Needlefelt Brooches for Handmade Monday

It’s a little tricky when you get yourself into the blogging mindset of photographing everything and filling the little file in the back of your brain where you store interesting and useful stuff for a blog post and then running up against secrecy!  As in wedding plans!  All of a sudden I’m doing things I can’t show you for a while, and it’s very hard keeping it to myself!

My darling daughter came home last week and frog marched me off to do ‘Wedding Outfit Shopping’.  I’ve been failing miserably on this front.  I live in jeans, jumpers and boots in the winter and swap to jeans, shirts and sandals as the weather warms up and I’ve been totally intimidated by the whole ‘frock’ thing.  I like haberdashery and stationery shops, nothing which requires me to go into a changing room and remove my clothing in front of a full length mirror!

Thanks to Aimee, John Lewis and a pair of Spanx,  I now have an outfit suitable to be the ‘Mother of the Groom’ in, just the shoes, bag and hat to go!  I’ll give you three guesses what colour I’ve chosen!

Yesterday, Aimee and I lent our support to the Groom as we went off to sort out his wedding outfit.  I think we are going to be hopeless on the day as we both dissolved into tears when he came out of the changing room looking so handsome and dashing in the full regalia. And I can’t show you any of it!

I can tell you about the up coming Needlefelt course I’m going to teach at the OutHouse Studio, in Aylsham, Norfolk on 17th of this month.  This time we will be making little brooches and pins…

selection of Needlefelt brooches

And my other needlefelting project is underway…

…can you tell what it is yet? All will be revealed before too long, I promise!

On the Planet Penny Cotton Club front I am still getting emails from happy people who have received their rainbow packs.  The next delivery should be in by the middle of April, slightly delayed because one colour is out of stock.  I’m already taking names for the next batch so if you want to join in do email me with your details, you can find out all about it here...

Once again I’m linking up with Wendy over on 1st Unique Gifts for Handmade Monday.  Do visit all the other blogs taking part and find out what every one’s been creating for this latest Handmade Monday!



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34 thoughts on “Needlefelt Brooches for Handmade Monday

  1. Caroline

    A wedding so exciting and so much to plan. Love the new felted goodies and good luck with your course, you will be fine.

  2. Tickled Pink

    Lovely brooches and am intrigued by the balls!
    Can’t wait to see the wedding outfit either, and if you need help looking for shoes……………..I LOVE shoe shopping!

  3. Toffeeapple

    I was so lucky when my daughter got married, they ran off to Las Vegas and I didn’t have to get an outfit…

  4. Wendy

    Oooh, what gorgeous felted brooches – love them!! I’m not a frock kinda gal, either, and I find the whole shopping thing difficult. I have a mum, sister and daughter who are totally into it though. I missed out on the gene somewhere, I think!

  5. Sprinkles Crafting

    Look forward to seeing all the pictures of everything you’ve been doing for the wedding, so exciting! The brooches and pins are great I’m hoping to attend the course, just got to see if my carer is free to take me!

  6. Nina

    I love the brooches, really cute and quirky!! I have to say well done on keeping secrets, I am organising a surprise party which is quite a way off yet and I must admit I’m finding it hard to keep my excitement contained and quiet!!!

  7. Annie

    Oh goodness, how frustrating, so much fab stuff you can’t share. We shall all wait patiently until you can I’m sure 😀

  8. Jill

    Keeping secrets is so difficult, especially when it is something you are really proud of and excited about. Good luck with your workshop – look forward to hearing how it went. Your felt pins are really cute – especially the dog. Hope you have a good week.

  9. mcrafts

    The brooches look lovely. Hope your wedding outfit shopping goes well. I am still using my cotton yarn and loving the colours. Mich x

  10. Susie

    Oh, I’ve been there 3 times, as Mother of the Groom. I have to say, it’s glorious to see your children get married, I don’t know what it would like to be Mother of the Bride, having had no daughters, but I think it would be far more stressful. Enjoy the day and I bet you will be the most beautiful Mother of the most handsome Groom! 🙂 BTW love that little needlefelt dog, so adorable.

  11. Susie

    LOL I just spent about 10 minutes playing with Higgins. That is the funniest little thing! And what a well trained dog!

  12. Helen

    I love your brooches! I am a new comer to needle felting myself.
    I am waiting to get back to work from maternity leave, and also finding some way of sneaking yarn past my hubby lol, and then I will be very interested in your gorgeous cottons!

  13. Jan

    Full length mirrors and changing rooms are not my thing either. I love your brooches and intrigued at what the felt balls will turn out to be.

    Jan x

  14. Martha After Hours

    how cute these brooches are! love the details you have managed to achieve with your felting 🙂
    oh, and the balls are cute too, even as they are 🙂
    are they going to be made into a necklace or earrings maybe? 😛

  15. Pickle-Lily

    Love the tulip photo!
    I’m dreading tthe ‘mother of’ stage as like you I live in the same style of outfit all year long (apart from school and even then I have a school ‘uniform’) and I only possess four pairs of shoes – well one pair shoes, then a pair of boots, sandles and trainers! The brooches are wonderful, I wished I lived near you to go on your course.
    jo x

  16. Mrs. Micawber

    I love that little heart brooch.

    I hope we’ll get to see lots of photos of the bridal regalia. I’m guessing pink, purple or blue. 🙂

    All I can think of for the felted balls is a juggler.

  17. Jam Dalory

    What great brooches, I love the teddy head. Isn’t it frustrating wanting to share something but having to keep it secret? I look forward to the photos. x

  18. Jeanie B

    Well hello Penny – via Linkd In and Craft Blog! Good to see your work – your needlefelted brooches are lovely! Especially the pooch.

  19. Amanda

    Hi, I saw your blog on the LinkedIn “Craft Blog UK” group. I love your needle felting animals, my sister and I learnt to needle felt recently and it was great fun. I’ll be tuning into your future blog posts for inspiration I think!

    I write a blog myself (although its very new) and I want to interview fellow crafter as part of a regular feature. I have a few people lined up but I don’t have a needle felter and I wondered if you’d be interested in being interviewed later in the year? My blog is – so drop me a line if you’d be interested

    Amanda x

  20. Micro G

    Hi Penny!

    Haven’t been over to anyone’s blogs for a few weeks but I’ve missed yours! Cute brooches and I hope the wedding goes well, how lovely.

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