More Hearts…More Pompoms…

Hello!!! Is it Thursday already? This week is galloping by.  Firstly, because I know you’ll want to know, Henry is still doing nicely.  The medication has been finished, and as I write he is snoring contentedly, in his bed.  This is a relief, as when he first came back the only place he wanted to be if he couldn’t have a warm lap was a warm keyboard.

The only little cloud on the horizon is the visit to vet next Monday for the removal of the stitches.  This will probably require the entire squad of nurses and maybe one or two brave volunteers from the waiting room as he will NOT be a happy bunny!

Oh, and some hair restorer…

His tummy was shaved for the ultrasound, his head was shaved for the spinal tap, patches were shaved on his legs for the drips, and his throat was shaved for the operation.  Thank goodness it’s summer, I don’t think he’s be happy in a jumper, however beautifully knitted!

But pompoms, I hear you cry, you said there were pompoms!

There are SO many pompoms!  I found this wonderful gadget…

Do you remember the Heart and Pompom bunting…

…which I made in January?

I still love it, but I made the pompoms with a little gadget which my mum had given me because she wasn’t very happy with her results.  Well, I tried really hard with it, and made so many pompoms using up my leftovers

but they were never as firm and fluffy as I wanted them to be.

Now I have found this gadget…

…and it is wonderful! The smallest sized one makes a beautifully firm pompom in just few minutes and it is so compulsive I had to pack the gadgets up and put them away as  there was a danger that my entire stash would be used up!

The solution was to make a larger version of the Heart and Pompom Bunting – the tutorial for that is here.  I just worked the last row in the pattern in the main colour and added an extra row in the contrast colour to make the hearts bigger and made the joining chain slightly longer between the hearts so I could use slightly bigger pompoms.

Would you like to see?

It was hard to find the best way to show you.  When I hung it up inside I realised how much my house needs redecorating, and the light wasn’t right so here it is outside the studio…

There’s actually a bit too much light here, it rather bleaches the colours, but I’m not going to complain about sunshine! (If you can’t find the pompom maker locally I got mine from Clothkits thank you, Kaye!)

Now we have another sunshiny day I’d better get out into the garden. All the strong wind over the last couple of days has blown my little plastic greenhouse and flowerpots all over the garden. (Higgins has done his best  to round things up but the toothmarks are a problem…)

Talking of Higgins, he’s rather had the spotlight taken off him with recent events but if you were wondering…he’s fine…

You see…?



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14 thoughts on “More Hearts…More Pompoms…

  1. Toffeeapple

    Poor little Henry and his bald patches! It is so good to know that he is on the mend and I hope that the vet comes out of the next conflict with all fingers intact.

    Love the pompoms. When I was a child I used to make them using two circular pieces of cardboard to thread the wool over, it was always tricky cutting round the edge to release the very stiff pompom.

    Love to Higgins!

  2. Magic Cochin

    Wooo-hoo for Clothkits! And there I was picturing you with circles of cardboard from a cornflakes pack and scissors and stuff. Tut! Even pom-poms are gadgetised these days!

    Good to see Henry is on the mend. And good luck at the vets. My cat when I was a teenager bit through the vet student’s thumb! He now runs the practice (the vet not the cat!) and I think about his bloodied thumb and stifled oaths when I drive past and see his name on the board.


    PS cuddles to Higgins – go on, you know he wants to play with the pom-poms!

  3. Penelope

    What a nifty pom pom maker Penny, I have always made mine the old fashioned way too and you are right it’s difficult to make them thick and dense. Love yours… gorgeous happy colours and your bunting looks a treat.
    I could spend far too much money on clothkits goodies, love’em.
    Really good news about wee Henry and Mr. Higgins is as gorgeous as ever :0)

  4. Chris Gill

    So pleased to hear that Henry continues to improve and hope Higgins isn’t too put out by the attention to the invalid. Good luck with the vet (I once had a cat who was normally so gentle but ran riot in the surgery – once performing a “wall of death” run around the walls.) Glad to hear that someone has sunshine – we’ve had 110mm of rain so far this month (webbed feet anyone?).
    Lovely bright pompoms make up for lack of sun.

  5. Carol

    Just been reading about Henry, so sorry he has been ill but very pleased to know he is coming on so well.
    Our oldest cat doesn’t do so well, a chronic problem but, after her injections which now last less than 2 weeks, she is almost kitten like. Dread the day when we have to make “the decision” but we will always do what is best for her despite how hearbroken we will be.
    Carol xx

  6. Gina

    *sigh* do you know how much I need a pompom maker now… not to mention heart and pompom bunting! Pleased to hear Henry (and Higgins) is okay

  7. Crochet with Raymond

    Hello Penny!
    So glad to hear that Henry is doing well, and Higgins is still very cute ha ha!
    Love your big string of bunting, it looks fabbo hanging in the garden, I had to laugh about the idea of you churning through your entire stash! It gets a bit compulsive sometimes when we find fun and easy colourful things to do!
    Have a lovely end of your week XXXX

  8. bellabeeandme

    Glad to see Henry is on the mend and recouperating nicely. I’m also glad, if not suprised, my own cat hasn’t discovered the warming delights of the computer keyboard! She’s normally very knowledgable on all known heat sources, as all cats are. I won’t be letting on though!
    The new pom poms look much bushier. Such a nifty device! Works a treat!
    Kier x

  9. Teje & Nero

    Hi Penny! I’m happy to see Henri well and Higgins happy!
    That gadget looks great! I love your heart pompom and it’s so beautiful front of the old wooden door!
    xxx Teje

  10. Shaz from OddSox

    What a lovely blog! I just popped in via Twitter and just had to leave a comment after seeing your lovely Henry curled up on the keyboard. I have one that looks very similar and likes to spend as much time as possible blocking my laptop screen! Your pompoms look fab – I must try & get hold of one of those makers. x

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