Advent Calendar – Day Three

For the Planet Penny Advent Calendar today I’ve gone to a Christmas favourite of mine, Origami Stars.  I first tried Origami when I was about 11.  My mother found a book in the library, and thought it was a great idea as it didn’t require any cutting up of bits of paper.   (She says I spent my entire childhood creating scraps of paper which were too small to pick up, and too big to be vacuumed.  Nothing’s changed there then!)

The stars didn’t make an appearance then, but my lovely daughter-in-law, Celia, discovered them a few Christmases ago, and decorated the mantelpiece in their old house in Rouen, and they now remind me of the last Christmas we spent there together before she, my son and grandsons move back to the UK.  Happy memories, and I’ve been making them every Christmas since…

What I love about them is that they are so simple to make, and yet can be made to fit in any colour scheme, from the wild and colourful to sophisticated and plain.  You will be very surprised by my particular choice, given my love of colour but I really like them plain and white and simple…

Origami Stars -  Day three Planet Penny Advent Calendar

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating ideas.  They look good just in a glass jar, dish or vase…

Origami stars in a jar Origami Stars -  Day three Planet Penny Advent Calendar

…so pretty scattered over a red Christmas tablecloth…

white origami stars on red Origami Stars -  Day three Planet Penny Advent Calendar

In the past I’ve strung them together  to make garlands, added individual strings to each little star to hang them in the Christmas tree branches and attached them to mirrors and windows with double sided tape.  Made in gold and silver and glued on to a simple wreath they would look stunning and in  bright colours stuck to the ceiling to a child’s bedroom they would look pretty any time of the year…

Tempted?  Well, there’s a great tutorial here which will get you started, and before too long you’ll be churning them out in every spare moment!

origami stars on red mat Origami Stars -  Day three Planet Penny Advent Calendar

And if you’d like a little colour fix, I found these on Pinterest.  Aren’t they gorgeous? (no source I’m afraid)


If you missed yesterdays’s post don’t forget to join in with the Prize Draw, see this post for all the details of the prize.  Just follow Planet Penny in some way, whether it’s by email sign up, or on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  Don’t think I expect you to do everything, and if you are already following, well thank you very much! All I need is for you to tell me somewhere in a comment during the Advent Calendar posts because that where I will be compiling my list of entrants from.  Hope that make sense…

In the meantime, Have fun, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


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14 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Three

  1. Janet Friel

    I love the little stars! I’ve just become a follower of yours on Pinterest – so much to look at and be inspired by – I need more hours in the day!!

  2. Jill McGee

    These stars will keep me good for hours!! When i first saw one of your needle felted sheep i started to follow you – i say follow but i think i’ve been led further and further down “crafter’s lane”. I am trying to learn to crochet and i did buy some stuff so i could have a go at needle felting too. I read somewhere that a tidy house is the sign of a dull life (not dull round here then!!!) and all i’ve got to say on that matter is that you can touch the dust but please don’t write in it…….
    So many crafts, so little time.

  3. Sam

    Love these! So glad I follow you on Facebook or I would never have seen them 🙂 off to make a load now! X

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