Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Are you superstitious? How was Friday 13th for you?  It’s never been a problem for me and I’ve tended to let it pass me by, but I’ve had my Friday 13th moment now and after a little debate with myself, I’ve decided to share it with you.

I went to bed on Thursday with a hot water bottle on a sore tum, and although that subsided in the night, I still wasn’t feeling terribly good and so drove myself off to the surgery.  Imagine my surprise when after questions and tests, it was decided that an ambulance should be called!  My initial reaction was to want to go home for a lie down and wait for it to go away, but I was told firmly that they couldn’t actually  rule out a heart attack or an aortic aneurysm and I wouldn’t be much good to anyone if I went home and died. Blimey! Oh all right then…

You’ve got to give the good old NHS it’s due.  I’ve moaned a lot about it in the past, but when you need it it, it’s there, you get put in the system and there’s no one there waiting for you to produce your cheque book first.

So off in the ambulance, covered in sticky dots and attached to a monitor.  It was all so surreal I didn’t feel the slightest bit worried, and was really excited when the siren went on!

Anyway to cut a long story short, I’m fine.  I had loads of tests and everything came back normal.  The worst thing about the day was I didn’t have my emergency knitting, or a book so I was very bored, and hospital Cauliflower Cheese is appalling, how do you cook carrots so they are both bendy and crunchy at the same time?  (The suggestion is that I’ve probably got an acidy gastric thing going on so it’s just as well I’ve got back to home cooking!)

So I might have my gloomy January moments, but I do look on the bright side about a ride in an ambulance!

And talking of January gloom and adding some brightness, I was inspired by this post over on Countrystyle Living to try a bit of candle recycling.   I had a couple of ends of scented candle which when added to an ordinary white household candle and melted down made enough wax for this…

I used the wick from the household candle in the cup…

…and I’m very pleased with the result.  It gives a rather neglected little teacup and saucer it’s moment of glory too!

I also have a new LYS.  Well I’ve cheated rather, there’s a lovely shop called Norfolk Yarn in a part of Norwich I just never seemed to get to , but now I can count it as local because my Son and Daughter-in-law to be have moved in just a 6 minute walk away (can you tell I Googled it!) So when we called for coffee on Saturday I knew I had to do a detour to have a little browse around.

This is also where I found the Silent Sunday spinning wheel.  I had one once a long time ago, but it didn’t fit in with a small house, three children, a large dog and no time.  As I still have a small house and no time I think I’ll just stick to admiring other peoples!

And I did fall in love with the beautiful bag which the shop owner brought out to show me…

…and this is the base…

It’s knitted with Noro yarn and felted, and I shall be investigating the source of the pattern shortly. I feel a project coming on!

I couldn’t come away empty handed though, could I? I was thrilled to see the Ashford Tekapo wool which Alice uses over on Crochet with Raymond and as she has spoken so highly of it I bought enough to get me going.  The plan is for another sampler blanket similar to this one which I started this blog with…

This one went off to the grandsons to snuggle up in, but I’m hoping to make a more outdoorsy, cosy one for sitting under when it gets chilly by the barbecue so I’ve chosen something a bit subtler than my usual colour pallette…

I’ve got some pattern books for inspiration,  a new one…

This one I’ve had a while…

…and this one dates back to 1979!!!

…but it’s got some amazing inspiration inside!

After that, my first dabblings look a little tame, but we’ll see!

Well, I’d better stop now. There is a chicken roasting in the oven with a bunch of thyme stuffed in the cavity and there’s a most tantalising smell wafting my way!  I’ve got a few last things to get ready for teaching the Needlefelted cupcake pincushion course at The OutHouse in Aylsham this coming Tuesday.  If you are in Norfolk there are still a couple of places left, it would be lovely to see you!

I’m off to link up with the amazing Wendy of 1st Unique Gifts, who does so much and still manages to host Handmade Monday each week!  Do go over and find all the other links and see what’s been going on…

See you soon…xxx

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40 thoughts on “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

  1. Liz

    So glad you are well and home, although I did love how you felt excited about the siren. Take care and looking forward to seeing your mellow blanket.


  2. Wendy

    Love the teacup candle and all the wool shots are fab! Glad it turned out to be something not too serious – that was one good thing, but I do know what you mean about being stranded without anything to read/craft!

  3. RosMadeMe

    Oh what a scare… mind you, isn’t the suspension in an ambulance absolutely awful? So glad to hear that you are not proper poorly.

    Love the crochet square, spent Thursday looking at your second book as a friend at knit and natter had received it for Christmas… sadly I failed to snaffle it into my knitting bag 🙁

  4. Butterfly Blossom

    Oh my god Penny I am so glad to hear you are OK after your ordeal! I hope you plan to take it easy over the coming weeks and sit with your feet up and do some crafting. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds amazing!! X

  5. Jill

    What a week! So glad everything is OK and you are back at home. Important you rest over the next few weeks and get yourself really fit. Hope you have a good week.

  6. Teje & Nero

    Dear Penny, I’m happy to hear that you are fine after that bad experience! You have so many beautiful things in your post! I love that blanket and the new one is going to be fantastic, too with those lovely colours!
    How great your made a candle – it’s so sweet!
    x Teje

  7. Siobhan

    Well that is a relief! I’m glad to hear it was nothing to worry about and that you are on the mend. You must put your feet up and dole out lots of tlc to yourself. At least you know that your surgery will leave nothing to chance and will take things seriously when necessary.

    I am pretty anti- superstitious. I think if you believe in them, you are half way to making them come true. To that end I walk under ladders, put umbrellas up indoors and stroke black cats who walk across my path – and go out of my way for them too. As I have a darling little black cat myself it would be difficult to avoid them. (Besides, in some places they are lucky. For me they are always lucky!)

    I do though say hello to magpies, just because it seems polite. I am annoyed that my dad had a thing about spilling salt and breaking mirrors; the legacy being that both of them upset me a little if they happen.

    Friday the 13th which you asked about, never bothers me as my daughter was born on the 13th which of course will sometimes be a Friday. Never will this be an occasion for anything other than celebration. I always ignore it with no expectation of harm and it has gone well thus far!

    Great candle too – very pretty!

  8. rachel

    Goodness, what a scary experience! Thankfully it wasn’t as serious as it could have been, but unpleasant to have to go through. Look after yourself now…..

  9. Peeriemoot

    Oh blimey – I’m so glad it turned out not to be serious! I’m chuckling at the thought of you enjoying the ambulance trip :-). Love the candle and the crochet pictures. That’s what I want my crochet to look like… maybe one day!

  10. adaliza

    Glad you’re still here! Especially after reading that amazing post – I love Noro yarns and I’m going to have to check out your new crochet book too! Have a lovely week.

  11. Marigold and the Goatmother

    Well, I am certainly glad you are okay, as, I am sure, is Higgins! I love the colors you picked for the blanket. They are very ‘oceany’ like Alice’s ripple blanket. I particularly like the circular one! The Goatmother has serious envy of your chintz plate behind the very cute candle. 🙂 Take care and no more ambulance rides or no Peanuts for you! 🙂

  12. kateuk

    Good to hear you are OK- isn’t it odd that when something is clearly wrong, we go to the Doctor but when an ambulance is called to take us on to hospital we go all ” it’s nothing, I’ll go home now, I don’t want to be a trouble” even though we know it is something to be taken seriously…knowing full well that if we did just go home a)we would be worrying about everything b) it wouldn’t get any better c) Doctors do tend to be a bit more reliable than we amateurs about diagnosis…I feel reassured that I’m not the only one who comes over all “I’m fine, nothing wrong” when threatened with hospital stuff!

  13. Bobo Bun

    Oh Lordy, thank goodness you were calm and enjoying the siren before you found all was okish. You had me worried for a moment.

    Spotted the LYS. My folks live in the golf course so I get the chance to stop by now and again.


  14. Alice and Raymond

    Oooooooooooh my Penny! the ashford colours you hace chosen are the same as my ocean ripple blanket! that is so exciting and I LOVE your blue sampler blanket, it is ACE.
    I yearn for an LYS as beautiful as that one, I am so envious and would swap my beautiful beach for a shop like that any day!
    Glad you are OK!

  15. Fiona MacLachlan-Morris

    The road to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions and my “not to buy any more craft books” was all going so well. Curse you Perry the Platypus!!!
    Glad you are well – the NHS is generally a national treasure. Have a lovely week … off to look on Amazon….

  16. Blue Forest Jewellery

    Thank goodness your OK!

    Love that blue blanket and your new square. Crochet blankets are so adorable 🙂

    Alison x

  17. Magic Cochin

    Phew! I’m pleased for you it’s ‘just’ tummy ache (though that can be very uncomfortable). But hip hooray for the NHS who are marvelous most of the time despite the dodgy cauliflower cheese.

    And that wool shop must have perked you up no end! BTW I love that vintage crochet book 🙂


  18. Toffeeapple

    Crikey, what an adventure. I’m pleased to know that you are well though. Siren Eh?

    My LYS is such a messy place, I should like to go to yours to see a bit of order.

  19. Dee

    Blimey! And to think you just wanted to go back to bed! good job they made you get in that ambulance. I hope you’re feeling better now?
    You have been very busy, the shop looks amazing and that bag- woweee!!! A good job with the candle too, lovely upcycling as they like to call it!xx

  20. Mrs. Micawber

    I love the beautiful calm colours of the new blanket-to-be. Lucky you to have Yarn Shops! This one looks lovely.

    Love the glimpse into crochet past. Everything old is new again.

    P.S. Did they check you for H. pylorii? It can cause stomach problems but is easily resolved with a course of antibiotics.

  21. Susie

    I’m glad you’re ok, that must have been a scare! Having hit the age where I’ve actually gone to the ER in an ambulance now I know what it feels like and it’s not all that much fun. I wonder if your gallbladder was acting up? It’s so difficult to tell what is actually hurting inside. 🙁 Well, hugs and good wishes from this side of the pond. No matter what anyone says about our healthcare over here, (and likely yours as well) when we need it, it’s here and good almost all the time. Thankfully we live in an age when we can get things looked at and checked out).
    BTW I love that candle in the cup. I hate making candles, but I always have containers I think should have candles in them. I even have all the makings, I just rarely get around to doing it. Did I mention I don’t LIKE making candles? 🙂

  22. Kimberley

    Oh gosh I do feel for you, I went to hospital with stomach pain a while back and got rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis so I know what you mean!

    Love the tea cup candle!

    Kim xx

  23. Jam Dalory

    What an experience! Glad you’re ok though. I love that blanket and would love to be able to crochet, unfortunately its something that’s on my ever-expanding to-do list. The candle is really sweet too.

  24. With U in Mind

    Not good to feel that ill and not know what it is. Apparently I have the kind of reaction to stress that cause really bad indigestion – as a result, I will steer clear of the white broccoli and cheese lol.

    The candle is sweet, but the blanket is excellent!

  25. Annie

    Oh goodness Penny, I’m so happy that you’re okay!

    Lovely post, and hey, I have that ancient home decorating book too. I must fish my copy out later.

    I’m very envious of your Tekapo yarn find, I can only find in 500g packs mail order which rather prevents buying a selection of colours.

  26. Ali - Ali's Craft Studio

    Glad you are OK – what an amazing day that turned out to be! 13 is my lucky number so Friday 13th is usually a good day for me (we moved on that date too, much to the fear of our solicitor who obviously was superstitious!)

    Beautiful crochet work – looking forward to seeing more.

    Ali x

  27. Chris Gill

    So glad to hear that you are OK. It must be been a bit alarming (but glad you could see the “fun” side of the ride to A&E). The blankets look lovely and I now feel inspired to get back to some crocheted squares. Take care.

  28. Penelope

    Oh Penny what a relief to know that all is good and well with your health, quite a scare and I’m a bit like you, count your blessings and look on the bright/funnier side of things. Good that you are so calm too. Take care and don’t over do anything. You need to hurry up and crochet your sampler blanket to wrap yourself up in it! x

    Love that yarn, I would have purchased some too as Alice always makes it look like good quality and such cool, relaxing colours you have chosen too. Lovely excuse to be vising your son ad DIL more often ;0)
    (I love the 1970’s book, so groovy)

    Much love and hugs xox P

  29. Geraldine

    So glad you’re feeling better …. and survived a hospital lunch !
    Both the NHS and the Dutch hospital system are such an excellent way to manage health care . People may complain about the taxes and insurance contributions but there is nothing better than knowing that , if needs be , you’ll have the best care available , no questions asked .
    And as a way to recuperate ? What better than a wander round a wool shop like yours !

  30. Julie

    Glad you were not ill. What a relief to everyone including Higgins. By the way….how is Henry? You have not mentioned him recently.

  31. alison

    *meep* An LYS in Norfolk with a really good yarn range. How nice 🙂

    I really like your first crochet attempts, esp the square. I’m sure it will make a lovely blanket.

    Good to hear you are ok too. I don’t read/reply very often but it sounds like it would have been a lot scary.

  32. vanessa

    Gosh Penny, I’m soooooo relieved you’re o.k. what a panicky moment! It sounds rather frightening, even though you’ve played it down. I’m so pleased and relieved you’re relatively o.k. I’m a fan of the NHS too, they are always there when they’re needed, I think they do a fab job. Lots of people don’t realise just how fortunate we are to have free medical care. Your local yarn store looks SPLENDID! Like a sweet shop in fact. This entire post is packed with loveliness, all that wonderful crochet! Although I didn’t end up leaving a comment, I had your last silent Sunday of Higgins up on the computer all day Sunday whilst I was working, and kept on having a look, he is so special. Higgins is extra special isn’t he?! Love Vanessa xxx

  33. Pickle-Lily

    Glad you’re feeling better! What a beautiful yarn shop – how I’d like to visit it! Lovely blanket and the colours for the new one look gorgeous.
    jo x

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