Searching for Reasons to be Cheerful…

I have to admit to having to look really hard this week for any cheerfulness at all!  It’s entirely weather related, and I’m sorry to be so feeble.  I haven’t coped at all with the heavy layer of cloud which has been sitting on top of our little corner of Norfolk, my mother describes it as being inside a Tupperware box with the lid on…

But this morning, hooray… after a gloomy start the clouds started to break…

and as the weather lifted, so did my spirits…

and of course there are reasons to be cheerful!

The very first one must be the wonderful response that I had from my last post about Team Hannah which you can read in the comments there.  I know Hannah has been very appreciative and if you go to the Team Hannah website you will see the amount raised is moving steadily up, although there is still along way to go.   Its very uplifting to find out how many kind and caring people are out there.

I’ve been beavering away making Christmas decorations for the Pick’n’Mix Makers Market which is not far away now, and as part of my stall I have bought a Christmas Tree, which is …whisper it….up my studio with decorations on it!!!!!  In November!!! Very scary!  I’m not going to frighten you with pictures of the tree, but just a little peek…

Coming on nicely I think, and out on my walk this afternoon there was holly…

and ivy…

…so I’m really getting into the spirit of things!

Out in the garden, there are still a few brave plants doing their thing.  the Welsh Poppy…

…and these little blue flowers which normally flower in late Spring whose name escapes me for the moment…

…and the Eden rose.

This isn’t a rose I would really recommend as it has these spectacular heavy blooms on spindly weak stems so it’s very droopy, and the roses easily rot in wet weather.  but they do last for ages as a cut flower, and it’s trying awfully hard to do its stuff at the moment!

I also found this dear little bird feeder in our little market town this morning which I hope the birds will discover soon…

…and it cost £3!! I couldn’t believe it!

Well I’ve certainly exceeded my three reasons this week, and I haven’t even come to the one which cheered me up no end last night.  I won something!!  Such a surprise.  Wendy over on 1st Unique Gifts had a giveaway draw, and despite having 72 participants, I won one of Wendy’s brilliant clocks.  And it’s SO appropriate!

Isn’t it great!

So what are your Reasons to be Cheerful this week?  Can you share them so that if like me, someone is having fit of the winter glums we can visit your blog for a little happy moment.  Just add yourself to the Linky at the bottom of this post and then we can find you, and if you don’t have a blog do join in via the comments.  I love to hear from you…

I’ll leave you with another beautiful Winter Sky…

See you soon x

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14 thoughts on “Searching for Reasons to be Cheerful…

  1. Toffeeapple

    Today was gloriously sunny and after two Tupperware box days it was very welcome.

    Love the clock, congratulations!

  2. Geraldine

    Your mother’s description is perfect ! Very dark and chilly here , too . But the herbs are still growing madly …. chicken soup with chervil would cheer anyone up . And we’ve got poppies , too .
    Mind you , the huge abundance of holly berries might not be such good news ?

  3. kateuk

    October was glorious, but since November started it has just become, well, November.Gloom,gloom and more gloom! But a welcome peek of sunshine this afternoon.

  4. Penelope

    Loving all of your reasons to be cheerful Penny, especially your Christmas tree decorations and that gorgeous holly and ivy. Oh and yes, the clock, congrats on your win…don’t you just love the kindness of bloggers. Oops is that the time…it must be wine-o-clock :0)

  5. Faith

    I’m so glad you found your reasons to be cheerful….I do agree the weather can have such an affect on things can’t it? It has been glorious here today, but we have so much rain recently that it was about to cheer up.

    Love your clock….that would be very apt in this house. Also love your bird feeder, we have a huge cooking apple tree in our garden which is a constant supply, the amount of apples it grows is just ridiculous!

  6. Wendy

    Those sky photos are wonderful…the gloom this week depressed me a lot too and I embraced the sunshine today. As you said, so very uplifting.

    Love your christmas decorations to cheerful and bright and lovely.

  7. vanessa

    The red apple in the blue bird feeder looks like pure joy! I do like how you found so many reasons to be cheerful, and that rose has to be top of the list for me, more joy! Vanessa xxx

  8. Mrs. Micawber

    Such beautiful clouds and flowers and ornaments! I am in love with that pink rose and the cobalt-blue ball with dots.

    The weather so often does affect our mood, doesn’t it? I get very gloomy if I don’t see the sun for a few days. Perhaps we can blame barometric pressure or lack of Vitamin D. But I am afraid that the fault is not in our skies but in ourselves. 🙂

    Thanks for the shot cheerfulness!

  9. Annie

    Now that clock really is a reason to be cheerful. And I love your sky photos.

    I have to say I’m struggling with cheerfulness in my world this week – two good friends have quite coincidentally just lost much loved dogs on the same day – so I’ll list one reason for joy, that my own six hounds are fit and well and cuddled up on the sofa with me as I type 😀

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