Mid November Cheerfulness

What do you think of that for an Autumnal photo?  Albertine usually only does her stuff, very spectacularly, for three weeks in June!  She’s a little confused!

It’s been a little hectic this week, and again I’ve had moments of ‘Humph, what is there to be cheerful about?’ but it’s always there when you look for it.

We had a bit of worry over my mum.  She struggles heroically with all sorts of health issues and keeps amazingly positive but this week new pills rendered her a bit more wobbly than usual and for the first time she had to use her alarm necklace and we had a call to rescue her.  She’s less than a mile away so we were there within minutes to find that she had gently capsized rather than fallen, and had only damaged her dignity.  It was so fortunate that Tim was home though as I could never have got her off the floor single handedly and probably would have had to call the emergency services.  Knowing  my mum, she’d have said, ‘Ooh, lovely, firemen!’

So for a couple of days I’ve been going round every couple of hours but now the doctor has been and the pills sorted out we are back to normal for the moment.  Such a worry though.

Any way, The sun’s been shining through the last remaining cherry leaves this morning…

I think over the next week the rest of the leaves will be down, but there’s been a lovely sparkly carpet for a small dog to rush about on!…

If you look in the top left hand corner of the first Higgins photo you’ll see my  Drummer Boy rose which is still blooming too…

I rescued it from the ‘Nearly Dead’ bin at the local garden centre some years ago and it has been gratefully flowering every year since!  And talking of buying plants, I was very happy to find hyacinths to buy at the Farmers Market last Saturday.

You might remember last winter I had these…

…and now I have these to look forward too…

This morning Selvedge arrived…

Which has gone into the pile with Country Living…

…and Country Homes and Interiors…

…to be read, sometime, when I’m not wielding a a red hot felting needle!

Which reminds me.  Thank you for all the suggestions which were made about listing the Felty Balloons on Folksy.  I’ve taken them all on board, but I think I will wait now until after the Pick’n’Mix Market which is in 10 days time.  It would be rather lovely if I don’t have any left to list, wouldn’t it? We’ll see!

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the studio with express intention of have a good tidy up, walked in, spotted a particular piece of fleece, had a brainwave and ended up needlefelting again!  But it was very productive, because I made this little chap…

I thought if he had a couple of brothers, they could go carol singing, and here they are!  This one has the music…

…this one rings the bell…

…and this one knows all the words!

They are quite wee, just over 2″ tall, and look SO cute on the mantlepiece. However, I will be sensible, and they ARE for sale! (Ed. to add: and were sold, the very next day! Another reason to be cheerful!)

I hope that you too have found some ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’  even if you felt it’s been a tricky week so far.  And I hope too that you’ll be able to join in with the ‘Linky’ so that we can spread a little happiness about.  I’ve really enjoyed popping off to other blogs,  and sharing the cheerfulness.  I’ve decided to start the Linky slightly earlier, Wednesday afternoon rather than Thursday morning to give as much time as possible for people to find it and join in and so here it is!

See you soon xx

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15 thoughts on “Mid November Cheerfulness

  1. Penelope

    Oh Penny, your poor mum, really good that you can instantly access her home and be there for her, I’m sure it is a great reassurance to her knowing you are close. I hope she remains strong and well now the meds are sorted.

    Love all your beautiful pictures, Mr. H doing his thang! and your beautiful blooms. We have had little sunshine here, Sunday did glow a little for us which was lovely.

    As for your carol singers, well what can I say, toooooo sweet indeed. What an amazingly talented needle felter you are. Perfect for your market. I do hope they go to a special home xox

    Thanks for sharing your reasons for cheerfulness, always lovely to see x

  2. Toffeeapple

    Best wishes to your Mum Penny, I hope she continues to improve.

    How do you manage to think up new creatures all the time? Love the mouse carollers.

    Hello Higgins, good to see you again!

  3. kateuk

    Those mice are lovely- my Selvedge arrived today too- trying to resist its siren call,way too much to do….also resisting listing stuff until after a fair- it is a delicate job knowing what to list and what not to list and when.

  4. Teje & Nero

    Hi Penny! I’m sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she is better and you don’t need to worry!
    As you can guess I have fallen in love with you mouse brothes! These are absolutely my favourites even I love all your felted figures!
    Kisses to sweet Higgins!
    xxx Teje

  5. Annie

    Reasons to be cheerful. A Higgins pic x 3! My own copies of Selvedge and Country Living. Some perfect carolling mice.

    Glad to hear your Mum is okay after her wobble x

  6. Mrs. Micawber

    Beautiful rose! And Higgins is obviously enjoying his leafy carpet.

    I’m so glad you can be near your mum. What a scary thing, but I had to laugh at your description. My parents live very far away, and it’s frustrating not being able to help them more. Hope your mum can stay healthy and stable.

    Those mice! They’re wonderful. I love them all. Little things are so much fun to make.

    P.S. The lovely lady on the cover of Selvedge made me think of the White Witch in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Add some reindeer to draw her sledge, and she’d be perfect.

  7. Ginnie

    Penny, I’m glad your mom is doing better. She’s lucky to have her daughter nearby!
    Those mice are ADORABLE! So much personality – love them.

  8. Faith

    Glad your mum is on the mend, what a huge relief for you. Some of my roses have reflowered, I think everything is a little confused!

    I have stashed my mags too, so looking forward to reading them, better make sure it is before Christmas!

    Love your little mice and happy that they are already sold! Did you see Kirstie Allsop needle felting on ch4 last night? I’d never seen it before do you have one of those stampy things rather reminded me of the bcg needle thing?

  9. Pomona x

    It’s good to find some cheerful things amidst the difficulties of life, and a lovely idea to encourage the rest of us to do so too.

    Pomona x

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