Planet Penny Cotton Colours

I’ve been feeling the need for a little colour fix just lately, of the rainbow cotton variety, to counter balance the Christmassy slant which my creativity has inevitable taken.

There’s no getting away from it, robins are basically shades of brown with red, and although it suits them very well, it doesn’t press all the buttons for me, colourwise.  So off to the Planet Penny Cotton Colours shelves…

and POW!

Planet Penny Cotton Club Yarns

… oooh, I feel better already!

What started as a very tentative foray into importing something from Europe which I couldn’t actually purchase in the UK is still going well, and I’ve had great feedback and repeat orders from people who have been so happy with not only the gorgeous colour range but the quality of the yarn.  (If you are a new blog visitor you can find out the beginnings of the Planet Penny Cotton Colours yarn here and here)

There are only two areas where I feel I’m letting the side down, and the first only is completely out of my hands.  It’s so expensive to ship outside the UK!  I’ve pared down the packing to the minimum, (and the girls at my local Post Office are impressed that the parcels come in just below the point where the cost goes up to the next band!) so I do apologise to anyone who feels the shipping costs are high, and I really appreciate the loyal customers who buy despite the Royal Mail’s costs.  In fact someone in Australia emailed to say she loved the yarn so much she would have paid double the postage rate!

And really the other area is out of my hands too, unless I can magic some extra hours in the day!  I’d like to produce more patterns, but is a very time consuming affair … Coming up with the idea, making the item, writing the pattern, typing the pattern, then following the pattern whilst making it again to check it works, etc. etc. you get the picture…

So my plan is to research other peoples patterns, to find pretty ideas which can be made up in the beautiful Cotton Colours and then giving you the links to the websites to try them for yourselves.  It also seemed like a cheerful thing to do as Winter approaches and nature makes things a bit dark and monotone.  You’ll find plenty of inspiration too, if you visit me on Pinterest!

And this is the first pattern I found…

crochet pincushions made in Planet Penny Cotton Club yarn

Aren’t they pretty? So easy, and compulsive to make.  At this rate every one will be getting one for Christmas, including the boys!

flower pincushions crochet in Planet Penny Cotton Club yarn

This has been about for a while and appears to have originated on a Danish blog, but I found a great crochet blog called Hooked on Needles where there is an English version of the pattern

Check out the shop for the yarn and the patterns, and also for the new limited edition, Christmas Crochet Collection

Planet Penny Cotton Club Christmas Crochet kit

Which includes the PPCC  ‘Snowdrop’ yarn, hook, buttons, ribbon and the pattern for the Christmas Crochet bunting featured in the Winter Simply Crochet magazine, and the heart and snowflake patterns to make tree ornaments or a garland.

And while I was looking for the links for this pattern I found another one…where are those extra hours in the day?  I’ll be back with more ideas very soon…


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9 thoughts on “Planet Penny Cotton Colours

  1. Sherrill Ward

    Good morning Penny. Thanks for sharing. Love all your colours. So vibrant. Just ordered the Christmas kit and am patiently awaiting its arrival. Pin Cushion will be for me – Christmas kit will be for family gifts. Thanks again and hope you are having a great day

  2. kateuk

    Know what you mean about the Christmas colour thing- been working on a Christmas pattern for Popular Patchwork for several weeks now and I am yearning to go mad with colours other than red/green/white!

  3. Janet Friel

    A lovely blast of colour on your blog today – just what I need on a grey, drizzley day! I think it’s a great idea to link to other sites that use the cotton in different ways. Looking forward to seeing even more inspiration!

  4. Mrs. Micawber

    I love the PPCC and am always playing around with it. I recently submitted two patterns for publication that used PPCC – if they don’t get accepted I’ll publish them on the blog. More potential links!


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