Crochet, Cats and Crochet Mice….

Welcome back to Planet Penny and another Handmade Monday post.  It’s also a catch up post, because last week I didn’t feel able to bring you up to date with the ‘Clovis the Cat Saga’ because I was dreading the outcome.  But I’m back now, with more crochet, more mice, and even more cats!

If you’ve not visited before, Clovis is my ‘foster’ cat, living with my mum and who suffered a nasty accident 10 days ago, you can find out more in this post.  Last weekend he was safely ensconced in his crate, and I thought I had the after-care sussed.  That was before the Break Out, when he hefted his 8 kilos plus frame out of the crate just as I was juggling with a used earth tray (YUK!) and got out outside!!

To cut a very long story and traumatic story short, he got out, panicked, ran under the neighbour’s car, got up inside the car while we searched elsewhere.  Reappeared several hours later when the neighbour started the car and belted down the garden on three legs and vanished into the undergrowth.  Hours of fruitless searching and calling later I gave up for the night, hoping he would creep in via the catflap under cover of darkness.  The next morning my mum went to look for him inside…no sign… By now it was raining, and I went back to search, dressed in waterproofs and wellies…convinced that he had displaced the pins, caused an infection, had soggy bandages,  was lying somewhere in pain and unable to move and it was all my fault

The neighbour came out and suggested starting his car again, just to make sure he hadn’t gone back underneath, and, just on the off chance before he did, I went back inside  just to check Clovis wasn’t inside.  And there he was, on the bed in the spare room!!!  I couldn’t get near enough to check him over, so I shut him in with food, water and a tray and left him alone over night to recover his nerves, as the following day I had to catch him again and take him to the vet.

Against all the odds he was absolutely fine, I meanwhile have aged 10 years….

Tabby cat on a patchwork quilt with a purple bandage

Tomorrow of course, I have to catch him again for the next vet visit, please wish me luck!

However, I have still fitted in some creativity, the first being a little ‘Granny’ project with the Planet Penny Cotton.  It’s fun making all the little bits and bobs with the rainbow colours, but I wanted to make something pretty for the home…

Crochet 'Granny' squares on Provencal Print

This small remnant of beautiful vintage Provençal Print was crying out to be a cushion back…

Provençal Print cushion back

…and I was pretty pleased with the front too!

Planet Penny Cotton Cushion detail with button

Planet Penny Cotton Cushion detail with orange button

Planet Penny Cotton Cushion on polka dots

Planet Penny Cotton Cushion on school chair

I can’t get away from pussy cats though, while my back was turned Henry decided to give it a quality control check!

Tabby Cat on Crochet cushion

…it passed!

And the crochet mice?

Well, after my last post about using different yarns and hooks to change the size of the mice on the Mouse Patterns, I had lots of comments via the Planet Penny Facebook Page about the cuteness of the teeny tiny mice made from Coton Perlé using the Planet Penny Mini Mice pattern.  I’ve raided my embroidery basket to make some pretty little crochet mouse hair slides…

crochet mice hair ornaments

a handful of crochet mice hair ornaments

crochet mice hair ornaments

blue/green crochet mice hair slides

and have now bought a mini rainbow selection to have a play with using this much finer crochet hook…

Very happy colours!

a rainbow of embroidery threads

I hope you’ve had a slightly less exciting time where ever you have been over the last week.  I know I’ve given the impression with my photos lately that Norfolk has been having the summer no one else has had, but we’ve had our share of wet days too.  It’s St Swithin’s Day today, and this is supposed to happen…

‘St. Swithin’s day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin’s day if thou be fair
For forty days ’twill rain nae mair.’

So far around here it’s been dry, so fingers crossed!

I’ll leave you with the usual link to Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour where you can find lots of lovely blogs to visit…

See you soon …x

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43 thoughts on “Crochet, Cats and Crochet Mice….

  1. knitnrun4sanity

    I had forgotten about st Swithins day. We have not had any rain yet….. I love, love the teeny tiny mice and as for the cushion well – speechless. I love the way you have used the buttons as an extra detail. Hope you have a less eventful week!

  2. greenrabbitdesigns

    So glad Clovis is doing ok but it must have been a nightmare for you!!
    We had a little shower today but it was just a little one so I’m pretending it didn’t happen. 😉
    Vivienne x

  3. Free Spirit Designs

    wow! what a saga with Clovis the cat! what our pets put us through eh… not that it makes us love them any less 🙂

    Your cat Henry is adorable and definitely seems to have claimed your beautiful rainbow cushion as his own! The yellow fabric you’ve used as the backing compliments the front perfectly and the whole effect is so wonderfully bright and cheery 🙂 (i hope Higgins doesn’t manage to chew the corners of this one..!)

    Your little mice hair slides are just adorable and i can see them being super popular x

  4. Jill

    As always, your mice are gorgeous. Clovis sounds like a big cat – our Jazz is just under 7 kilos and is arm-achingly heavy at times. Hope the vet’s trip goes OK. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Jean

    What a rascal that Clovis is, so glad he is safe and sound.
    Lying on the bed showing his big tum he reminds me of an old fashioned toy nightdress case:)

  6. Wendy

    Oh my word what a cat saga! Best of luck for the trips back to the vet! Love that cat-on-the-cushion pic, so funny! Gorgeous cushion, no wonder it was claimed so quickly. And those hair slides – so so cute!

  7. Liz

    Great minds think alike I’ve been making mini crochets too. Your mice look really cute, Love the cushion too 🙂

  8. Mythillogical

    That must be the world’s most cheerful cushion! I love it, and the tiny mice slides too.
    Good luck with your vet visit!

  9. Penelope

    Gosh, your nerves must be shot with the adventures of Clovis the cat! I love her face in that photo almost saying “what’s all the fuss about?”. Good luck catching her tomorrow Penny, maybe a kitty treat will help? or one of your mice stuffed with catnip?
    Love those very cute hair slides indeed, I am not particularly great on the crochet front with “skinny cotton” and look forward to your rainbow mice making. Happy sunshiny week to you and of course Higgins xox

  10. Penelope

    ps. forgot to comment on your Henry approved cushion cover, a perfect planet Penny make yet again, please can you stop being so clever and talented!!! :o)

  11. Teje

    Oh boy what a week you had! Sorry to hear about all that! Fortunately the scary boy was well! Henry looks great on your beautiful pillow and I’m happy to see Higgins on the beach! x Teje

  12. Ginny

    Clovis seems to have used up a few of his 9 lives in a very short time. I love the photo at the end of your post.

  13. JayNicKnitKnacks

    ooooh that cushion is LOVELY. and the mice are pretty cute too.

    I wont relay the cat story to him indoors, it will only serve to reinforce his ‘no we are not getting a cat’.

    Glad he’s ok now.

  14. Peeriemoot

    Poor old Clovis, just too many adventures! I hope you’ve calmed down too :-). Love the cushion and the mice! The cushion reminds me of a paintbox :-).

  15. Chris

    What beautiful work you do…that cushion is exquisite as are the lil mice hair clips!!
    Loved the kitty story…so glad he is ok!!

  16. Julie

    Boy, do you have some cat-tales! So cute. Just like kids, they can run you ragged. Glad everything came out ok. Here from Handmade Monday link.

  17. Mrs. Micawber

    Cats are so amazingly resilient – but what a little bugger to put you through so much! I’m glad to hear he’s no worse for the escapade.

    What a very lovely cushion cover, and such cute little hair slides.

    Lucky Higgins to be able to walk on the beach. 🙂

  18. wendy

    Hope it all goes better with Clovis!! Cats are amazing and I so love your little mice and the beautiful cushion cover, and kitty testing included ?

  19. Made in Suisse

    Loving Higgins trotting along on the beach! That mixed fabric/crochet cushion cover is beautiful! Now that I have officially started maternity leave, I hope to have a bit more time to do some crochet. I have some bases but find it more tedious than knitting and really need to take my time. A cushion cover would be a start!

  20. Caroline

    Poor Clovis I do hope he recovers soon and you can breath, these pets they do try us at times but would not be without them. The cushion is so vibrant, beautiful

  21. knutty knitter

    I can relate to the aging 10 years bit – I think I must be around 200 now with all those additional years 🙂

    I like those mice – I have a knitted version I made up a couple of years back and have always made teeny tiny ones in felt but haven’t tried one in crochet.

    Good luck with Clovis – they always know when its a visit to the vet!

    viv in nz

  22. Karen

    Love the cushion. I have done a load of granny squares and now have the task of sewing them all together… doubt it will look anywhere near as good as yours.

  23. WoollyBudgie

    Poor you! That sounds very stressful. Clovis is a very lucky cat! Hope his recovery is event free from now on! Your cushion is lovely. So happy and colourful! Rachel x

  24. Alison

    Clovis must be working his way through his nine lives, I hope he’s recovering well. Haven’t you been crafty. Your cushion is gorgeous no wonder Henry’s nabbed it. As ever your mice are really cute, the colours are fab. Thanks for sharing the lovely view of the beach I could just stroll down there. Have a crafty week. Ali x

  25. Mrs A.

    Oh no!! It has rained here on and off all day but your swett mice have made up for it. what a tail/tale to tell with Clovis. He should meet up with my Wimpey.He has to go the vets on Thursday for a blood test. Hugs Mrs A.

  26. Dee

    oooh I love your mice! I hope your pesky moggy is behaving now and feeling better. Good job with the cushion cover too xx

  27. Linda

    The cushion is beautiful! I hope that Clovis is continuing to improve, and that you are recovering from the ordeal. Did Higgins celebrate his birthday week?

  28. Geraldine

    Clovis and Henry obviously need somewhere special to chill out . In fact , you’ll be lucky if you ever get that lovely cushion back !
    Good luck with the vet trips .

  29. anne@andamento

    Hello, just found you again via a kind message left by Mrs Micawber. We’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in Norfolk and I’ve been enjoying the glimpses of Norfolk in your old blog posts.
    Fabulous crochet mice, and a lovely cushion too, well worthy of cat approval!

  30. Nata

    Oh I’m so glad Clover is back home after this horrible adventure. How is he doing now and could you catch him for the vet? Your mice are really sweet and the rainbow cushion, oh wow, amazing!!

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