Angels and Light – Part One

Do you remember me mentioning our forthcoming  Angels and Light Festival and my date with dolly pegs?  Well, I spent a dolly peg day or two last week and have created a dozen assorted angels, all ready for setting up the display in the church at the end of the week.

I don’t know whether spending a few hours in the company of angels went to my head or not but having spent a few hours with white lace, white yarn and white parchment  coming out of the studio blinking into the bright Autumn light for a walk with Higgins gave me some magical moments which I tried hard to capture in the next few photos.

A beautiful Autumn day is a treat, coming in the midst of rain and wind, mist and fog and needs to be savoured.  I set off with Higgins and took our usual route across the footpath through the stubble and was amazed by a sight I never noticed before, and yet I must have past it time and time again looking up, looking down, thinking of to do lists and never actually seeing.

The low sun was shining across the stubble creating a shimmering pathway, like the moon on the sea…

Autumn sun on stubble

…which when I looked closer was caused by thousands, millions of spiders webs spun across the tops of the stubble and reflecting the golden light of the sun…

light on cobwebs

Shooting into the sun with a compact digital camera without specialised lenses or setting was never going to give me the best of shots, but I hope this will give you an impression at least.

It was mesmerising.

After Higgins had charged across it hot on the scent of a rabbit and returned I found he is just the right height to be a cobweb brush!

Mini dachshund with cobwebs

At  far side of the field, where the footpath continues in the shade of the hedge the previous nights mist was still lying on the grass…

mist on grass

..and the cobwebs here were beautiful in quite a different way…

mist on spiders webs

mist on cobwebs

(It was only later that evening I realised that as an arachnophobe I must have been in the company of thousands of the little beasts!)

The golden light continued…

Autumn Light

Autumn light

Autumn light

Everywhere I turned was another photo opportunity…

Autumn bracken


Golden Oak leaves


It was quite hard to return to work and the angels but they are all done and dusted now and ready for next weekend.  I’m sure you’ve been wondering whether I would ever get round to showing you!  These have auburn locks, made from Wensleydale fleece…

Dolly peg angels for Angels and Light Festival

…and these have blonde hair, made from dyed Merino fleece.

dolly peg Angels for Angels and Light Festival

They are made in the same way as in this tutorial using oddments of Broiderie Anglaise edging, white felt and cotton yarn.  the wings are cut from parchment printed with sparkling flowers.  Next week I hope to share the pictures of them as part of our display at the Church.

Talking of next week, I’m off to London again with an invitation to spend an evening with Debbie Bliss as part of the promotion of the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day  As yet I don’t have any details to share, we are knitting a ‘Christmas Surprise’ but I’ll be back next weekend to tell you all about it!

Finally, do you remember Higgins being an artists model?

drawing of miniature dachshund

You can now find out a little more and see some other little sketches by visiting the Thomas Taylor – Author website.  I’m struggling to keep up with his fan club by the way, he now has over 200 ‘likes’ (or should that be licks) on Facebook!

I’ll leave you now with the usual link to Handmade Monday.  Thank you to all the lovely people who turn up each week to comment on the blog.  I do try to return the compliment as far as possible  and wish I had time to visit everyone,  but I do read all the comments and really appreciate them.

I’ll be back soon …x

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33 thoughts on “Angels and Light – Part One

  1. Free Spirit Designs

    wow!! those pictures are gorgeous!! doesn’t the beauty of nature just take you breath away… like you, i’m out every day with the dog and am constantly marvelling at the million treasures that are out there waiting to be discovered… (and trying to capture them on camera too!)

    your angels are so sweet, i’m sure they’l be flying off to their new homes very soon! x

  2. Made in Suisse

    Dog walking is (almost) always one of my favourite moment in the day, there’s always something nice to see when you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside and the photo opportunities are endless.

  3. Hannah

    simply stunning photos, thank you!

    I love the cobwebs on the stubble.

    These ‘blue sky days’ are my favourite kind – I’d take them over a summer’s day anytime. They feel like real treasures, especially when we’ve had so much fog of late.


  4. Fiddly fingers

    What beautiful photos, just gorgeous! I’m also looking forward to seeing those cute little angels in the display. The drawing of Higgins is perfect – how is it that some people can place a few lines on a piece of paper and make it look awesome?

  5. Maryom

    Who ever knew spiders could be so beautiful! Gorgeous angels too – I tried to make similar ones with daughters when young – small fingers tend not to end up with such a lovely finished product though.

  6. Wendy Melling

    Your photos are beautiful. As are your angels. I will take a look at the tutorial too. Enjoy your evening. I have a Debbie Bliss baby pattern, that made an adorable cardigan.

  7. Wendy

    Beautiful photographs and drawing. Did you know the field is covered in gossamer? Wikipedia: Gossamer (spider silk), very fine spider silk used for ballooning or kiting by various species of spiders.
    Sounds as though they had been having great fun!!!

  8. Simmi

    Your angels are gorgeous and the photos are beautiful – I can see why it was hard to come back in and return to work. Look forward to seeing the surprise! Simmi x

  9. Alison

    Gorgeous photos of your walk. I’m not too keen on spiders but I love it when you can see their webs highlighted with dew.
    Your peg angels are beautiful. I bet they look amazing on a tree. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  10. Chris

    Who knew that such creepy little creatures could create such beauty? 🙂 I too am not fond of them but their webwork is stunning…your fall photos are beautiful! The lower dew drops on that blade of grass are heart shaped! 🙂
    And your lil angels…too adorable!…Love the photos of Higgins with his web hat!!

  11. Toffeeapple

    A post full of beautiful images, they are all lovely Penny, especially the ones of the webs on the grass. I hope Higgins didn’t get stuck with too many spiders on him…

  12. kateuk

    We’ve had more spiders than usual this year…turn my back for a moment and another appears! Lovely photos and charming drawing of Higgins.


    Such beautiful photographs. Cobwebs with dew on them always look so pretty. We don’t seem to have many berries on our holly this year, so your pic was very welcome. The angels are beautiful and the drawing of Higgins is gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  14. Mellissa

    Hi Penny, thanks for your nice comment regarding the Save the Children event tomorrow. Will see you there. I am excited to meet everyone and Debbie. Mellissa

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