Advent Calendar – Day Ten

Yesterday I wrote about the simple things, so that has prompted today’s simple make for the Advent Calendar.  A pompom garland.  If you’ve been visiting Planet Penny for a while you’ll know I have had a bit of a love affair with pompoms!  The Pompom and Heart Garland which is in this tutorial now hangs in the studio, if I look up in the office I see this…

…and in my 2010 Using Up Leftovers post I had fun with the remains of my big granny square blanket to make my first pompom bunting.  So it’s snow balls!

(if you are having Higgins withdrawal symptoms these links will also take you to a couple of little ‘aaah’ moments from his younger days!)

It gave me a chance to get out my little pompom makers, which I find very addictive because it’s so quick.  You don’t have to go out and spend money to do this because there is always the traditional way to make pompoms, but I would recommend these over other gadgets I’ve tried.

Pompom makers - Advent Calendar Day Ten

There’s no point wasting good quality yarn on these, it’s such a shame to cut it up and cotton in this case is useless because it doesn’t have enough ‘give’ and you end up with something like a little corn sheaf!  I used a ball of snowy white acrylic which looked perfectly fluffy and snowballish…

Pompom Garland Advent Calendar Day Ten

These are just strung on a length of the acrylic, but you could also use some sparkly thread, or even some fishing line so they appear suspended in mid air!

Pompoms on tree Advent Calenday Day Ten

Tree Decs and Pompoms Advent Calendar Day 10

And if you’ve got completly carried away and filled the house with pompoms, you can always give them away on your Christmas gifts!

Pompom Giftwrap Advent Calendar Day Ten

By the way, thank you for all the comments yesterday, sharing your fantasy Christmas dreams.  It’s been lovely reading them.  If you haven’t added yours yet, please do!

I’ll be back tomorrow, happy pompom making!

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8 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Ten

  1. Penelope

    Nom nom ompompom! Sorry I couldn’t resist saying that Penny. Loving Higgy again, you know how yo please your readers :o)
    I bought acopy ofth Simple Things today when I was pleasantly surprised to see it for sale in our local Sainsburys…go Bexhill! I have also made some pom poms for gift wrapping decs thing year Penny but I love the idea offish wire and falling pom poms xox P
    ps. Please you could stop being so clever !!

  2. Lisa

    I have never seen a pompom tool before, have only used the cardboard method. Will have to look out for them!
    I am using your Christmas bunting pattern at the moment. I have made 5 flags so far – think I want to do a few more!

  3. greedy nan

    I really like this idea and it’s probably quite simple to do without a tutorial but I still would have liked to see it. Can’t get the link for whatever reason though.

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