No Time for Crochet Hearts!

Daffodils on dresserHello!  I thought I’d start with cheery daffodils ‘cos I’m going to moan…only a bit, but I’ve had so little time to be creative this week, and all I really want to do is make more crochet hearts because I have a cunning plan!   I had a flash of inspiration last week, sourced the very thing I wanted on line and when the box arrived I thought yessss…that’ll do the trick and life piled in behind and filled up all my available minutes.

So, darn…and other,  more colourful expletives.  However I’m not going to spoil the whole thing by rushing it, or giving the game away so you’ll have to wait until later in the week I’m afraid!

One thing I did do was to redisplay the Hearts and Crochet Garland.  I wanted to put it on the dresser to instil a little Spring like colour to cheer things up so I carefully divided it into two pieces.  I’m happy with the way it works…

dresser with crochet hearts and flower garland

…and it’s most decidedly cheerful!

Dresser with crochet hearts garland

A complete change in the weather means we’ve swapped the snow and grey clouds for this…

Norfolk sky

…but losing the snow so quickly means this…

muddy field

and also…

flooded road

…but there were a few places where Higgins could walk rather than swim…

miniature dachshund in field

He came back and parked himself on his favourite look out post, he does prefer to admire the great outdoors from the comfort of an armchair I’m afraid!

mini dachshund in sunThinking of crochet hearts got me digging around in the archives, back to last February in fact, when I made this for the dresser…

Dresser with crochet hearts

I never did write a pattern for the whole piece, but  the pattern for the crochet hearts you can find here if you are thinking ahead to Valentines Day.

I’ll leave you now to get back to the crochet but in the meantime do call over to Handmade Harbour to check out the Handmade Monday links.  Lots of busy crafters making beautiful things!  Don’t forget, you can join me on Facebook,  Pinterest or  Twitter!

See you soon…x




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24 thoughts on “No Time for Crochet Hearts!

  1. Free Spirit Designs

    I can’t believe you have fully blooming daffs already!! We only have a few hopeful little green spikes so far.. 🙂

    Your dresser looks quite the picture of cheerful spring loveliness 🙂 It must really lift you spirits to see it ‘smiling’ away at you! x

  2. Jill Spain

    Daffodils in flower already? How lovely. They are so welcome and even more so if early. Ours are just in the peeping leaves stage. Your dresser looks gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Adaliza

    Those garlands are absolutely stunning – as is the dresser! The hearts & flowers one is very, very pretty – perfect. I planted some budding tete-a-tete bulbs, primroses & aubretia today – it was a treat to feel the sun on my back. Spring is just around the corner!

  4. wendy

    The hearts on the dresser look amazing. Cheerful and springlike! Higgins looks smart. I’m sure the UK is about to sink soon, we’ve taken on board so much water.

  5. Teje

    Hi Penny and Higgins! Beautiful flowers and your garlands are adorable! I’m happy to see that you have a spring-look outside! x Teje

  6. knitnrun4sanity

    I really like your garlands. So colourful and cheery. It is lovely to see the sun but the boggy ground is a little less pleasant.
    Wish my moans were like yours (not really a moan at all.) Hope this week goes better.

  7. Jenny

    so stunning!!! I love the idea of garlands and yours just go to prove how wonderful they are. Have popped over to take a sneaky look at your pinterest boards, WOW an explosion of colour! Am following them all now!
    Looking forward to seeing your ew creations!!

  8. Penelope

    Sweet adorable Higgins in his red coat and then in the safety of a warm indoors arm chair,he’s a very wise chap to observe from such a cosy position! I am loving your beautiful white dresser adorned with colours of crochet cotton x P

  9. Mrs. Micawber

    Higgins has it right – stay warm and admire Nature from inside! 🙂

    What a cheery dresser with all the lovely dishes and the happy heart garland. And now you’ve piqued our curiosity – can’t wait to see the next project! 🙂

  10. Natalie Jones

    Your garlands really bring a smile to my face, they are so pretty. It’s so dark and dismal where I’m sitting, reading your blog has injected a little bit of spring into my day!

  11. Alison

    Oh those daffs look lovely and your dresser looks really pretty with the garland. Glad to see Higgins has managed to get out regardless of the weather.
    Ali x

  12. Pickle-Lily

    Lovely pictures! Really brightened a dull, wet evening, and then I clicked the pinterest link… and some time later I’m back to comment! Jo x

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