Reasons to be Cheerful – Week 10

Hello, and a very happy 2012 to you!  Have you taken down the decorations yet, or are you waiting till Twelfth Night?  I must admit to taking mine down after New Year’s Day.  The tree was in the window, right in front of  Higgins’ look out point and I got fed up with things being swept off by a waggy tail and then secreted behind the sofa to be dismantled.  (I got my own back when he stole a cracker, put a paw on one end and then delicately tried to remove the interesting long thin piece of card poking out of the middle… BANG!!! Gosh, I didn’t know he could jump quite that high!)

I find the first week of the New Year a bit strange…I end up a bit like Higgins trying to settle in a newly washed bed, I seem to spend a lot of time shuffling and scrabbling trying to make it all the right shape.

We definitely need a bit of cheerfulness with this awful weather, I hope you haven’t been swept away in this wind, or suffered power cuts or cancelled travel arrangements.  I  feel for Tim, who is stuck in the middle of the North Sea at the moment, I’m just glad that he’s on something with it’s legs firmly planted on the bottom of the sea…

Higgins has been to the sea, he went with his Boy…

He really loved having his Boy to stay over Christmas and probably the Christmas tree incidents were down to the fact that the Boy went home and left him feeling very bored.

I removed all the holly, which had more berries this year than I had ever seen before and hung it with the mistletoe in the cherry trees so the birds could polish off the berries…

Something which made me very happy was a crafty Christmas pressie from my friend Kit, who knows how much I like stationery…

But the best bit was the bit Kit painted herself…

How on earth am I actually going to use those labels…and part with them?

I’ve been shopping on Ebay…

…and talking of buttons, how about this for a Christmas present?

 I’ve got so many possible crafty bits of inspiration all I’ve got to do is actually decide what I’m going to do next!

So what are your Reasons to be Cheerful in this first week of 2012?  Do join in, either through the Linky below, or via the comments, it’s lovely to find out what every one is doing to get through the gloomiest wintery bit.  And if you are in the southern Hemisphere, your sunshiny, Springy bits are most welcome!

See you soon! xxx

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17 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Week 10

  1. Teje & Nero

    Hi Penny and Higgins! Your walk on the beach looks fun even perhaps cold! I have heard about the storms in England and Finland and now I think they are coming to us!
    Here in Greece we take Christmas things away after 7th of Januray. This year I was ready to clean them out from Monday but wasn’t allowed. So next weekend it will be.
    You have got lovely presents and those buttons look so inviting to create!
    We wish you Happy and Creative New Year and lots of hugs to Higgins!
    x Teje & Nero

  2. Penelope

    Hey Penny
    I’m feeling a little glum going back to work today (I’m feeling a little impatient about starting my new job hopefully in about 6 weeks time), I have had a nice hot bath and am now under my covers with the laptop.It’s already soothing being warm and cosy out of the foul weather we are having. I think I feel a little like you and Higgins trying to shape my new bed in the new year,hopefully cheeriness will wing it’s way into my dreams tonight :0)
    I did smile about Higgy and the cracker though! As for your button factory and e bay finds well, who could be miserable about those?
    Kit certainly is talented and I would be tempted to keep those labels too. I bought some of Vanessa’s (do you mind if I knit) Christmas labels and found those almost impossible to give away!
    I hope to post my reasons in the next 24 hours Penny, thanks for cheering me up with all your pretties xox lots of love and safe weather wishes to you and Tim

  3. Carol

    What wonderful gifts. Poor Henry and the naughty cracker.
    I’ve taken down our decorations and am doing some house sorting. Makes you feel cheerful when it goes well and, so far, it is doing. Just need to be a bit more ruthless.
    Carol xx

  4. kateuk

    Happy New Year Penny- thought the weather was going to be a bit better today, but now the rain is lashing and the wind is howling around the house…I’m off for a snuggle with a hot water bottle!

  5. Annie

    Higgins is enough to make me cheerful! Our little dachshund Wilbur missed the fun when we took the whippets to the beach on Monday, it was just too windy for him, he’d have been sandblasted, poor old man!

  6. Bobo Bun

    Happy New Year Penny. What a lovely gift from Kit, I’d be keeping them too.

    Our tree and decs are still up, I always wait until the 12th day. Usually I get fed up with it all now and want to dust and hoover round, but not this year. We’re having an Epiphany Feast on Friday (bubble and squeak followed by christmas pud). Girls are making crowns as they do in France for us all to wear. Got to keep the celebrations flowing I say.

    Thinking of Tim out there.


  7. Ginnie

    Penny, those are some excellent reasons! Especially love the picture of Higgins and his Boy, and the holly berries – amazing!

    I’ll be posting something in the next day or two, but for now will link my last week’s reasons (I think it’s a great habit, this thankfulness, so I kept going through the holidays).

  8. Toffeeapple

    You certainly have reasons to be cheerful Penny. Your pictures are lovely and the sharing of berries with the birds is wonderful.

  9. Jean

    Oh my, poor Higgins, pulling a cracker.
    Animals are so funny and good for the soul. Like you I’ve been getting crafty, new for this year, and making things for friends. Love your gift tags, what a great present. Let’s all be cheerful and enjoy 2012.

  10. Penny Peberdy

    I took my decorations in the shop down today. Well – the commune had taken away all the trees they left before Christmas (except mine, as it was tied to the drainpipe and presumably they didn’t have a penknife on them)so I felt it must be time…

  11. Mrs. Micawber

    Happy New Year, Penny! How nice to be back in the Cheerful thick of things.

    I love that photo of Higgins with his Boy – the satiny water, the set of his doggy head, the fur-trimmed jacket hood. (Also love the very top photo full of cheerful bits.)

    That holly is quite wonderful, and the gift tags lovely. I especially like the cat.

    Our decorations are still up, since we have no small animals to interfere with them – also I hate to take them down and so leave them up as long as I dare. Great story of Higgins and the cracker.

    Here’s to a Cheerful and productive year.

  12. Faith

    I’m afraid I’m a little odd and like my decs down on new years eve so that I can have a good old Hoover about for the new year. Our tree is in a bay window and I can never get over how the light changes when the tree comes down and the sun peeps in.

    Your Higgins looks very happy by the sea, we’re lucky to live on the coast also.

    I love your buttons, what a nice buy. I have two old button boxes one from my mum and one from my gran, I like to rummage and actually so do all three of my boys. Have a happy week!

  13. Geraldine

    Our decorations come down late on the 6th . It’s Husband’s birthday so it seems a bit mean to whisk them all away too soon !

    Poor Higgins ! But did he wear the paper hat ?

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