Reasons to be Cheerful – Lucky 13!

The first thing I found this morning when I went on the computer is that the Guardian has a feature called Reasons to be Cheerful, so we are in good company!  And one of their reasons made me very happy, new in at IKEA is this…

Oh how I love raspberry pink!  Now IKEA is a day trip for us, we have to do the meatballs and everything, but I might have to work on a visit very soon.  I realise there’s a whole love/hate thing with IKEA too.  When we introduced Aimee to it she nearly had to be carried sobbing and screaming into the carpark after half an hour but lured in by something like raspberry pink dishes I think I can be brave!

Going from one extreme to another, in this case a multinational Super Store to an individual business, I love the way most of the things I buy on line from small retailers tend to arrive looking like little presents…

…bamboo crochet hooks from Wool and Buttons

I love using bamboo knitting needles, I’ll let you know how I get on with these…

I’m being optimistic about the garden too, although the last few days have been too gloomy and wet to get anything done at all.  I went out in the drizzle this morning to encourage Higgins to follow, he’d really rather not when it’s wet.

I had spotted the yellow crocuses which grow in the lawn were about to open and thought I could get a lovely shot of Higgins smelling the flowers…

‘Higgins! Look! What’s this?’

Gallopy gallopy…CHOMP!

…one less crocus to brighten the gloom…will I ever learn?

We went off to the garden centre to replace the mini plastic greenhouse which was really useful for starting off seeds but had been ripped off the wall and seen off by the gales.  Fortunately, still half price so it didn’t break the bank at less than £15.00.  This time we’ll put in stronger fixings.  This is a problem when you live in windswept Norfolk.

A new trowel and fork in bright blue. New because you might have noticed someone chewed the handles off the old ones, and bright blue so I don’t keep mislaying them…

…and they look very jolly along with my gardening gloves…

And while I’m waiting to get to grips with the great outdoors, I have a few indoor projects from the cut price shelf to be going on with.

I’m very cheerful that I’ve sold one of my Love Bird Hearts on Folksy and later today I will be adding the larger one, which has been finished off with a primrose…

So, despite the gloom, I’m managing to keep my spirits up, how about you?  If you’ve got some cheerfulness to share please join in with the Linky below, or leave a comment on the post.  It’s always lovely to hear from you….!

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14 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Lucky 13!

  1. Linda

    I always smile when I read your blog and Higgins is my favourite cyber pet. I have Pinned you to my Blogspiration board on Pinterest (Linda Chandler). I have a thing for Ikea and always have the meatballs when I am there (mine is only a 15 minute drive away though).

  2. kateuk

    We get really wound up by IKEA, unless we have the meatballs before we go in, then we can just about cope.Last time we went we had a bet on ‘how long before we see the first person in tears’. As we set the bet we turned and saw one of the couple in the car next to us IN TEARS.So, about 10 seconds, none of us thought it would be that quick.

  3. Teje & Nero

    Oh Penny, where i start…ikea plates are delicous – how great colour! I need a ship travel one night to go to Ikea, but fortunately my hb goes now and then and brings fabrics too me.
    I’m happy to see that you like Finnish Fiskars – they have great garden tools and of course all we know the scissors!
    Your felted love bird is so cute – she looks a little bit surprised!
    Give lots of kisses to Higgings – I have missed him!
    xxx Teje & Nero

  4. Annie

    Well Higgins always makes me cheerful!

    And I could get pretty excited about the Ikea crockery too! In fact we NEED an Ikea trip … one of the whippets is in love with the toy rats they sell, we always buy a few at a time but I had to bin the last one of the previous batch yesterday and he is bereft!

  5. Ginnie

    I love crocuses (we will have to wait until late March/early April here) but think if Higgins wants them he should have them. What a sweet little face, even when eating the flowers!

  6. Crochet with Raymond

    Oh my goodness those plates and bowls are my hearts desire!
    I have a bit of an urge to go shopping now he he he

    Wishing you a very lovely week Penny!

  7. Toffeeapple

    I just need to read your blog to be cheerful, especially if Higgins or Henry are included.

    Can’t recall the last time I went to Ikea.

  8. Penelope

    Oh how you have made me smile Penny with Higgins and his sweet sweet antics, I could just give him a huge big squeeze right now.
    As for the raspberry colour ikea ceramics, how stunning. I too am in love with that colour, I have got my crochet hook out and am making some fingerless pink/raspberry gloves as i seem to have found a couple of odd ones at the moment!

    Great news about your love bird sale, I can see why they are so loved. My robin is an absolute treasure, he is my very little special I love him so x Love and hugs to you and Higgins and all his perfectly canine antics xox

  9. Stephanie

    Hello there! This is all very cheering indeed. I agree that I would risk dragging my reluctant offspring around Ikea for the promise of a raspberry pink set of bowls. Absolutely.

    That picture of your dog eating a crocus is priceless!

    Nice to meet you finally! 😉

  10. Mrs. Micawber

    I LOVE the dishes! Raspberry pink is irresistible. Our nearest IKEA is about 3 -1/2 hours away so we don’t even bother trying to go there.

    So Higgins loves flowers enough to eat them…but he looks so doggone cute doing it.

    What a fun package, and how nice to be growing things already. Are you proud of being a Master Gardener? I thought it involved intensive study of some kind, but now I see that one just needs the right gloves. 🙂 New gardening tools are always exciting.

    That robin is wonderful – especially its tousled head.

    Have a cheerful weekend!

  11. Faith

    Lovely dishes, great colour! We have to go to Cardiff for our closest Ikea, so that doesn’t happen much.

    Higgins is always such a star!

    I’m beginning to read about a few people doing gar deny things, I have to say I’m dreading getting into mine, but I guess when I’m ou there it will be alright, and it will eventually get back to something that resembles a garden!

  12. Marigold and the Goatmother

    I am sorry not to join in this week. I have just been so busy finishing up the trilogy. I am exceedingly cheerful that it is done, however. 🙂
    Don’t you just LOVE bamboo crochet hooks? The Goatmother just can’t seem to go back to her old ones.

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