Advent Calendar – Day Twentyone

Christmas Decorations for Advent Calendar Day 21

I’m hoping that the Advent Calendar for today is going to get posted and that the world hasn’t ended yet.  Those Mayans have a lot to answer for!

For me, the 21st December is a special day because it’s the Winter Solstice, and this date always means so much more to me than the man made celebrations of New Year.  The shortest day, and tomorrow the world in the Northern Hemisphere starts turning forward into the light.  Now that’s something to celebrate!  We usually get together with friends for a celebration as we did last year but with Tim offshore and  various other reasons it’ll just be me, Higgins and Henry tonight!

But that’s why today’s Advent make is all about light, I’ve been making candle holders.

I’ve always got too many jam jars, and although I could recycle them so many are just too nicely shaped to drop in the bottle bank.  And I love to light the room wth candles in the winter, it looks so pretty and festive, so I’ve rootled around in amongst my pretty bits and pieces and decorated an assortment of glass jars for holding tea lights.

Tea light Holders for Advent Calender  Day 21

With pretty paper (this is the time you can print out on the most basic and thin 80gsm printer paper!) Lace scraps, short lengths of ribbon, cord, string and trimmings your imagination can run riot and you can fill your mantelpiece or windowsill with twinkling prettiness.

Christmas Tea Light holders for Advent Calendar Day 21

I hope that’s inspired you, even if it’s only to get all the  half used jars out of the cupboard and make jam tarts so you can decorate them!

Talking of cooking, I have a date in the kitchen.  Tomorrow I’m meeting my sister and family over at my mum’s for lunch, and I’ve promised to take one of my most popular edible creations to the party.  I’ll be bake tomorrow to share the recipe…

I’ll see you then, and in the meantime, Happy Solstice!


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6 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Twentyone

  1. Joan

    I’m sitting in hospital showing the other ladies on the ward your lovely ideas. They are all so impressed. You’ve literally brightened up their afternoon!! Thanks!
    Keep going…’re nearly there….well done. Joan

  2. Mrs. Micawber

    Thanks for this one, Penny! We have loads of jam jars because we can’t bear to throw them away, and they make wonderful storage containers. Though I’m usually not a candle person, I do love tea lights in jars on a winter windowsill. I shall rootle through my lace-and-trim stash in the intervals of crocheting, and see what I can come up with. Happy Solstice to you! 🙂

  3. KateUK

    How much have I enjoyed my solar powered fairy lights at this darkest time of the year? As the light fades outside, on they come, by the time it is dark enough for me to close the curtains, they are no longer shining, but oh, how they cheer me up as twilight falls.

  4. Marigold

    Happy Solstice to you! I wonder if the person that left the music in your bin would be surprised to find out all the wonderful things that have come of it? 🙂

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