
    Really like your happy bunting and the mug and jug are beautiful.
    Days are indeed getting longer but no bulbs pushing through in our garden, not even a snowdrop, hopefully they’ll be here soon.
    Carol xx

  3. Jen Fox

    thank you Pen-colour on a grey day! just what I needed xxx I love that little mug (still haven’t bought one for Abbe)! x see you soon

  4. Swedish House

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful crochet banner and pompoms LOVE IT!
    Such a lovely colourful post has put a smile on my face & a spring in my step…THANK YOU!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  5. Toffeeapple

    The days are getting longer surely?

    Beautiful, colourful post! Your shelves look delightful with all the colour from the crockery and the bunting.

  6. Crochet with Raymond

    that IS a cheerful post Penny! It made me smile in the middle of summer all the way around the world!
    I love your hearts, ‘ve been wanting to make some and will be thrilled to see your tutorial, thank you!!!

  7. Sarah

    Lovely bright post on this cheerless January day! Your bunting is fab, the pom poms work so well with the hearts, will look forward to the tutorial and give it a go though I’m still not very good at reading patterns. Love your new jug, just beautiful. Do you like Susie Watson pottery? It’s quite similar to Gabriella Miller. Your dresser is lovely, very inspiring! Best wishes, Sarah (pom pom bunting winner!)

  8. Penelope

    This post really has lifted the gloom here on the south coast Penny, so much so the sun has shone beautifully today. I always try different heart crochet patterns and usually get 1/2 way and cant be bothered to carry on, so Yay really look forward to your heart tutorial xox Your garland and jug of flowers looks perfect x

  9. Celia (the other one)

    Oooooooooooh! I love hearts and I love bunting and this is the perfect combination, so so pretty! Your daughter in law sounds like a nice person 😉

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