To the seaside…with cat…

Hellooo and Happy Sunday!  I’m here to tell you all about our adventures returning the Mad French Cat to his family, and also fitting in a couple of relaxing days out of the Planet Penny orbit (mostly!)  I think you all know from past posts that I do love to be beside the seaside but the South coast is very different from our wild windswept beaches here in Norfolk.  Very genteel and civilised, no need for wellies or anything…

Except, except…

Except the day we decided to travel.

There isn’t a lot of scope for spontaneity round here because as well as having to fit around Tim’s work patterns, Higgins has to be booked in with a family for a holiday (ensuring the continuation of all home comforts) and I have to arrange cover for my Mum’s care.  Also we had all been bolstering ourselves up for weeks for relocating Clovis.  Although he was not a suitable pet for a old and disabled lady ( think Kato in the Pink Panther!) he’s beautiful and affectionate and we knew he’d be much missed.

So a little bit of snow wasn’t going to stop us.  Clovis was actually very good in the car, after mewing piteously for half the journey he gave up and slept.  We drove in and out of snow showers all the way until the last 15 to 20 miles when it was really snowing in earnest. If we’d left home even half an hour later it would not have been nice.

Having unloaded Clovis into a quiet bedroom with a bowl of food and litter tray to settle down we ventured out to experience snow at the seaside.  I’ve never seen snow on the beach before, have you?

It was getting dark, and snowing heavily but the snow reflected an eerie light.  The tide was out, and the sea was foaming away at the edge of a bank of cloud and snow just beyond the rocks…

seaside in the snow

snowy rocks at seaside

starfish at seaside

snow at seaside Bexhill

By the morning the snow had stopped, but two small boys were delighted that their schools were closed and we ventured out once again in the freezing wind.  Quite the wrong snow for a snowman alas, but perfect for snowballs!


By the third day the sun was out, the snow was melting and it was perfect weather for a stroll along the front.

sun at the seaside

wood and pebbles

boats and snow at the seaside

And Clovis?  Well even though he’s been away from his proper family for a couple of years he slotted straight back in as though he’d never been away.  Despite the new house he seemed to remember the furnishings (especially the soft furnishings, in particular the hand knitted wool bedspread!) He had a little problem with the stairs – my mum lives in a bungalow – but was soon thundering up and down with his mouse.

cat on stairs

….and he found the bannisters a particular source of delight.

tabby cat montage

Back in Norfolk I’m missing the family, the cat and the seaside but it’s great to be able to pop to our new shop for milk and a Sunday paper.  Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about our new community Shop last week.  I will announce here that despite my reservations I have volunteered for staff training and I will try very hard not to destroy the till!

I’ve rambled on for quite long enough so I shall save the crafty bits for the next post but if you need reminding about Kato and the Pink Panther I will leave you with a little clip…

See you soon…x

Edited to add, if you want the other side of the story, check out Thomas’s blog right here

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14 thoughts on “To the seaside…with cat…

  1. Teje

    Hi Penny! Clovis looks very happy and comfortable! Your photos are amazing! Sea looks fantastic and always so different! Hugs to Higgins and you! x Teje

  2. Pat

    Hi Penny, I love your photos! They are so professional. The boat photo looks like a painting. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Take care, Pat

  3. Toffeeapple

    You’ve a new lay-out, it does look good.

    Clovis is a lovely cat and I hope that his family and he get close again.

    Your pictures are interesting, I’d not seen snow on sand either.

    Thanks for the clip – I used to be Bert Kwok’s Insurance Broker, many years ago…

  4. Penelope

    Aww Clovis, you are too beautiful. Really pleased he has settled in so well penny. Beautiful photographs of Wintery seaside scenes. I had to walk to work on Tuesday, but Alice had it off and had a fab time make a snow man and of course a few snow balls. I hope your mum is getting used to no more Clovis and I’m so glad you and Tim made it down ok on that awful Monday xox Take care , Penny

  5. Leslie Johnson

    I think all of your pictures are just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  6. wendy

    Oh Clovis looks very very happy. How beautiful snow on the beach, never ever seen that! Bet Higgins was glad to see you back too ?

  7. KateUK

    Cats do love bannisters! Team Tabby were both VERY clear this morning that A Game On The Stairs was to be my first priority. They go absolutely mental. Snow at the seaside is always very special.

  8. Cybele

    Those last few pictures made me giggle. We have a glass balustrade along the side of the stairs and then along the landing, and both cats love it. One will even balance on the top of it, but then I think he was meant to be a circus cat… Glad Clovis has settled in well!

  9. Mrs. Micawber

    I couldn’t view the clip (as I’m on my lunch hour at work and there’s some piece of necessary software missing) – but as soon as you mentioned Kato I envisioned the scene where he is on top of Clouseau’s bed canopy. Clouseau lies down for a nap (murmuring “Forty winks”), and Kato rips through the canopy to fall on him. (Can you tell we’re big Pink Panther fans here? Shall have to watch the clip when I get home and see which one you chose.) 🙂

    Clovis is such a gorgeous cat – and he knows what great props those banisters make for a handsome feline model. So glad he settled right in.

    That starfish seems to be stretched out trying to catch any rays of sun available. And how strange to see snow on the beach!

    Enjoy the shop…and I can envision a row of little needlefelted creatures along the top of the till.

  10. Fran

    Loved hearing of your journey and the photos are superb. I have pinned a few of my favourites…thanks Penny

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