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Hooray for Crochet Mice!

The Making of the Crochet Mice…The Crochet Mice Clock | Planet Penny Pattern from Etsy

I’ve set myself a challenge, to see just how many projects I can get out of the Planet Penny Cotton pack, at one ball of each colour.  One of the reasons I put this collection together is that I found it impossible to find one stockist, on the high street or online, who had every colour to make up a rainbow, and going from place to place, or buying a ball here and a ball there from different online stockists was time consuming and expensive.

From the time I dyed my own colours I was determined to use every scrap of Bluefaced Leicester 4 ply I had so painstakingly coloured myself. I’m still using the little leftovers the needlefelted pincushion from this post, and the Sophie Digard inspired scarf from this post.

I wanted a pattern for crochet mice which was just right for small amounts of yarn and this silky smooth cotton yarn is perfect for amigurumi, and the bright colours just lend themselves to something fun so I devised this cute crochet mouse pattern and made one in every colour.

Crochet Mice using Planet Penny Cotton Colours rainbow yarn pack

Crochet Mice using Planet Penny Cotton Colours rainbow yarn pack - Crochet Mice

crochet mice pattern available from Etsy

crochet mice using the Planet Penny Cotton pack

So I developed my own simple pattern for crochet mice, and used beads for the features as I have made them to be strictly ornamental  However, with embroidered features they are ideal for a small child (just right for little hands) or filled with catnip for your favourite puss cat.

And so the knitters out there don’t feel left out, there a knitted version too!

Knitted Rainbow Mouse Clock |pattern from Planet Penny Etsy shop

a ring of crochet mice

You can find the yarn, the knit and crochet patterns for the mice, as well as other patterns using the gorgeous Planet Penny Cotton yarn in the Etsy shop here

I’ll be back soon …xx