Birthdays and Crochet Butterflies

Oh, how wet and miserable it’s been today!  Tim has just donned waterproofs and wellies and winkled a very reluctant little dog out from the bottom of his bed to go for a splosh down the road.  I have to be on standby with towels and a roaring fire for their return.  Meanwhile I have crochet butterflies to make…

Hang on! That didn’t last long…they’re back…Higgins got 100 yards down the road, did what he had to do, then made a determined bid for home and the towel on the utility room floor.  It’s so comical the way he goes flat on his tummy and wriggles around to get dry, before I even get down there with him to help…

Then on to the dry towel in front of the fire to finish off…

miniature dachshund drying by the fire on a towel

Steaming nicely now!

I mentioned that March is birthday month in our family, starting with younger son on Friday, and today was my mum’s turn, 83 today! A small family gathering for tea and birthday cake, deliciously chocolatey and made by my sister, whilst the smallest great-grandson entertained my mum in fine style.

So of course there were presents…

crochet butterflies on gift wrap

…and flowers.

a bouquet of yellow tulips, blue hyacinths and birthday presents

And also crochet butterflies!  I found these little lovelies on line and thought they were perfect for the Planet Penny cotton.  Because there has been an issue with the link breaking I have written and photographed my own version of this pattern so it’s available to you as a downloadable PDF.  Just click this Crochet Butterflies link. They are sooo quick and easy to make…

four crochet butterflies

I also tried knitting with the cotton as someone said it looks as if it’s only suitable for crochet, and I have to report it knits like a dream.  I made another little jar cover, as it’s ideally suited for showing off a sample.  I think I could have cast on another 2 or 4 stitches as it’s a teeny bit stretched but it still works well and shows off the colours…

blue crochet butterfly

orange crochet butterfly

So I hope the weather is being a little kinder where you are, but in the meantime make some crochet butterflies and dream of summer!

If you’d like even more butterfly love, how about a Butterfly and flower mobile  You can find the pattern here.

See you soon…x

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44 thoughts on “Birthdays and Crochet Butterflies

  1. Caroline

    Poor Higgins, just dragged ours round the village not happy but got home in the end his pace got quicker the nearer we got, so had a flying walk the last 100yds. Love the butterfly’s they are so colourful, that wool is proving worth the outlay

  2. RosMadeMe

    I love the idea of using the the butterflies as gift tags, they look fantastic and so individual.

    I also think it knits really well, you can knit anything as long as you get the gauge right. 🙂

  3. Toffeeapple

    Beautifully springlike colours on the blog today Penny.

    Poor Higgins, I wouldn’t have wanted to go out today either.

    Love the interactive Higgins!

  4. Micro G

    I’m gushing over those butterflies, they’re lovely! I will have a go at the pattern sometime and when I do, I’ll let you know how I get on. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. wendy

    Those butterflies are wonderful! Lovely idea. It was my birthday on Friday too – in fact March is full of birthdays – I can think of five others in the family off the top of my head…..your pressies are beautifully wrapped – mine were not but never mind, it’s the contents that matter and what can one expect from three boys and a husband. 🙂

    And oh that marvellous doggy of yours!

  6. Mrs. Micawber

    Such pretty presents (especially the ribbons and butterflies) and I LOVE the jar cover (it looked even better when I took my glasses off – then the colours just melted into each other and the little dots stood out)…
    …got distracted by the cyber-Higgins. He's addictive. I notice that kibbles trump bones, but balls trump kibbles. Does it work that way in real life as well?

  7. Butterfly Blossom

    Those presents look gorgeous with their perfect wrapping and pretty ribbon. I hope your mum enjoyed her birthday tea! I’m a massive fan of butterflies and yours are no exception! Lovely X

  8. Jenny

    Thank you for the butterflies linky – they are wonderful! I have introduced my kids to Higgins and they adore him – hope he dried off nicely 🙂

  9. Helen

    Hapy birthdays all round!
    I love that cotton, it is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to going back to work ONLY so I can afford to buy some! The butterfly is lovely and I will definitely be trying out the pattern!

  10. Rachel

    The butterflies are sweet!

    The link to the cotton club thingy doesn’t work, just to let you know.
    I’ve copied the text to add it to my blog, I’ve just to work out what setting to use to add it! 🙂

  11. Annie

    I don’t normally knit much with cotton but it looks like I may have to try this 😀 How many metres in a 50g ball Penny?

    Love the butterflies x

  12. Susie

    I laughed about Higgins, Pauli feels the same way about rain. 🙂
    Those butterflies are to die for! The colors are just stunning. I also had a quick look at the flickr page and will now go back and look more. I am a flickr addict!

  13. Carol

    Beautiful butterflies, thank you for the link to the pattern. I will make some from my cotton but must be good and finish some wips first!
    Clever Higgins drying his tummy, I would have rushed home too, it was dreadful here yesterday but lovely and sunny today.
    Carol xx

  14. Jan

    A brilliant range of colours, I love butterflies and yours look so summery.
    Higgins has the right idea, just go out and do what you need to do then straight back home again. 🙂

    Jan x

  15. Polly Polkadot

    Love the butterflies, for a moment I considered trying crochet again – but sometimes it is important to accept, that there just are somethings beyond you. Tidiness and crochet are two of my blanks!

  16. sue

    Higgins is a very wise dog!
    Those butterflies are wonderful, I made one the other day…………..oh the possibilities!

  17. Miaou

    Just discovered your website via pinterest and was drawn in by the beautiful rainbow colours – I am now saving up for my very own planet penny pack! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations :o)

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  19. Mary valenti

    May I ask how to make the butterfly a bit bigger and can I use worsted weight yarn so I can appliqué these on an afghan?

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