Higgins and the Bootscraper

Ever since the East Anglian drought situation has been in the news, it has barely stopped raining in this little corner of Norfolk! Poor  Higgins couldn’t leave the house on Monday because the floods in both directions were deeper than his little legs could cope with, even if he was prepared to venture out in the rain.

We got out yesterday, but the all pervading gloom really put a damper on things…roll on Spring!

a damp Norfolk walk

a damp Norfolk walk with a dachshund

We also fell foul of the dreaded hedge cutter.  I know it make things quicker and more efficient to have large machines to cope with things that might have been a full time job for one man, but I hate the way the hedge cutter just rips and slashes the  twigs and branches from the hedges and small trees, leaving jagged stumps and debris scattered all over the lanes.  Higgins stopped dead in his tracks and held up a paw half way through the walk and had to be upended so I could remove a thorn from his pad. (He was very brave…)

You can see that having this to contend with on a regular basis would make a bootscraper by the back door a useful thing to have.  I was very excited when a friend sent me this link a few weeks before Christmas with the perfect Christmas pressie for Tim, who is always a nightmare to buy for.


I duly sent off the order feeling quite smug that for once I was ahead of my usual Christmas panic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make any allowances for the Higgins factor, and when it arrived, conveniently while Tim was offshore so I didn’t have to worry about secrecy, I unwrapped it and put it on the floor to admire it….

Oh dear…

Competition?  Or maybe a little friend to play with?

It’s probably just as well I don’t have a little film, complete with wuffing and gruffing and growling and yodelling which goes with these photos…

We’ve tried to sneak it out by the back door while Higgins isn’t looking, but as soon as he spots it he starts all over again, so for now it’s on a high shelf in Tim’s workshop…

As I said, Oh dear….

I’ve got lots more to ‘show and tell’ but reliving this means I need a cup of tea, if not a lie down!  Do please have a game with Higgins in the side bar, he loves chasing the ball.  And it is possible to make him roll over, has anyone managed to do that yet?

I’ll be back with Planet Penny Cotton Club news, see you soon x



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10 thoughts on “Higgins and the Bootscraper

  1. Miaou

    oh, lolol at Higgins, that’s hilarious! Just shows how clever dogs are – after all, it hardly smells like a dog (well I assume not!)

  2. Carol

    Oh Penny, dear little brave Higgins, his poor paw. I hate the way they chop the hedges, looks terrible and, as Higgins can testify, leaves hazards.
    I am chuckling at his antics with the scraper.
    I’ve made one of the butterflies (just need to add antennae) and am very happy with the cotton, a dream to work with.
    Carol xx

  3. Penelope

    Oh that is a funny story Penny, what a character little Higgins is. I wish you had taken a video! Hope his sweet little paw is better now and that the earth soon dries up for happier, less soggy walking. I have added my linky onto your club and am now going to tr and copy and paste your ppcc button onto my blog. The cotton is truly gorgeous, well done for finding such special stuff xox lots of love Penelope xxx

  4. Ali

    Thanks for your post – I especially enjoyed the pictures of your walk with Higgins. I grew up in Suffolk and as gloomy as I know it can be, I really miss the countryside — am living in States now so I get a little homesick!!

  5. Rachel

    TBH Penny Higgins prefers it when I throw his ball for him! (I love it and would like a cat one…?)

    A vid of the wuffing and gruffing and growling and yodelling would be v funny!

    From Rachel who is really a cat lover but H looks fun!

  6. Annie

    I can just imagine the racket when Higgins was confronted with the boot scraper, my dachshund boys would have been just the same. Love the animation 😀

  7. Mrs. Micawber

    I can’t get him to roll over for anything! Is there a secret?

    I really thought he might end up having an amorous encounter with the bootscraper, but apparently he’s more repelled than attracted.

    The cotton is here! Hooray for the PPCC!

  8. Magic Cochin

    Higgins! 🙂

    And Penny, you’ve put a distracting gadget thing on your blog… I’m going to ignore it or I’ll be here all day… tempted to get the doggy to roll over… no! I must get on with my work!!!!


  9. sue

    How funny, does he think it’s a new friend? Maybe you could disguise it with some cunning crochet, a little cat mask might make him leave it alone LOL!

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