Wearing my Miss Marple Hat…

(not the most dynamic of sleuths, but the only one I know who knits!)

It’s time to tell you about my detective work, which started back in the Autumn and all because I really, really wanted something.

And what I wanted was a rainbow…

And I knew there was one to be had, because I kept seeing them, out there in cyberspace…

Lots of beautiful crocheted bit and pieces, in a rainbow of glowing colours.

I looked and looked, but couldn’t find anywhere to buy exactly what I had seen in the UK.

So, having got the bit between by teeth  I trawled around the net searching for clues until I found the supplier, in Europe, who confirmed that they didn’t have a UK stockist.

The good news  was that I could buy the yarn, my rainbow, directly from them. However, the bad news was that I would have to buy…a lot…

More than I would probably manage to use up in a month of Silent Sundays or Handmade Mondays.

But it occurred to me that if I love it, then maybe you out there would love it too, and maybe it could be the start of something exciting, and something we could share.

I took the huge step, and ordered the minimum order, which was still a great deal of money and yarn, and three months after started the search and the negotiations I took delivery of a large carton of gorgeousness.  I opened it full of trepidation, having chosen from a huge colour chart of tiny swatches but it was a bit like opening a treasure chest…

…just an explosion of colour!

I’ve shared with you some of my experiments over the weeks, the crochet carnival bunting

The Hearts and Flowers Garland

 The Stuff Jar

and all the other bits and pieces.

 …so I hope it’s whetted your appetite!  The rainbow packs of mercerised cotton DK, comprise one  50g ball (125m)  each of 14 different shades priced at £36.50 per pack.  It has a lovely sheen, and I’ve found it very easy to work with, sometimes cotton’s lack of stretch can make it less easy to use than wool.  It knits beautifully too, and I imagine would lovely for bold and colourful embroidery.

You can find out all the details on the Planet Penny Cotton Club page here.

So, what do you think?  Is this something you’d like to try, or will I be giving my family and friends rainbow coloured lovelies for the rest of my life!?

Edited to add: The yarn is now available via the Planet Penny Etsy shop via this link

I’m linking up with Handmade Monday again on 1st Unique Gifts, I hope I qualify even though this week has been mainly sorting balls of yarn and getting ready for the needlefelt class I’m teaching on Tuesday at the OutHouse Studio.

I’ll be back soon, I’m looking forward to hearing from you! x

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I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

28 thoughts on “Wearing my Miss Marple Hat…

  1. Jill

    a lovely post and such gorgeous colours. I am a big fan of Miss Marple, so well done with the detective work. Your hearts & flowers garland is very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Caroline

    Good luck with your new venture, I would love to knit more but sadly time is short or appears to be. Love your bunting and all the colours of the rainbow.

  3. RosMadeMe

    What fantastic colours and a really good buy… if I did mot currently have to hide my stash behind books on the bookshelf, I would be so sorely tempted. 🙁

  4. Wendy

    I adore those colours and your makes. My mind is whirring and trying to come up with an excuse to buy some!! Love Ros’s comment about hiding stuff behind books (maybe you should hollow out all the books Ros, to make more secret space!)

  5. Mrs. Micawber

    Thank you for choosing a picture of the BEST Miss Marple (the others are just not up to snuff).

    I would order the yarn if I didn’t live across a Very Large Pond. Any chance you’d ship to the States?

    P.S. Forgot to tell you that the triangle bunting is wonderful. Those tassels just make it.

  6. Jan

    Oh what fantastic colours, definitely a rainbow.
    I’m not a knitter or a crocheter or I’d be tempted.
    Great Miss Marple picture 🙂

    Jan x

  7. adaliza

    Lovely colours – I just can’t work with cotton though – my heart belongs to wool! I tried over half term, with a couple of balls of Rowan cotton but it’s no good! Must be all those sheep in Wales, where I come from!

  8. Penelope

    Penny this a fabulous idea! I do love that rainbow cotton and think it would be rather perfect for one of my next projects I have in mind. I have been rather disciplined in not purchasing new yarn for the past month and I do love to crochet cotton in the summer months. So please count me in as one of your cotton club customers. I’ll send you an email to confirm xox Penelope

  9. Annie

    Goodness! Goodness how wonderful, and what yarny goodness. I am thinking that the yarn looks more suited to crochet than knitting, but if I can ever find my crochet mojo I’d definitely be interested in future. Good luck with your new endeavour Penny 😀

  10. sue

    First of all I love Miss Marple and feel I may have to get a hat just like her!
    Your yarn is gorgeous and I would definitely be interested in buying some, at some point. Budget doesn’t allow at the moment :o( But as soon as I can I will, after all what’s not to love about a rainbow!
    Wish you every luck with this venture.

  11. Helen

    your house must be so colourful if your makes are anything to go by! the cottons are gorgeous.Unfortunately, like Ros, i have to hide my stash (in the wardrobe as it happens) so himse
    f doesnt realise quite how much i have? I’m also still on maternity leave so money’s tight… but in the future may well be tempted!
    good luck with the ‘cotton club’ what a fab idea to bring such lovely yarns over here!


    Hello Penny!

    CONGRATULATIONS! In your new adventure…looks like it is already a runaway success. Have just completed a request form to be put on your waiting list, for the loveliest yarn.
    LOVE all your creations that I have missed whilst in hiding 😉

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