Crochet Owls for Handmade Monday

We’ve had such lovely weather for the past few days in this corner of the UK, it’s been great for getting outside…

and also visiting the garden centre for a little inspiration.  I rather wanted to take home the pond in our local one…

I got a colour fix inside, I could spend a fortune in here, I can get so carried away!

and this bee was enjoying the scent of the hyacinths as much as me!

I had a bit of an ‘eeek’ moment this morning when I printed out my pages from the Google calendar for the next few weeks.  We’ve known for months that the coming few weeks were going to have everything which is planned for 2012 crammed into them, mainly two weddings and Open Studios.  And I’ve just come to the point where sticking my fingers in my ears and going ‘la-la-la’ isn’t going to work any more…  So if it appears to go a little quiet here on Planet Penny for a while, it’s not true, I just won’t have time to tell you about it as it happens!

I’ve had a small amount of time to play with the pattern I’ve had in my head for a while (usually at 2.30 am!) having been inspired by the little owl Rachel, one of the Planet Penny Cotton Club ‘team’ made with her rainbow pack.  I’ve made three so far, each a little different and I would really like some feedback on which you prefer.

I made this one first…

…and was quite happy with it, although the eyes look a bit bulky, and I don’t think there is enough colour contrast for the beak to show enough.  Then I made this one…

I like the colours on this one, but I’m still not happy with chest piece. Finally there was this one…

…and now I’m completely confused!  Here they are all together…

I’d really like to know what you think!

If you would like to see what other people are making with their Planet Penny Cotton Club rainbow packs  head for the PPCC Page where you will find links to the participating blogs.  I’m expecting another delivery of yarn in the next couple of weeks so…

If you’d like a rainbow pack,

 find out all about it here,

Please get in touch with any questions


For now it’s time to head off to 1st Unique Gifts where Wendy is hosting Handmade Monday to see what everyone has been creating over the last few days,

See you soon…x

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30 thoughts on “Crochet Owls for Handmade Monday

  1. Jill

    Your owls are lovely and such gorgeous summer colours. I know what you mean about garden centres – so very tempting with everything laid out looking pretty. I bet Higgins has enjoyed the sunshine. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Marigold and the Goatmother

    That Higgins is so adorable. As for the owls … love no.2’s colors, but like the shape of no. 3. Very cute all, however! You are so creative. It may be awhile before the Goatmother gets to her cotton stash. Today she was pruning fruit trees. I think she may not be able to move for a few days. 🙂

  3. Mrs. Micawber

    I vote for #2. Somehow the proportions seem best on that one (although I do see what you mean about the chest piece). It’s funny how owls have come back into vogue – I remember the whole owl and mushroom phase of the 70s.

    I’m with you on garden centres – I always want to bring home one of everything.

    Enjoy your busy time as much as you can!

  4. Caroline

    The owls are so cute and I have just been playing with Higgins off to get one for Shiloh now!

  5. knutty knitter

    How about #2 with the chest of #3 ? That would be my ideal I think. We’ve got the end of summer here and good riddance in a way (read wet, gloomy, cold). Maybe we will now get some sun for Autumn.

    viv in nz

  6. Penelope

    Hello Penny
    I don’t know how you manage to make something for every Monday, you are one incredible lady! I’m with Viv regarding Owl number 2 with the chest of number 3. Look forward to the pattern…yay, I love your instructions, really easy to follow. I managed to make one of your mice yesterday and it was so easy to follow, just one little typo I think in the ear section you’ve put dk instead of dc if I remember correctly :0) forgive me if I’m wrong. I want to just stay at home making each cotton colour…maybe this Easter Holiday! You’ll see that my mouse is a little fat, I think he needs to go on a cheese free diet! Oh dear
    , I need to do a little less stuffing :o) xxx P
    ps. I’m with you and the la la la, fingers in ear method, it helps for a while until you really have to get your skates on xox

  7. Jan

    I love owls and your’s are so friendly looking, I like all of them but I know that you mean about not much contrast for the beak on the 1st one, I love all the colours.
    Great pics of the garden centre, I always spend far too much money at those places.

    Jan x

  8. Magic Cochin

    Aaaaw! little warm dog!

    OK focus…
    my gut reaction was Owl 2, then I really studied them and liked Owl 3 – the pattern on its chest is a lovely shape.
    Then again I really like the feel of Owl 2, so I agree with Penelope.


  9. Carol

    Hi Penny, oh, going to have to do a Harry Hill now – I like owl No. 2 but I also like owl No. 3, but which one is best? Fight!!!
    You’ve not got a robin up your sleeve have you? Only my DH says that’s what I look like as I’ve been sitting in the garden this afternoon.
    Lovely photos, always great to see Higgins, handsome chap that he is.
    Carol xx

  10. Trish

    I agree with what others have said. No.2 owl has the best proportions but no.3 has best chest piece. I think their eyes are really important and no.2 has nice eyes. The other ones eyes seem too far apart.

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