Planet Penny on Folksy – A Year On

I’ve just sat down at the keyboard with my Reasons to be Cheerful hat on, and realised I have an anniversary to mark this month.  It’s a whole year since I needlefelted my first robin and my chums in our little Procrastinators Anonymous group said, “Just get ON with it!”  So I put it in the Folksy shop which I had set up months before and then had a crisis of confidence, and I sold it.  And it’s a whole year since I took a clutch of robins  to the Pick’n’Mix Makers Market in Holt because Emma of Silver Pebble wanted to choose one, and she sold the rest on her stall…

And this time last year I was visiting the Market as a customer, and this time I’ve got a stall, so I think I’ve got a Reason to be Cheerful right here!

(While I was digging around in the archives I found a photo I can’t resist using again…how ridiculous is this…?)

Miniature dachshund doing cute!
Anyway, enough of all that silliness…

I’ve taken advantage of Tim being back in the middle of the North Sea to commandeer the dining table on which to sort out my packing for Saturday…

Oooh-er, putting it in a photo makes it look so darn little, but actually sitting alongside it I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Needlefelting does NOT lent itself to mass production!

I’ve had some fun with the baubles…

and I’ve made a Christmas Angel…

…or two.

And I’ve put a bigger robin in a wreath which I’m quite pleased with…

I’ll hopefully have lots of pictures of this Saturday’s event to show you next week (note to self – REMEMBER THE CAMERA!)

So all that is jolly stuff, but before I share some other cheerfulness I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely encouraging comments you have been leaving me.  I might be beavering away on my own, but I never feel it while I have so many virtual friends visiting Planet Penny.  And also, there’s been some interest in the whole needlefelting process, and what it’s all about.  Excitingly, I’ve been asked to run some classes next year, I’ll let you know more as I get the information.  Obviously that’s only any help if you live relatively nearby, but when things are a little calmer in the new year I can put a tutorial on line if you would like.  Do leave a comment if you are interested.

So back to the matter in hand.  I’m still finding loveliness in the garden but with the weather turning colder it seemed a good idea to bring it indoors…

…and Sweet Peas in November?

After yesterday’s fog, this morning’s sunrise was beautiful…

…and it was fun getting a Higgins’ eye view of the toadstools!

And finally, and I know I’ve gone over the three reasons but that can only be a good thing, there was a glorious misty sunset the other evening…

…it’s just a shame it has to happen so early in the afternoon!

So, what Reasons to be Cheerful have YOU found this week?  Please share them on your blog and link them through the Linky below and spread a little happiness.  And if you don’t have a blog, feel free to add them to the comments on this post, I’m looking forward to hearing from you…x

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14 thoughts on “Planet Penny on Folksy – A Year On

  1. kateuk

    Well done Penny- I had my ‘one year on’ in September and I’m really glad I got going and tried my luck selling some of my stuff.I’m getting ready for festive stall-time too- hope your market goes well, your stuff is absolutely lovely.
    I was also out picking the last flowers this morning, way too foggy here for sunrises, but we have had some lovely sunsets.
    Tutorials online? oh, yes please!

  2. Julie

    I love this post. Well done you to bite the bullet and make a go of selling things. I do hope your stall goes well.
    So many happy things, I particularly like your baubles and the robin wreath. And the doggie is just gorgeous.
    I’d definitely like to know more about needle felting. Juliex

  3. Toffeeapple

    Enough things to make anyone cheerful here Penny. Love the little angels, well, I love everything really, especially seeing the little, squiggly, Higgins. Have fun at the Pick and Mix. I really wish I could get over there.

    I am amazed that it has been a year since you stocked your Folksy shop! Well done.

  4. Penelope

    Wow Penny big congratulations on your 1 year of folksy selling. You should never doubt yourself you are one super star needle felter, I think Kirstie Allsop could learn a thing or 2 from you :0) Speaking of which please please could you do a tutorial, I would love to learn this amazing skill.
    Your table is going to be so pretty and it’s obvious how many hours and hours you have put into making everything. I adore your robins and was wondering if I could possibly be first in line for 1 to buy if you have any left over after Saturday. I could buy it via folksy if that suites you or send you a cheque direct. I wanted one last year but never got round to buying one so i would dearly love to buy one this Christmas.

    I am hoping to do my reasons to be cheerful tomorrow some time after work as I am feeling so much better.

    Wish you all the very best for Saturday, you deserve to have a huge success. lots of love P xox

    ps. the robin in the wreath is just heavenly!

  5. Ginnie

    Your Higgins is adorable. And the second picture of all your little friends? It looks like some magical circus has opened its gates, and all the amazing creatures are marching out. So funny – I just love it. Good luck on your craft sales this weekend!

  6. RosMadeMe

    Wow! What a lot you have done in the past year… I bet your robins will fly out, especially the wreath. I also love the baubles, they look like little lollipops 🙂

  7. Chris Gill

    You are so clever – all your goodies look wonderful (just wish I lived nearer and could see them “in the flesh”. Little Higgins is so adorable in the picture. A needlefelting tutorial sounds brilliant as I would love to have a go but haven’t made much headway so far. My reasons to be cheerful this week are ;
    No teaching commitments so I can do what I want for a change.
    Weather still reasonable (this time last year we were in the grip of Arctic weather which just went on & on.
    Lots of lovely wool and time to decide what to make.
    Good luck with the sale (i’m sure everything will be quickly snapped up).

  8. wendy

    I wanted to join in with Reasons to be Cheerful today but the day just flew away and I have no photos and a half dead brain at this stage. So, next week then. 🙂

    Your makes are all so very pretty and colourful and must surely attract buyers from far away – they are irresistable. Oh those little animals! Loveable.

  9. Rachel J Fenton

    Well done, Penny – heaps of achievements – and always room for a little Higgins in the mix!

    Always much to be cheerful about and grateful for, and it’s good to be reminded of that – thank you 🙂

  10. Faith

    All lovely reasons to be cheerful again. Your things ready for your stall look very pretty, I’m sure you’ll do very well indeed, the robin in the wreath looks great, you’ve had some lovely ideas.

    We’ve had some wonderful skies recently too….I think the colours this time of year are often amazing.

    Have a great and succesful week!

  11. Gemma Thompson

    Well done on your 1 year anniversary Penny! I’ve just realised that mine had slipped past without me noticing – oops! Belated celebrations in order and I’ll raise my glass to you for yours too!

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