Cats and Crochet for Handmade Monday

It’s hard to believe that another Monday has come around again, and not only that, we’re at the end of January.  How did that happen?

It’s been a very cold grey day here today, but we’ve had a couple of bright and sunny ones, and I’ve been out pottering, quite literally, in the veg plot as I’ve been rounding up all the plastic pots which were ‘going to come in handy’ and in fact have blown into various nooks and crannies, binning the broken ones and washing the useful ones and stacking them in the new mini greenhouse.  I’ve started a diary of my gardening efforts which you’ll find via a tab under the header so I won’t repeat myself.  Not much happening at the moment but hopefully there will be!

I found a cheerful bunch of tulips in the supermarket yesterday which have brought a ray of sunshine into the gloom today….

a bunch of red, yellow and orange tulips

The big excitement of the week was a long awaited delivery.  My very own rainbow in a box!  I’ve got some wonderful new cotton yarn to play with.  Not available in the UK just yet and I shall have to be a little secretive about it for the time being…

…but I can let you have a peek…

…do you want to see?

It’s so pretty. It’s a thinnish DK weight cotton with a beautiful sheen, and crochets like a dream on a 3.5 hook.  I’m going to be doing lots of experiments with it over the next few weeks so watch this space…

And coincidently, the day before it arrived, I had an email from Jill, who writes the Stocki blog, about the Beautiful Blogger Blanket.  I don’t know if you have come across it in your travels through the Blogosphere but you can find out all about it it here…

Jill was letting me know that my name had come up on the Beautiful Blogger Blanket Wish List, proposed by BebeRouge (Thank you BebeRouge, what an honour!) as somone she would like to see creating a square for the blanket.  So this has been my very first project with this fab new yarn.

I will replace this photo asap when I have better light to do the colours justice!

I’m sorry I won’t be able to share the yarn brand just yet, but the pattern, which I have devised, will be available in the tutorials very soon.

I’ve had a little help with photography from Henry …

…whom I’m a little worried about at the moment.  He’s been much brighter since he had his big operation last summer, and still rules the roost and keeps Higgins in order, but he’s never really regained the weight he lost despite having a big appetite.  He seemed to be showing all the signs of having a thyroid problem but the tests have come back negative, and he’s lost a little more weight.  He’s under observation, and we are keeping our fingers crossed, but he still likes to be involved in everything that’s going on, so that a positive sign. (Oh, and note the socks.  A sign of how busy I’ve been, socks still on the needles, and I’ve hit the supermarket!)

And while we’re on the subject of cats, I’vew been working on samples of needlefelt animals for my next course at The OutHouse Studio and this is the first one..

And finally, I had to show you this.  Higgins in his favourite spot in the sunshine, in a good vantage point to shout abuse at passing tractors, bicycles and joggers.  (Note the chewed remains of a ball, and the stolen flower pot, great fun to steal that when I was trying to stack them up)

And now the back view, not easy to maintain ones upright watchful position without the aid of a box…

…and eventually it all gets too much, and you have to let things slide…

So all that’s left is to hand you over to Wendy over on 1st Unique Gifts where she is hosting this week’s Handmade Monday and where you will find lots of other handmade goodies to see.

Have a good week,

see you soon! xx


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34 thoughts on “Cats and Crochet for Handmade Monday

  1. RosMadeMe

    I want those cottons, I deserve those cottons… I’m not going to get them, am I?

    Cannot wait to see how they all finish up, they are just divine 🙂

  2. Caroline

    Ooh I love the colour of your wool and a teaser as to what you will be making. Sorry about henry hope you get him sorted soon and Higgins is so sweet.

  3. Alice and Raymond

    So much goodness all in one post Penny! that cotton looks scrumptious, I want some tooooooo!!!!! Love the new cats, saw them on FB and they really made me smile. And Higgins, what a dag, love the last photo the most, with his little tummy and double chin ha ha ha… the terrorist of the neighbourhood, its always the little ones!

  4. Teje & Nero

    Hi Penny! Thank you for a big smile on my face! Your felted cat is so beautiful and I love to see Higgins! He is always so special and sweet! Your photos are wonderful!
    Have a great week! x Teje

  5. adaliza

    Higgins seems to be enjoying Sunday afternoon! Just love the colours in your blanket square. I’ve been making mine all week and am just loving working with my vivid colours for my Gypsy Rose blanket! Long way to go though!

  6. Butterfly Blossom

    Higgins is just adorable I love him! My dog also likes a prime position in the sun – it doesn’t matter how tiny the patch of sun is or even if the sun is falling on the corner of the fireplace he will work himself into a position that means he can sunbathe!!

    The colours in your flowers photo are amazing as are the colours of your new yarn. Enjoy 🙂

  7. Annie

    Ah, the dachshund penchant for shouting abuse! Our guys alert us to every passing tractor too, but it’s delivery lorries that they really don’t like!

    Gorgeous needlefelt cat Penny, and intriguing yarn!

  8. Jam Dalory

    Where to start? The flowers definately brighten up a dull day and the colours of the wool are beautiful. I love the cat you’ve made and the real one, hope he gets better soon. As for Higgins he looks so full of character! x

  9. Jill

    Such a lovely post – really enjoyed reading about your week. As a mega cat-fan, I love your felt cat – he is so cute. I hope Henry gets better – we had a cat that eventually had both thyroids removed and he was really good, had a great life. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Chris Gill

    Thank you for brightening up a dreary Monday morning. The colours are so cheerful and the felted cat is so sweet. I do hope Henry perks up and you get to the bottom of the problem (it’s so difficult when a cat stops eating).

  11. Dee

    Oh what a lovely colourful blog! Thank you for cheering me up on a Monday 🙂 The tulips are beautiful they never fail to add some sunshine 🙂
    And that cotton – lovely and sunny! Bet you couldn’t wait to start using it!
    I hope your moggy is feeling better. Higgins is so cute, he definately looks like the boss! and well done on your needlefelt – it looks fab!x

  12. Nicola

    Wow, what I lovely blog! I love the photography! I haven’t been able to grasp crochet yet, but your post has inspired me to give it another go! x

  13. Susie

    LOL you always make me laugh! I love that felted kitty. I still have to get felting into my repertoire. And that square is awesome. You are doing some lovely things. I just realized that Henry and Higgins together make up a Beverly Cleary character. On purpose?

  14. Susie

    Oh wait, not enough coffee yet, Henry Higgins is from My Fair Lady, Henry HUGGINS was from Beverly Cleary. More coffee before I post.. 😉

  15. Pickle-Lily

    What a colourful post full of beautiful things. The yarm looks amazing, can’t wait to find out some about it. I love using cotton to knit with.
    Jo x

  16. Toffeeapple

    Those Tulips opened up a treat didn’t they?

    So nice to see Henry, I do hope that he isn’t unwell. Higgins is funny, does he need a cushion for the chair?

  17. Daisies divine

    The square looks great and the flowers are beautiful.

    Thank you for your nomination for the Leibester award, please can you reply and let me know how it all works, I am a little confused.

  18. Mrs. Micawber

    Such beautiful yarn – the suspense is killing me. 🙂

    Your needlefelt kitty is wonderful – he looks happy and sneaky at the same time – a true cat. His tail is particularly good. Hope your own real feline will continue to do well.

    Great Higgins photos as always! I love his cute little back paws.

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