The Knitters Mobile

Do you remember the Knitters Mobile?  Back in February I returned to the Knitters Christmas decorations I made for the Advent Calendar in the run up to last Christmas…

Cristmas Balls, Knitters Mobile

Christmas balls - Knitters Mobile…and decided to make a mobile.  I knitted some tiny bunting to go round a wooden hoop, suspended all the little balls made with the Planet Penny rainbow colours and ‘Hey Presto’,  a Mobile!

Knitters MobileIt’s been hanging around quite literally, for a while and was a source of amusement during Open Studios but over the last few days it made an appearance on the Loveknitting  Facebook Page which has sparked a fresh wave of interest.   Planet Penny yarn is perfect not just for crochet but knitting too so a pattern to reflect this is well overdue.  The Knitters Mobile requires minimal knitting but is a fun project to start off with.  I have written a set of instructions and you can download them here,  for free.

(Ed. to add: due to a few Facebook comments about sharp pointy things I would like to point out – This is a decorative piece for a craft room.  It is NOT a toy, it is NOT intended to hang in a crib, it is for the enjoyment of adults, not children!)

I still have a fancy for a lampshade with these hanging all round the edge, wouldn’t they make wonderful shadows?

There have also been requests for a kit.  I am thinking of perhaps a pack containing all the materials necessary to make the mobile which could be bought along with Planet Penny Crafty Cotton Pack.  Would love some feedback on this idea, especially from those of you have bought the cotton already!

And finally, I’ve cracked  the challenge of a knitted version of the Crochet Rainbow Mice!   The Knitted Rainbow Mice Pattern is now available from the Etsy shop as an instant download, as are all the other patterns…

Knitted Mouse pattern & crochet mouse pattern

Enjoy your week, I’ll be back soon…x



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8 thoughts on “The Knitters Mobile

  1. Toffeeapple

    Super mobile Penny, looks great.

    The link to the love knitting FB page doesn’t work…

  2. Gertie

    I love your mobile. It’s so cute.

    Why not do a combination of both pattern only and kits. Just pattern would be great for those who have little bits of wool left, whilst the kit would be for those just starting out knitting xx

  3. Sallee

    Love the idea of a kit!!! This is adorable and I have just the spot in my knitting den…

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